9HTM – Ch224

Chapter 224 – Illusory Body

In fact, Lei Y was extremely shocked when he felt the appearance of something unusual approaching but pretended to be calm. When he met with these two from the Immortal World, Lei Yu had abandoned the use of his [Energy Suppression] ability. If some supreme expert did appear, then they would definitely be able to sense him out right now. But what Lei Yu wasn’t expecting is the fact that people would come that quickly.

The two immediately raised their heads to look.

“Violet Gold Hall!” Yuan Xiu frowned; it looks like their purpose for coming here was the same as theirs.

One could see a person in the air wearing a set of cool looking purple clothes, a long pink and purple belt around his waist, long flowing hair, and a handsome looking face. He was standing on top of a huge gourd and slowly descended as he reached the area where Lei Yu and the other two were at.

He smiled and saluted by clasping his fists in front of him, “My two friends from the Void Sect are also here!”

“I’m wondering what this friend of the Violet Gold Hall is here for?”

This was a rhetorical question between the two. Watching as Yuan Xiu and Yuan Li who have been here for a while act shocked, it became apparent why this person from the so called Violet Gold Hall was here as well. Since these two men still asked such a question, it showed Lei Yu a scene he hated the most – hypocritical people who knew what was going on yet still pretended they didn’t understand.

“Ah…” The person from the Violet Gold Hall smiled, and the huge gourd transformed into a small gourd about the size of two fists. After using the belt at his waist to secure the small gourd, he then said: “Nothing much. Under the command of my master, I’ve been sent here to invite this extraordinary genius to our Violet Gold Hall.” After saying that, he slightly bowed to Lei Yu and smiled, “I am Violet Gold Hall’s fourth generation disciple, Luo Feng. Greetings to you, sir.”

This person called Luo Feng appeared to be very polite, making Lei Yu have favorable impressions towards him. Even though this favorable impression was under such conditions, at least it was much better than the Void Sect who showed up and immediately killed two of Dragon Group’s guards.

“This friend from Violet Gold Hall, it appears that we were the first ones here.” Said Yuan Li as he stepped forward.

“I really don’t understand… the Void Sect is such a large place yet they actually only sent two people at the early Gold Core stages to invite sir. Isn’t this a bit too disrespectful?” A light sneer appeared on Luo Feng’s mouth as his face showed disdain. This completely wiped away the previous polite look.

“What did you say?!” Yuan Li yelled out in rage.

Lei Yu was thinking to himself: “Looks like things are about to go down, I just hope it won’t cause Dragon Group any problems!” Lei Yu was still somewhat fearful when it came to experts at this level. This was because the devastation that Romon created in the U.S. was something he was unable to forget. Although he had the same strength as well now, this shadow still lingered deeply in his heart.

At this time, Lei Yu suddenly took two steps backwards; his eyes had become especially big that was now comparable to the bull-head.

“Let’s stop arguing, there’s more people coming!” Lined up in the air were three people wearing loose blue robes. They only started descending when the people on the ground noticed their arrival.

After landing, these three people didn’t even look at Luo Feng and the other two. Led by an elderly person filled with smiles, “Sir, would you like to follow us three to the Skywalk Sect? Our master has already prepared a rich banquet awaiting sir’s arrival. I hope that sir does not refuse our invitation!”

This was really too weird, was there some type of fragrant scent on his body? Why would all these people come here looking for him?

Lei Yu was completely puzzled now. What’s the purpose of all these people coming here? And the people arriving all seem to be part of some big organizations. One needs to understand that a mere Sixth Order expert can create chaos in this world, not to mention a single Gold Core stage expert. What made Lei Yu shocked was that so many experts have arrived in one place. If these people exploded into a fight, would Tenglong country still exist?

Thinking to this point, Lei Yu suddenly shivered before saying: “I’m sorry, but there are still many matters in the Mortal World I haven’t dealt with yet. I don’t think I’ll be leaving in the short-term so would my fellow cultivators please go back for now?”

What Lei Yu didn’t expect was this group of people replied in unison: “It’s not a problem, we can wait.”

Lei Yu swallowed hard and show an unnatural smile, “There’s no need, I will probably take quite a long time before I leave. Everyone should part ways for now, and once I reach the Immortal World, I will certainly pay a visit to you all.”

Lei Yu’s words clearly made this group of people feel like he wasn’t giving them any face. But this was the fault of Void Sect’s Yuan Xiu and Yuan Li who were so pretentious at first which made Lei Yu misunderstand.

The Chaotic Star Sea did have several guards there, but the situation wasn’t how Yuan Xiu portrayed it to be where they had some relationship to the four guards. In order for them to enter the Mortal World, they had to produce some property of value. Of course, this was different from the money we know of. This was a currency that could only be used in the Immortal Realm.

And the cost to do so was astounding! If a famous and powerful Sect wanted to send forth one or two people to the Mortal World, they had to spend an amount that was close to all of the Sect’s assets in order to do so. Otherwise, wouldn’t the Mortal World have experts flying all over the skies?

But how would Lei Yu know about these matters? That’s why it was natural from Lei Yu’s tone that these people felt he was being somewhat contemptuous.

“We are giving you face by inviting you. If you don’t come back with us, what can you do if we even tie you up?!” Said one of the younger Skywalk Sect disciples in an angry manner.

This elderly man did not reprimand the youth but still maintained a pleasant smile on his face. “My junior brother has a bad temper so I hope sir doesn’t blame him. But his words are justified so I hope sir will reconsider. After all, entering the Mortal World just once is not an easy feat!”

“Oh really? What I heard from the two members of the Void Sect was that it’s not a difficult task. They also said that they had a very good relationship with the guardians of the Chaotic Star Sea, that’s why they could easily come here.” Lei Yu’s raised his eyebrows and said so pretending to be surprised.

“Humph! Shameless things!” The elderly man scoffed, “Having a friendly relationship with the Lord Guardians? Simply making a laughing stock out of oneself! Didn’t the Void Immortal teach you guys the morals of being a person?”

“What did you say?!” Yuan Li angrily retorted. “If you have the guts, let’s see who’s the stronger ones are!”

The silent Luo Feng now coldly interrupted them: “It looks like you guys aren’t putting my Violet Gold Hall in your eyes!”

It was once again the youth of the Skywalk Sect that quickly retorted: “What sort of thing is the Violet Gold Hall considered? It’s not your place to speak up yet!”

Was Luo Feng really a polite person? With sudden rage, he stomped his foot on the ground. One could feel the ground suddenly tremble before his body gradually became illusory. And within his illusory body, one could see the area below his dantian; his Sea of Energy had a humanoid figure floating there wrapped around by internal energy.

This was the first time Lei Yu had encountered such a scene. What’s more unimaginable was that this Luo Feng could make his body become illusory.

“Nascent Soul stage!” The five people present were completely shocked. In the history of the Immortal World, the rules say that ones that have surpassed the Gold Core stage are not allowed to enter the Mortal World. If they were found out, then the guardians will punish them. But it was clear that this Luo Feng was an expert that had already reached the Nascent Soul stage. This was something they couldn’t understand and at the same time, one of them regretted their previous words.

But it was too late, how could Luo Feng tolerate others insulting his Violet Gold Hall? He enunciated every single word: “Those who insult my Violet Gold Hall – die!”

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