9HTM – Ch225

Chapter 225 – Want To Make a Move?

Once his words ended, he didn’t even wait for a reaction before a powerful fist aura was thrown straight at the arrogant youth that previously insulted his Violet Gold Hall. One could see the youth’s body suddenly tremble before his body flew backwards like being hit by a cannonball. It was only after smashing through several large trees did his body come to a stop. It was very clear that it would be difficult for this youth to stand up straight for a while. Lying on the ground and gasping for air, the youth was thinking to himself that if he knew this guy was an expert at the Nascent Soul stage, he would have never had made that remark earlier. But of course, it was too late now.

When the remaining elderly man and middle-aged man saw their own fellow disciple being attacked by others, they immediately wanted to fight back. But even if they wanted to make a move, they remembered their opponent was an expert at the Nascent Soul stage. Instead, they shifted their feet that created a rising white smoke before they had already flown up high into the air.

“Where can you escape to?!” Luo Feng roared loudly before the gourd at his waist instantly became large. Jumping on top of the gourd, the immediately chased after them leaving Yuan Xiu, Yuan Li, and Lei Yu behind making these three unsure how to react.

Lei Yu never expected the people of the Immortal World would be so impulsive. It was merely a minor verbal altercation and they were already making killing moves?

In fact, Lei Yu didn’t know that these situations in the Immortal World were considered common occurrences. One could tell from the expression on Yuan Li and Yuan Xiu because they weren’t surprised or anything, they maintained their bland expression while discussing something with each other.

“How was the Violet Gold Hall able to send forth an expert of the Nascent Soul? Could there have been a change of rules at the Chaotic Star Sea? They’re now allowing people that have surpassed the Gold Core stage to enter the Mortal World?” Yuan Li felt this matter was extremely weird.

“That’s impossible, such a thing cannot happen. Perhaps there’s another reason for this, but it certainly won’t be what you’ve mentioned about a rule change.” Yuan Xiu disagreed with his junior brother’s view, but couldn’t come up with an explanation himself.

Suddenly as if he remembered something, Yuan Xiu turned around to Lei Yu: “Sir, have you considered what we recommended previously?”

Lei Yu then smiled and asked: “I would really like to know why all you guys would come here to look for me? Could it really be just for asking me to join your Sect’s?” Lei Yu really wanted to figure out what was going on.

“It was because of the Dragon Vein’s movement…”

“Junior brother!” Yuan Xiu angrily interrupted Yuan Li’s words before turning back to Lei Yu with a smile, “Because sir is special!”

Lei Yu wasn’t dumb; Yuan Li’s unfinished sentence already gave him a clue. No wonder Romon was so shocked back then, that’s why others were also paying attention to it.

“I’m really sorry but as I’ve said earlier, there’s really many things I haven’t taken care of yet, that’s why I temporarily won’t be going to the Immortal World. Please return and once I enter the Immortal World, I will definitely pay my respects to your Sect!” Lei Yu once again used the same excuse to notify those two.

“It seems like sir is making things difficult for us?” Yuan Xiu’s smile changed to a cold tone, “Did you not hear what the Skywalk Sect said previously? It’s not an easy feat to enter the Mortal World. We have used up over half of the Void Sect’s treasury, so do you think it’s such a simple task of just returning empty handed?”

“Senior brother, less bullshit with this guy! Let’s be straightforward, us fellow apprentice-brothers will tie this fellow up and let the master deal with him!” Yuan Li rubbed his fists about to make his move.

“You two want to make a move against me?” Lei Yu narrowed his eyes; it looks like today’s matter was unavoidable.

In fact, things were rather contradictory right now. Lei Yu was determined to go to the Immortal World, but he was planning to see Telephassa and Minotaur Linos whom had once rescued. If he were really to go to the Void Sect… Let’s first push aside the question whether he would maintain his freedom there or if some other issue may occur. The main issue now was – would Lei Yu provoke the other Sects that had also just invited him if he joined the Void Sect? In the off chance that he landed in dire straits, Lei Yu doubted the Void Sect would stand up and shelter him against multiple other Sects.

For people like these that pointed at the wind and called it rain, and with such explosive tempers, something might happen just because they didn’t like what they heard. Therefore Lei Yu decided he was going to offend one single Sect instead of offending all the rest.

“Be a good fellow and quietly come back with us, or else don’t blame us two apprentice-brothers for being rude!” Yelled Yuan Li. He was already standing in front, tightly gripping onto Lei Yu’s shoulder.

Lei Yu’s body slightly trembled and a substantial amount of purple lightning rushed out of his body attacking Yuan Li’s hand. Yuan Li roared out in surprise as he quickly retreated backwards. He never expected a person like Lei Yu who had just entered the Gold Core stage to have such power. It looks like he had to be very careful when dealing with Lei Yu.

Lei Yu wasn’t willing to fight in this area in case it affected Dragon Group so after spinning around, he body shot into the air as the shadow of the Sky Devouring Sword had already appeared beneath his feet. Lei Yu’s figure then flew off to the east with a speed comparable to a lightning strike.

Yuan Xiu nodded before Yuan Li quickly flew off to catch up. Even though he wasn’t as fast, it still wasn’t easy for Lei Yu to shake him off in the short-term.

It was at this time that the remaining Yuan Xiu started having an evil idea.

One step at a time, he got closer to Dragon Group. He wasn’t in a hurry because he knew Lei Yu wouldn’t be back that quickly. Especially with Yuan Li holding him down, wanting to escape would not be an easy thing.

Yuan Xiu wasn’t going to start killing randomly; he wasn’t stupid enough to endanger himself by suffering the wrath of the heavens. If someone was to block his way, he’ll just use his abilities rendering them immobile.

Yuan Xiu then stepped into the military compound with over a thousand soldiers like it was his own backyard; it was impossible for anyone present to stop him. His targets were the ones that Celestial Court’s Elder Qing Feng mentioned – Lei Yu’s sworn brother Nuo Hu and his girlfriend Ai Er.

After using a full hour, Lei Yu reached the broad expanse of the sea. He then stopped flying and floated in midair while he waited for Yuan Li’s arrival.

This fight was unavoidable. Lei Yu actually wanted to test out how strong he was now, and really wanted to find an evenly matched opponent to practice on. There was still a large gap in strength when compared to Romon, since that guy was already at the late Gold Core stage and Lei Yu had only been in the Gold Core stage for about a month. Moreover, there’s no way Romon would go all out when fighting with him.

According to Luo Feng of the Violet Gold Hall, the person chasing after him was only in the early Gold Core stage so wasn’t this a perfect opportunity for him?

“What happened? You’re not running any longer?” Yuan Li coldly asked as his figure instantly appeared in front of Lei Yu.

“Run? This daddy had no intention of running in the first place!” Lei Yu smiled, “You wanted to fight right? Right here will do. I want to see what abilities you possess to tie me up and take me away!”

Once his words ended, Lei Yu didn’t give his opponent the chance to respond. He flipped to the side and the air started vibrating around him. A ball of lightning then appeared on Lei Yu’s palm.

In an instant, Lei Yu made a throwing motion and the ball of lightning shot out; its speed was no slower than an actual lightning strike.

Yuan Li coldly sneered as he slightly veered his body away. Lei Yu’s lightning ball shot past Yuan Li’s body and didn’t hit the intended target.

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