9HTM – Ch226

Chapter 226 – Close-quarters And Long-distance

“That was too weak! Why don’t you try this out?!” A light blue internal energy was suddenly condensed on both of Yuan Li’s hands. He then clapped his hands together before slowly separating them. A sword completely made of internal energy then appeared between his hands. His left hand moved away and his right forefinger and middle finger clasped together. A Sword Qi then shot straight at Lei Yu, its speed no less than the previous lightning ball.

Lei Yu could feel the sharpness of the arriving Sword Qi, but it wasn’t enough to make him panic. Lei Yu was too lazy to avoid it so he clasped his hands together above his head and then smashed downwards.


The Sword Qi was completely smashed to pieces by Lei Yu, making layers of energy spread out to the surrounding area.

“I think your attack is even weaker, it didn’t even have the qualifications to make me dodge it!” Lei Yu narrowed his eyes and coldly sneered. Even though he said those words, he wasn’t going to be careless here. After all, his opponent was an expert at the Gold Core stage while he himself had just entered the threshold of it. Lei Yu had to focus all his efforts in order to have a chance at winning.

“You’re way too arrogant!” Since his attack was so easily broken by Lei Yu, this made Yuan Li fly into a rage. Energy started surrounding Yuan Li’s body while his mouth was chanting something. One could see the energy suddenly forming into a countless amounts of Sword Qi before it flew like rain towards Lei Yu!

Lei Yu roared out: “Perfect timing!”

Similar to Yuan Li, a purple energy started fluctuating around Lei Yu. He then waved his right hand and the sky above was suddenly filled with a sea of lightning. The powerful lightning strikes happened to break apart all the Sword Qi coming at Lei Yu. One or two Sword Qi’s had broken through so Lei Yu used the same method previously and used his fist to smash apart them. Yuan Li’s attack had not affected Lei Yu one bit.

For attacks to land between the two were getting less and less. Each time Lei Yu rushed forward according to his old melee fighting style, Yuan Li would always dodge to the side at the last moment and keep a certain distance between himself and Lei Yu. This caused Lei Yu to realize a major weakness of Yuan Li, this guy was afraid of close-quarter combat!

This can only explain one thing: Yuan Li’s defensive capability was weak and cannot handle Lei Yu’s heavy strikes! Catching his opponent’s weakness, Lei Yu utilized his speed to the maximum. Under Yuan Li’s constant dodging, Lei Yu’s attacks became increasingly fierce and faster. This made Yuan Li unable to fight back, and even unable to keep his distance from Lei Yu anymore, let alone have time to gather his internal energy to manifest an attack.

With Lei Yu’s storm like attack, it made Yuan Li enter an awkward situation where he couldn’t retaliate. He had never experienced this type of fighting before. Perhaps it was due to him always cultivating within his Sect, the only people he came into contact with was his fellow apprentice-brothers who also only used Sword Qi’s to fight. Meeting someone with Lei Yu’s style of fighting was really his first time.

With his powerful attacks at lightning speeds, and the fact that his opponent was not used to melee fights, this gave Lei Yu a huge advantage where this was considered a one-sided fight.

When it came to speed, Yuan Li was no match against Lei Yu. At the right time, Lei Yu would definitely give Yuan Li a powerful strike.

A long time later, Yuan Li couldn’t take it anymore. He instantly exploded forth his internal energy, and the energy aura smashed against Lei Yu. Lei Yu was not prepared for the sudden release of Yuan Li’s energy aura so he was shoved back several meters. If he hadn’t practiced using the Sky Devouring Sword until it felt like an extension of his limb, Lei Yu may have been already fallen off and landed in the sea.

After stabilizing his body, a smile appeared on Lei Yu’s face. “Could all the people in the Immortal World be as weak as you? I really want to see how you’re going to boast now. Come; tell me whatever bragging lies you have!”

Although Yuan Li’s energy aura contained a degree of impact force, it didn’t have the necessary power for attacking. Maybe if an ordinary person was struck by it, perhaps they would fly off a hundred to several hundreds of meters away. Even though they wouldn’t be hurt by the impact force, they may be hurled to their deaths by the g-force. But why would Lei Yu care about this tiny bit of g-force?

After mumbling something, a strong aura gushed out of his body before purple internal energy started distorting Lei Yu’s surrounding area like waves.

Right at this moment, a huge roar of thunder was heard. In the sky, a purple lightning similar to a purple dragon flew straight for Yuan Li who was still gasping for air at a distance.

This was merely an attack that was modified by Lei Yu. Ever since he had reached the Gold Core stage, Lei Yu felt that there was a lot of ways he could combine together with his internal energy to produce various attacks. But in order to master them, he still had to spend a good amount of time in testing them out.

This simple attack in Lei Yu’s eyes had become something extremely frightening in the eyes of Yuan Li, that’s why he was planning on dodging it. Unfortunately, Yuan Li met his nemesis. How fast was the speed of lightning? The previous lightning ball was a palm sized thing, but this time, the lightning dragon was much larger so could it be dodged that easily?


After a loud sound, one could see that the clothes Yuan Li was wearing no longer looked immortal-like. His clothes were now all ragged looking, his hair was standing on its roots while white smoke was rising out of them.

Borrowing the advantage that he was up in the sky, Lei Yu only used a portion of his own energy. There were some weak traces of cumulonimbus clouds in the sky, and after combining it with his own energy, thus such a powerful attack was generated so easily.

After being struck by the purple lightning dragon, Yuan Li felt that his entire body was paralyzed and couldn’t move at all. He was no longer able to control the sword he was stepping on and started nose diving straight into the sea.

Lei Yu’s mouth formed a sneer, “It looks like the people of the Immortal World aren’t that special. But Yuan Li’s still in the early Gold Core stage while Luo Feng of the Violet Gold Hall had a momentum that I couldn’t compare to. That’s why I have to further train myself and not be complacent or else I’ll be the one to suffer in the end.” Lei Yu was thinking this to himself while Yuan Li was about to plunge into the sea.

Lei Yu turned into a blinding light and shot down. The moment Yuan Li was about to hit the water, Lei Yu grabbed onto him. Lei Yu quickly retrieved a wooden bed from the storage ring and threw Yuan Li on top of it. This was the same bed that Lei Yu had prepared for himself before he was going into the Cretan Labyrinth back in ancient Greece. It would be a useful item if he got lost and tired inside the labyrinth and could rest comfortably. Now was the perfect time for it to be used.

The wooden bed became a naturally floating device with Yuan Li sitting on top of it. Yuan Li will just float around with the waves of the sea. Lei Yu wasn’t worried because once Yuan Li recovered his strength; he could just fly off and leave this place.

Lei Yu didn’t want to kill him because he didn’t want to forge any deep hatred with a major Sect when he hadn’t even reached the Immortal World yet.

“I’m not going to kill you; I only want you to have more empathy when dealing with others. Did you think I would be used by you guys no matter what? Go back and tell your master of the Void Sect that sometime later, I, Lei Yu will definitely visit to greet him!” After saying that, Lei Yu flew off like a meteor and disappeared without a trace.

Drifting alone in the sea, a rather comfortable Yuan Li looked into the sky helplessly and said to himself: “Could the things I’ve learnt in the Void Sect be all useless? I couldn’t even beat a person that had just entered the Gold Core stage…”

In reality, it wasn’t that the teachings of the Void Sect were useless but it was Yuan Li having a single tracked mind and wasn’t flexible with what he learned. Not only could Sword Qi be used as an attack, it could also be used as a defensive ability.

As cultivators, some were good at refining their bodies while some were good attacking from a distance, but there’s always a certain balance between the two paths. Lei Yu being good at close-quarters and long-distance combat was an exception, and Yuan Li just so happened to encounter such an abnormality.

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