9HTM – Ch227

Chapter 227 – Chaotic Star Sea

The time it took Lei Yu to fly away, fight, then come back, everything was already too late by the time he returned to Dragon Group. Everyone at the military compound had been frozen in place with blank looks in their eyes. Lei Yu didn’t have time to care about the soldiers since he was more worried for the people close to him.

Just like the soldiers, Nuo Yi Long, Liu Hao and others including Fan Hong Chang standing outside the villa, were all frozen with the same blank look.

“Instructor Fan! Instructor Fan!” Lei Yu’s cries seemed to have no effect. He then ran inside the villa and smacked Liu Hao, but it was also of no use.

Lei Yu’s heart became anxious when he suddenly realized something. “F*ck his mom, where’s my Ai Er? Liu Hao, hurry up and wake up for this daddy!” Screaming was useless. After Lei Yu ran upstairs and downstairs scanning the entire place, his heart completely collapsed. Ai Er and his big brother Nuo Hu had disappeared without a trace.

Lei Yu’s whole body started trembling as he neared insanity. Only after forcefully breathing in and out a few times did he gradually calm down. He realized that the more flustered he became, the worse his decision making ability would become.

After using his internal energy to probe the bodies of the people here, Lei Yu realized an energy was blocking a nerve to the brain. Once he found the cause, wanting to break it wasn’t a difficult task. Lei Yu closed his eyes and then condensed a small portion of lightning energy. He then accurately tapped a nerve on the neck of everyone, allowing them to awaken and become alert once again.

“Master! Quick, quick!” Liu Hao was in such a panic that he forgot how to speak properly. He could only blindly urge Lei Yu to be quicker yet didn’t explain what was going on.

Lei Yu looked at Nuo Yi Long, “Uncle Nuo, quickly tell me what happened?! Where’s Ai Er and my big brother?!”

“Quickly go chase after him! One of the two guys that previously came looking for you took Ai Er and Nuo away. He’s been gone for a long time now so quickly go save them!” Nuo Yi Long’s voice sounded very weak. When he knew that Lei Yu wanted to take his daughter away with him, he was already reluctant. Now that his last hope Nuo Hu was in danger, how could he not feel dispirited?

Lei Yu didn’t have time to care about or placate Nuo Yi Long’s mood. He quickly dashed out and a “whoosh” sound was heard before Lei Yu disappeared without a trace.

A few minutes later, a golden light flashed by. A huge pillar stood erect in a small garden in front of the villa while a youth with a small horn on top of his head entered.

“Where’s little Yu? It’s time for us to go.” The person who just went in was none other than Romon. He did not notice anything wrong with the people inside the villa.

With a distressed face, Liu Hao anxiously described in detail of what happened to Romon. The latter didn’t bother asking too much and only asked one thing: “Which direction did they fly off to?”

Liu Hao pointed the direction Lei Yu disappeared off to, while Romon had already jumped atop of his pillar and to quickly chase after him.

“Little Yu! Don’t be too impulsive, wait for me! Wait for me!” The Immortal Realm’s Chaotic Star Sea is not a simple place. If there isn’t a pair of people helping each other out, it’s very easy for something disastrous to occur. This was another reason why Romon didn’t directly leave by himself, and now everything was too late.

Lei Yu seemed to have gone insane as he flew on the Sky Devouring Sword at its maximum speed. One almost couldn’t see his physical body and can only see a black shadow exuding a purple aura flash by.

“F*cking bastard! Son of a b*tch! I’m going to rip you into a thousand pieces!” Lei Yu’s eyes were now bloodshot. He had already been merciful when fighting Yuan Li and didn’t expect the Void Sect to be this vicious and insidious to come up with such a move. It was no doubt that this was Lei Yu’s biggest weakness – his family and friends. They were more important than his own life. As someone that has gradually distanced himself from his family, Lei Yu didn’t want to lose anyone close to him yet things like this somehow happened repeatedly. He was already disappointed with the people of this world and now it was the same thing for the other realm as well.

In the direction Romon spoke about before, Lei Yu’s speed did not slow down in the slightest. Everything around him appeared illusory as he rushed by. Battling the fierce wind resistant, Lei Yu was now completely numb to it. He didn’t care about anything. As long as he can catch up to Yuan Li and save Ai Er and Nuo Hu, he didn’t bother thinking of anything else.

At his current speed, even if Yuan Li departed earlier than Lei Yu, it was a matter of time before he would catch up. Yuan Li was also bringing two additional people with him so he’s flying should be inconvenienced which ultimately restricts his flying speed.

Yuan Li had also realized this point and did not anxiously rush back to the Chaotic Star Sea. He hid the two people in his grasp in the midst of a jungle while he concealed his aura to the best of his ability.

Before long, a black shadow flew by in the skies. The blur was something ordinary people with their naked eyes couldn’t see, while only those with adequate power can detect the presence of.

“This Lei Yu is truly not simple! He had just reached the Gold Core stage yet was able to shake off Yuan Li’s containment and rush over here!” Yuan Xiu could not help but sigh in his heart.

Not daring to leave immediately, Yuan Xiu waited for another half an hour before grabbing Ai Er and Nuo Hu ready to depart. At this moment, a golden light flashed by making him conceal his aura once again. After looking carefully, it was a person he didn’t recognize. His speed was not capable of catching up with Lei Yu but it definitely wasn’t slow.

“A person from another Sect?” Yuan Xiu shook his head and smiled, “With Lei Yu’s girlfriend and sworn brother in my hands, I’m not afraid of Lei Yu not going to the Void Sect. By that time, conditions will be ripe and success will follow!” Yuan Xiu’s mind was filled with thoughts about returning to the Sect and how great his reward would be.

Lei Yu then started flying up at a certain direction perpendicular to the ground. He was heading to the place connected to the Chaotic Star Sea which was difficult for ordinary people to find. Even with modern science and technology, they still wouldn’t be able to detect it or enter after getting there.

The air was becoming increasingly thin while Lei Yu’s speed continued without stopping. Someone like him that had reached a certain level of power no longer cared if there was oxygen in the air for breathing. Holding their breath was a skill they had mastered, and the amount of time they could hold it in for was difficult for ordinary people to imagine.

At this time, Lei Yu looked back down and the image of the entire Earth appeared before him. Based on his flying height previously, if he wasn’t so impatient and opened up his perception ability, perhaps he would have detected Yuan Xiu or even Ai Er and Nuo Hu’s weak aura. But since he was too eager to save those two, he completely forgot to activate that ability.

After flying for a full three hours, Lei Yu had finally arrived at his destination. He had travelled over a million miles yet he had merely traversed one percent of the total distance required to actually step into the Immortal World.

At this time, Lei Yu was able to see a black hole off into the distance. The diameter of the black hole was quite wide to Lei Yu and without exaggeration; it was about the size of a large city.

Even with modern technology, it is doubtful anyone would dare to continue moving forward into the black hole after arriving near it. The consequences of entering a black hole are unknown but have been theorized, so no one would even dare to try.

Lei Yu paused for a bit before clenching his jaws and dove straight into it.

This place was no different to what Romon had described. Romon had explored the outer area of this black hole before and it was indeed the only path leading to the Immortal Realm. And inside the black hole was a place that struck fear in everyone’s heart – the Chaotic Star Sea.


(T/N: When the Immortal World is mentioned, it refers to the planet. When the Immortal Realm is mentioned, it means both the Immortal World and the Chaotic Star Sea.)

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