9HTM – Ch228

Chapter 228 – A Small Town In The Chaotic Star Sea

Darkness covered his eyes. One would say Lei Yu took the initiative to enter the black hole, but in fact, an intense suction power pulled him in where he was unable to leave even if he wanted to.

And endless space, it made Lei Yu feel like he was being exposed to the vast star fields of the universe. A magnificent scene that Lei Yu was unable to describe appeared causing him to be unsure of where he should go towards. When he turned around, he could no longer see the exit path from this place.

In such a broad star field, burning boulders were floating all around. Although those boulders looked small, once Lei Yu got close to them did he realize they size of each boulder was comparable to the size of a city.

Of course, there were other ordinary rocks floating around as well. And on top of those ordinary rocks were some low-level biological species. But Lei Yu didn’t have time to care about these strange species since he was concentrating on finding Yuan Xiu’s presence.

Only now did he activate his perception ability to carefully comb his surroundings. Lei Yu wasn’t able to detect Yuan Xiu and only found a large amount of small and weak auras that weren’t his target.

Shuttling through the vast star field, Lei Yu flew straight ahead in a certain direction. If one wanted to get past the Chaotic Star Sea, one must fly for at least two months before they can accomplish it. This journey would take a long time. And since the Chaotic Star Sea region was so vast, if Yuan Xiu was somewhere here, it would be impossible to locate him in a short amount of time. Thus Lei Yu decided to go straight to the Immortal World and up to the Sect to demand the return of Ai Er and Nuo Hu.

On a path without day or night, Lei Yu would retrieve food and water from this storage ring whenever he was hungry and needed to replenish his strength. Occasionally he would rest on some random planet to recover his internal energy.

This was a long and arduous journey. Even though Lei Yu was extremely anxious, he came to a conclusion that the Void Sect wouldn’t hurt Ai Er and Nuo Hu. What he couldn’t figure out was why they would capture them? Could their purpose be to lure him to the Sect? Since he has not arrived at the Sect yet, Lei Yu was confident that Ai Er and Nuo Hu should still be safe for now.

After thinking to this point, Lei Yu’s heart calmed down a bit.

Gently spitting out a mouthful of turbid air, Lei Yu slowly opened his eyes and looked around his surroundings.

Here was a planet amongst the hundred million others. This place was surrounded by green grass, trees, and flowers. The color of the grass and the trees here were roughly the same as each other. Lei Yu stood up and turned at his waist while doing some simple exercises to stretch his muscles. After that, he was ready to continue on with his journey.

At this moment at the north end of the planet, a loud explosion was heard. Lei Yu frowned and wanted to sense what was happening there. But because his perception ability wasn’t able to reach that far, he came up empty.

Due to his curiosity, Lei Yu wanted to head over there to take a peek. Hiding his aura, Lei Yu relied on his physical strength and started running. His speed was not slow so in a matter of minutes, he was already a few kilometers away maintaining an easy and leisurely pace.

Lei Yu had a reason for doing this. The Chaotic Star Sea was an unfamiliar place to him so he had to be cautious at all times. Who knows when something unknown might suddenly appear? Hiding his aura was the best way in self-preservation.

As Lei Yu gradually got closer, a scene entered his eyes. This place actually had some buildings resembling a small town. The houses were built with stone and there were obvious auras of people around. Lei Yu felt this was kind of strange so he started walking towards it.

But as he entered the town, Lei Yu found the streets to be empty. Every household had their doors and window closed and not a person in sight was seen.


Another loud sound was heard, allowing Lei Yu to estimate the location of the noise. He then started jogging over at a certain direction.

He reached a huge empty field, and the field was surrounded by a large crowd. Each of the people in the crowd showed faces of panic as they looked at a burly guy with a large and sturdy physique in the middle of the field. In the hands of the burly guy was a copper hammer the size of two human heads, and that copper hammer did not look light at all.

There were several cracks on the ground that was obviously made by the burly guy smashing his hammer down upon it.

With a full beard on his face, the burly guy glared at everyone in the surroundings. “You guys listen up carefully! Do not make my family’s elder brother personally come here. Just obediently take out the crystal stones in your possession or else my family’s elder brother will flatten this place and make your town completely disappear!”

Lei Yu blinked a few times while mumbling: “A robbery? How could a robbery take place here?”

Apart from dressing differently, the appearance of the people on this planet looked no different than Lei Yu. Everyone’s appearance here seemed to have an ancient feel to it, and perhaps the people here were farmers so that’s why they were mostly wearing short pants and shirts.

Lei Yu began to wonder why the strongest person out of everyone was only a Sixth Order Warrior. And the majority of them did not even reach the strength of a Fourth Order Warrior. What was going on? Could it be that this place wasn’t the Immortal Realm? Shouldn’t the weakest people of the Immortal Realm be at the Gold Core stage?

As Lei Yu pondered this unusual situation, he felt someone tugging at his clothes. Lei Yu looked down and noticed a little boy who was about three or four years old staring at him with big clear eyes. With a tender voice, the little boy then said: “Big brother, don’t be afraid. The Clan Leader will be here soon, he is very strong and will drive away this bad guy.”

Lei Yu smiled before squatting down and gently touching the boy’s head. Based on the words of the little boy, it appears the most powerful person among them weren’t here and this bandit head was clearly here to loot a burning house. Lei Yu smiled, “Big brother is not scared, do you want big brother to beat up the baddie for you?”

“Really?” The child revealed an innocent face that was somewhat doubting Lei Yu’s words.

Lei Yu slowly stood up and started walking to the center of the empty field. Whether it be the child’s look of innocence or his look of kindness, it triggered the benevolent side of Lei Yu. The burly guy noticed Lei Yu approaching and a grin appeared on his face. “That’s right; surrender your crystal stones so that you will suffer less torment of the flesh!”

Lei Yu made a strange facial expression where one eye was opened and the other eye squinting. “Can you tell me what a crystal stone is?”

Lei Yu’s question caught him by surprise, and his slow working mind didn’t know how to answer. The crowd in the surrounding field also started discussing with each other.

“Who is this person?”

“He doesn’t look like someone from our town!”

“Is he an outsider?”

At this time, a high pitched voice of a child was heard in the crowd: “This big brother is here to help us beat up the baddie!”

Everyone’s gaze once again fell upon the sudden appearance of the youngster as the sounds of discussion gradually stopped.

“Kiddo, you’re here make a name for yourself by helping them?” The burly angrily shouted once he heard the child’s words.

“I’m not really here to make a name for myself. I just happened to be passing through and decided to help take out the trash.” A slight grin appeared on Lei Yu’s face.

“You’re courting death!” Angered by Lei Yu’s words, the burly guy swung his hammer at him. Lei Yu merely shifted his feet and his body easily dodged as if he was a ghost.

“What? Is that all you’ve got?” Lei Yu further pulled away from the burly guy. No matter how hard he tried, the burly guy couldn’t catch up to Lei Yu let alone touch the corner of his clothes.

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