9HTM – Ch229

Chapter 229 – A Token Of Appreciation

The burly guy was now running out of breath but had no way of getting near Lei Yu.

Lei Yu seemed to form an opinion on those in the Immortal Realm. Cultivators here appear to be specializing in one method of attacking and neglecting other methods of support. The previous Yuan Li only knew how to use his Sword Qi to perform long-distance attacks and didn’t understand how to use that specialization of his to protect himself. As for this big burly guy, it was clear that he over emphasized on close-quarter combat and neglected to train the benefits of speed or long-distance attacks.

Lei Yu took the appropriate steps and used this against the burly guy by bombarding him with a series of lightning attacks. The effects of this played out quite well.

The burly guy felt a numbness throughout his body causing him to lose feeling to everything. His mind was in a daze and his reaction now was half of what it was before.

This was of course great for Lei Yu because he could effortlessly take care of the burly guy without using too much internal energy. Once again dodging the burly guy’s smash of the hammer, Lei Yu tapped his toes and leapt up on top of the copper hammer. Lei Yu raised his leg past his head and kicked out, his toes lightly tapping the burly guy’s head. The explosive force of this light tap wasn’t something anyone could handle. One can say this was what made Lei Yu outstanding – not was he only good at melee combat, he had also studied many long-distance attack moves. When dealing with different types of enemies, Lei Yu would come up with different coping methods.

One could only see the burly guy crashing to the ground with surprise in his eyes. Although he did not die, wanting to stand up again at this moment would not be a simple task for him.


“So powerful!”

“This outsider is really powerful! He’s not simple at all!” The crowd of town inhabitants were all applauding and yelling out. How would the townspeople not be happy when Lei Yu was able to so easily handle a large burly guy like this?

An old man was so happy that he started stumbling forward towards Lei Yu. The townspeople also started surrounding Lei Yu while rejoicing and some people were even stepping on top of the burly guy to get close to Lei Yu. One could see that the townspeople were generally kind-hearted but not so much when dealing with bullies.

The old man made a deep bow towards Lei Yu to express his gratitude.

“Immortal! Thank you for coming to our rescue, allowing our little town of the Star Sea to escape from his murderous hands!”

“I just happened to pass by, don’t worry about it.” Lei Yu smiled.

At this time, the little boy forced himself through the crowd. “Big brother, you are so powerful!”

Lei Yu picked up the boy with an amiable smile, “What is your name?”

“My name is Tian Dan Er!” The child replied while blinking his big clear eyes.

“Oh? Tian Dan Er (Field of Eggs)? Ha ha, good… ha ha…”

The crowd didn’t know what Lei Yu was laughing about. Perhaps it was the strange name of Tian Dan Er, or maybe some other reason, but everyone also started laughing along with him. For now, the previous anxious atmosphere disappeared and turned into one that was more harmonious.

A while later, the burly guy slowly got up from the ground. Lei Yu coldly humphed, “If I ever find out that you came here to plunder the property of these townspeople, I will chop off your head! Did you hear that?!”

“Yes! Yes! Thank you to this Immortal’s mercy for my life! Thank you to this Immortal’s mercy for not killing me!”


Once Lei Yu finished speaking, the burly guy crawled off to the side and started injecting his internal energy into the copper hammer. He then jumped on top and started flying off in a shaky manner.

All the town’s residents gathered at a house that had a rather large courtyard. Looking at the mass of people, there were a full two hundred of them.

Lei Yu and the previous old man were sitting in the middle of the courtyard on stone benches talking about something. Tian Dan Er was sitting on Lei Yu’s lap with a face filled with such innocence making Lei Yu think he was incredibly adorable.

“Where did this Immortal come from and where are you going? Why did you land on our small planet?” The old man asked.

Lei Yu felt a small pain in his heart but did not reveal his true identity or where he was from. “I came from another planet and I’m planning to go to the Immortal World to experience it, and I just happened to pass through here.” Seeing this town on the planet, Lei Yu understood that there was bound to be countless other towns like this throughout the Chaotic Star Sea.

“Immortal World? This Immortal is really going to the Immortal World?” There was a slight change in the old man’s expression; even the surrounding crowd started whispering to each other in discussion.

“That’s right; I’m planning on going there. Is there some sort of problem with it?” Lei Yu asked somewhat puzzled.

The old man sighed before saying: “This Immortal may not know, but from your previous words, you must be a cultivator from another planet who has reached the Gold Core stage, and now you want to go to the Immortal World to make a name for yourself. Has this old man guessed accurately?”

With a slight hesitation, Lei Yu nodded, “That’s right.”

“Immortal may not know but I’ve heard the Clan Leader mention before that ordinary cultivators wanting to enter the Immortal World is extremely difficult. Without a strong Sect as your backing, it’s really hard gain a foothold in the Immortal World. There might even be a chance that one may not survive there. Therefore, this old man advises Immortal to return to your planet because that place is not simple at all.”

After hearing the old man’s words, Lei Yu’s interest increased and asked: “What if one wanted to go there to get a master?”

The old man shook his head, “Even though there’s still a very long distance to the Immortal World, our little town’s Clan Leader had also tried to go there to get a master and rely on a big Sect. But he was rejected by them and was almost killed by the bandits on the road there. Because of that, people no longer dared to go past those surrounding planets to the Immortal World.”

It looks like the Immortal World was definitely not an easy place to get to. One could see that for those inhabitants of the Immortal World who would especially go to the Mortal World to find and draw him in, that would be the dream come true for many people here. Unfortunately, a series of events changed everything and thinking about this further was useless.

“Please be rest assured old man, I still have some treasures for self-protection so I’m not afraid of the bandits. If I don’t at least try, it will forever bother me. Therefore…”

After hearing Lei Yu’s words, the old man knew that further persuasion would be of no use. He no longer discouraged Lei Yu but took out a brown cloth from his body. Slowly unfolding it, three crystal like items the length and thickness of a thumb was revealed.

“Our town is really poor so there’s nothing much we can give Immortal to repay your gratitude. This old man has three crystal stones in his possession. Although it’s rather meager, but it still represents our thoughts in thanking Immortal in saving our town from disaster.” The old man placed the rough brown cloth and crystals into Lei Yu’s hand.

“There’s really no need!” Lei Yu hurriedly pushed it back to him. “It was only a slight effort on my part so it’s not worth making a big deal out of it! I’m not going to take it so old grandpa should just take it back.”

Although this was the first time Lei Yu had seen such items, he remembered the previous words of the burly guy and they should be called Crystal Stones. Perhaps this is the currency that’s being circulated through the Immortal Realm.

Lei Yu didn’t know how much money these crystals were worth, but no matter their worth, he couldn’t accept them. The old man had already mentioned that their town on this planet was not wealthy.

After pushing back and forth between them, and with all the things the crowd were saying, Lei Yu helplessly took two and left one of them with the old man. In the future, Lei Yu would realize his actions today were quite laughable since they were merely three white crystal stones.


(T/N: Throughout the rest of the series, when someone greets another by using the title “Immortal,” that means it’s a form of respect towards them.)

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