9HTM – Ch230

Chapter 230 – Massacring The Small Town

When he actually came into contact with the crystal stones, Lei Yu felt they contained a very pure spiritual energy which was something necessary to all cultivators. How could it be stored inside? After carefully sending his senses towards it, Lei Yu finally understood. The so called crystal stone was in fact a crystal condensed from spiritual energy. If one directly absorbed it, the crystal stone will diminish or even disappear.

“I won’t be staying here any longer and will be leaving immediately.” Lei Yu cupped his fists towards the townspeople.

The old man and the townspeople knew it was useless to further persuade Lei Yu. If he really did have some magical treasures on him, it shouldn’t be a problem in protecting his life. Enduring some losses would also be a good experience so no one bothered to say anything more.

“May I ask of Immortal’s great name?” The old man asked.

Without hesitating, Lei Yu casually replied: “Lightning.”

“What an imposing name!”

Lei Yu waved at the crowd before leaving. Jumping onto the Sky Devouring Sword, his figure disappeared off into the distance. It was at this time from another direction, a person was rushing over. Lei Yu was able to sense it, “It should be their Clan Leader returning” Lei Yu mumbled to himself.

Suddenly, Lei Yu was shocked. “Something’s wrong, an aura of life has disappeared! Could it be…?!” Lei Yu quickly turned his body around and flew back towards the town on his sword. Once he arrived at the town, the place had already become a sea of blood. There was a tall and large middle-aged person holding a blade raised above his head, just about to cut off the old man’s head.

“Stay your hand!” Lei Yu madly screamed. He rushed forth like a lightning strike and managed to grab onto the about to descend blade with his bare hand. Lei Yu managed to stop the old man from being killed but his hand was cut and blood started dripping on the old man’s face.

“You were the one that injured my brother?” The middle-aged man coldly asked.

Lei Yu looked at the middle-aged man and noticed he was about two meters tall. He was burly and muscular, similar to the previous burly guy but the aura he gave off was more intense. Lei Yu could clearly sense this person was an expert at the middle Gold Core stage.

“You bastard, look what you’ve done!” Lei Yu didn’t answer him but looked at the ground filled with hundreds of dead people. The bodies were piled up like a mountain while the fresh blood was like a river. The only person left alive was this old man.

“There’s no need to regret the deaths of these lowly life forms!” Scoffed the middle-aged man.

Cruel, this was just too cruel! Just because his brother was injured, this bastard actually eliminated everyone in the town. Lei Yu’s breathing was no longer calm and roared out in rage: “Compensate with your life!”

A fatal punch was thrown at the middle-aged man’s chest but this person did not dodge or attempt to resist. The middle-aged man maintained his previous posture while his eyes were filled with disdain.


Lei Yu’s heavy punch landed on the person’s body but felt like he had struck a piece of steel. But the two of them were still forced back several steps with shock showing on both their faces.

“In my entire life, the only person that’s able to force me backwards so far is just you!” The middle-aged man no longer took Lei Yu lightly and concentrated his efforts. He originally thought that taking care of Lei Yu would be very easy but this was no longer the case.

Lei Yu stared angrily at the middle-aged man and coldly said: “That’s because you have never encountered someone stronger than you. You’re trying to show off when you’re merely at the Gold Core stage? Simply laughable!”

“You’re courting death!” The middle-aged man was enraged from being belittled by Lei Yu. Apart from the Manor Lord of his group, he had never suffered such indignation from outsiders before so how could he not be angry?

The middle-aged man rushed over like an arrow loosened from the bow strings. Lei Yu calmly dodged to the side by rotating in midair before his toe tapped the back of the middle-aged man’s head. Borrowing the force, Lei Yu then lightly landed over ten meters away.

Lei Yu’s strange ghost-like movement skills made the middle-aged man surprised for a brief moment while his head felt a bit dizzy. But he wasn’t the previous burly guy, he could still easily resist Lei Yu’s attack on the head or else he would’ve fallen down on the ground already.

“You do have some abilities, how about going back with me? The Manor Lord likes talented people. I believe if you came back with me, the Manor Lord would highly value you. You might even be like my brother and I in becoming a deputy leader. Then, wouldn’t your life be filled with bliss?” The middle-aged man was slightly afraid so he decided to rope Lei Yu in. With Lei Yu’s skills, there’s a chance he won’t be able to even touch him. And how could he handle being continuously attacked while unable to fight back?

“Pei! Burning, killing, stealing, and pillaging. These are the actions of beasts! My hometown had once experienced such a history, but that perpetrating country will eventually perish!” Lei Yu’s words were clearly referring to the Kou country. Cui Ying Ying’s company has currently monopolized the economy of the entire Kou country. She had done this by partnering up with several large companies inside the country and weren’t afraid if the country does go down.

“You refuse the wine of respect but rather drink the wine of penalty!” ¹ While Lei Yu was speaking, the middle-aged man rushed forth at his fastest speed. When he arrived within two meters from Lei Yu, he raised his blade and sliced down watching Lei Yu split into two halves.

He didn’t even have time to be happy before he felt a sharp pain in his lower abdomen. The middle-aged man looked down and cold sweat suddenly beaded on his forehead.

“You… you…” The middle-aged man had wide round eyes while looking at Lei Yu unable to believe what had happened. The spot he had had previously struck was now empty.

“Idiot. You really thought that your attack could touch me?” Lei Yu coldly said.

The previous attack by the middle-aged man sliced apart the afterimage of Lei Yu. Lei Yu himself was unscathed from dodging it and managed to counterattack at the same time.

His body trembled while the middle-aged man sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His body felt like millions of ants were currently grazing on his internals making it extremely unbearable.

It was hard for the middle-aged man to believe that Lei Yu’s previous attack which did not seem to have much power would actually make him unable to resist.

Lei Yu was like a sticky substance attaching himself to the large man in close-quarter combat. The large middle-aged man just couldn’t understand how Lei Yu’s attacks suddenly became even more powerful. Only Lei Yu himself understood what was going on. His previous attacks were him using the power of his physique, and now he was combining his physique with his powerful lightning ability so it was natural for his damage to increase. Now that the middle-aged man was trading blows with his target, he was getting over confident in himself. It was during this time that he lowered his defense to focus on offense, thus receiving more damage than normal.

The middle-aged man was becoming enraged after receiving Lei Yu’s attacks. He roared out to endure the pain before rushing forth again. He was helpless in this situation because he didn’t have any long-distance attacks, unless you counted him throwing out his blade.

Lei Yu was too skillful at dodging so the attacks could not hurt him at all. The ground had already started collapsing from the middle-aged man’s blade. Some parts of the ground even had huge trenches appearing.

A few minutes later, the middle-aged man felt completely helpless. He stopped his charge and gasped for breath before setting his sights on the old man not too far away.

The middle-aged man made a fake. Lei Yu thought he was going to attack again so he retreated back a few steps. Who knew, the middle-aged man suddenly turned and rushed towards the old man. He then clasped his hand around the old man’s neck and lifted him up into the air.

With the old man’s Fifth Order strength, there was no way he could resist it. Being restricted by an expert at the Gold Core stage was something Lei Yu experienced in the past, the uncomfortable feeling was no different to almost dying.

Not good! Lei Yu wanted to rush forward to help the old man but the middle-aged man waved his blade, “What? You want him to die right now?”


¹ – Another way of saying it would be: “I asked you nicely but you refuse it, and would rather suffer the consequences?”

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