9HTM – Ch231

Chapter 231 – The Clan Leader Returns

“Let go, or else I will shred you to thousands of pieces!” Lei Yu coldly said.

“I would really like to see how you’ll shred me into pieces!” One step at a time, the middle-aged man walked towards Lei Yu. The latter didn’t dare to move an inch because as long as he made any moves, just a twitch of the middle-aged man’s fingers and the old man would instantly be killed.

“What to do? What should I do?” Lei Yu’s was running scenarios through his mind but couldn’t come up with anything for the time being.

The middle-aged man was getting closer and closer. He once again waved his blade while his eyes were filled with a sense of evil. As long as he slashed his blade down, even if Lei Yu doesn’t die, he would at least be seriously injured. At that time, even if Lei Yu wanted to continue resisting, there’s no chance he could do a thing.

“Immortal, don’t bother about me! Kill him! Kill him to avenge my clan!” The old man couldn’t keep watching. Seeing that Lei Yu’s head was about to be slashed by the blade, how could he not be anxious?

“Shut up or else I’ll crush your neck right now!”

Lei Yu sighed heavily. “I’m sorry old man. If it weren’t because of me, you guys would have escaped this crisis merely by paying up some crystal stones. But now the entire townspeople… I am so sorry to you all!”

“Immortal cannot think like that, your actions were out of good faith!”

The middle-aged man was enraged when these two seemed to completely ignore him, “Shut up!”

A “crack” sound that could cause a person’s heart to shiver was heard. Lei Yu cried out: “No!”

But it was already too late; the old man’s life had ended. The middle-aged man grinned, “Don’t you like meddling in other’s business? It was all your fault for causing the entire town to lose their lives!”

“You f*cking beast!” Lei Yu could no longer stay calm. The rage in his heart completely exploded forth making him pounce out like he had turned into a wild animal.

The middle-aged man had been long ready for an attack. Once Lei Yu’s body moved, he had already swung his blade in a horizontal sweeping motion. Lei Yu had nowhere to escape to and at the last moment, he raised the Sky Devouring Sword in a vertical fashion by his waist.


The sound of metals colliding was heard. Lei Yu’s body shook before the impact forced him flying off to the side. A piece of flesh on his waist was actually cut off by his own weapon causing blood to drip down to his legs before dying the ground red.

“Ha ha! You, a mere early Gold Core stage wants to compete with me? You overestimate yourself!” The middle-aged man continued speaking in disdain: “Before I was showing your some leniency because I thought you had potential in being of use to me, but you refuse to realize your own errors so don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Would it be that easy for the middle-aged man who wanted to end Lei Yu off with one blade strike? Since everyone had now died, Lei Yu no longer had to worry about anything else. Lei Yu calmed his anger and took a few steps back, “I will now let you know the meaning of fear!”

Lei Yu raised the Sky Devouring Sword that was dripping with his own blood, high up above his head. Enunciating one word at a time, “Thirty-six Lunar Star technique’s, fifth form!”

With the Sky Devouring Sword as the starting point, a bright light with starry dots mixed with purple lightning flew out. With this strike, even the air was cut apart as it contained a powerful slicing ability. The strike created a sharp piercing noise and wherever it passed by the ground, a deep trench would be created following behind it.



The middle-aged man didn’t even have time to raise his blade to block. A thin red line appeared on his face and ran down his body. A few seconds later, the middle-aged man had split into two straight down the middle, dying an extremely gruesome death. In his stomach area, a yellow golden bead started floating up into the air and slowly flew off in the opposite direction of Lei Yu.

Lei Yu noted the movements and leapt up, grabbing onto the golden bead. “Such a powerful aura!” Lei Yu was shocked, and figured it might be of use in the future. He then placed the golden bead inside his storage ring.

Turning around, Lei Yu gently lifted up the old man’s corpse intending on burying it with everyone else. He suddenly sensed a faint aura in the pile of bodies. As Lei Yu was about to try to figure it out, at that moment, a white light shot through the skies towards him. Lei Yu was suddenly shocked, “Another person has come!”

The person was dressed in a simple manner; his gray clothing even looked a bit dilapidated. The style of clothing was very similar to what the townspeople here wore. From the look of his face, this new arrival was a middle-aged man with a moustache who seemed like a simple and honest individual.

This person’s eyes were filled with shock as his body trembled. The person looked at the grounds filled with corpses, “How… how… how could this have happened?!”

Lei Yu was about to say something but this person suddenly turned around. Once he saw Lei Yu holding the old man, he suddenly shouted: “Father! Why did you kill my clansmen? Why?!”


“Accept your death!” Lei Yu didn’t even have time to speak when this person already started chanting something. Right after that, the sword underneath the person’s feet looked like a soul had entered it and started flying towards Lei Yu. It was obvious the sword was being controlled by this person’s internal energy. This was considered a form of attacking and can be considered one of the more sophisticated kinds.

Lei Yu hurriedly raised his Sky Devouring Sword to block the strike. While blocking, he cried out: “You must be this town’s Clan Leader right?”

“There’s no use spouting crap! You will pay for this with your blood!” The person’s attacks became more furious and violent.

At this time, in the midst of the pile of bodies was a slight sound. Lei Yu was the first to hear it and hurriedly used his Sky Devouring Sword to smash away the Clan Leader’s sword. Lei Yu’s body then quickly flashed across towards the sound he heard. The Clan Leader didn’t have time to react and by the time he realized something was up, his eyes became bloodshot and tears started dripping down.

“What are you trying to do?!” The Clan Leader clenched his jaws while displaying an expression that he wanted to rip Lei Yu to shreds with his bare teeth.

Lei Yu was holding onto a child that was covered in blood. One could see the child wanted to cry but was already scared beyond that stage. While also gasping for air, the child was simply unable to cry at this point.

Lei Yu didn’t bother responding to that person or bother explaining himself. As long as the child was okay, everything would reveal itself.

“Tian Dan Er, are you okay?” Lei Yu softly asked, afraid that his own voice would startle him.

Standing a short distance away, that person was startled by the words. The only people in the town that knew Tian Dan Er’s name were his own clansmen and no one else. How did this stranger know it?

That’s right; this child was the little boy with big clear eyes that Lei Yu first met – Tian Dan Er.

Tian Dan Er was fine because before the massacre, the townspeople had surrounded him. Once that middle-aged man started his massacre, he didn’t notice his faint aura which ended up saving him. It’s fortunate that Lei Yu pulled him out of the heap of bodies just in time or else the weight of all those corpses alone would take his life.

After a while, Tian Dan Er sobbed a few times before finally crying.

“Don’t be afraid Tian Dan Er, that baddie has already been killed by me. Don’t be afraid!” Lei Yu gently stroke his back to comfort him.

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