9HTM – Ch232

Chapter 232 – Red Haired Yanrong

Tian Dan Er was crying his heart out while the other person was at a loss on what to do. His eyes looked at Lei Yu strangely as if waiting for Lei Yu to say something.

When Tian Dan Er’s crying gradually became light sobbing, he could then finally say: “Clan Leader! There was… there was a big baddie who killed everyone in the town!”

A single sentence from Tian Dan Er washed Lei Yu of all charges, proving the villain was another person.

Depending on the families, everyone was buried in different graves but next to each other. Lei Yu gave a long sigh as he watched the person kneeling in front of the old man’s grave without a word. While holding onto Tian Dan Er, Lei Yu walked over to the person and gently patted his shoulder.

“The dead cannot be resurrected, so please don’t grieve too much and let life go on.”

“Thank you… thank you for punishing that evil trash. It’s all my fault; it’s my fault for coming back too late!”

“You shouldn’t blame yourself. I actually have some responsibility when it comes to this matter. If I hadn’t gotten rid of that burly guy previously, he would have just collected some money and left. This scene in front of us would have never happened.” Lei Yu sighed once again.

“Your intentions were out of the goodwill of your heart, so how can I blame you for this? Sigh~ since things have reached this point, my Tian family’ town is considered finished. Where should I go from here?”

It was only now that Lei Yu realized this little town in the Chaotic Star Sea was called the Tian Family’s Town. But unfortunately, this quiet and peaceful place has become a silent grave and will never revert back to its previous liveliness.

“So do you have any plans?” Lei Yu asked.

The man shook his head, “I can only take Tian Dan Er to another planet and settle him down. I promise to completely annihilate that tyrant’s nest so that there’s no way for them to perform their vicious deeds in the future!” The man heavily smashed the ground. It looks like his determination had been set and could not be changed.

Lei Yu hesitated for a bit before saying: “I will go with you!”

“What?!” The man was surprised and asked: “How can I accept that? You have already helped this town a lot, and aren’t you currently injured?”

Lei Yu lightly touched the wound on his waist, “It’s not a big deal, it’s just a flesh wound. If you don’t mind, I’d like to go with you!”

Rescuing Ai Er and Nuo Hu wasn’t something that could be done in a short time. This matter was already related to him since it was because of his good intentions that caused the backlash from the tyrant, massacring the whole town. With this point alone, Lei Yu had a responsibility that he couldn’t shirk.

“Thank you!”

“No need to be so polite, may I ask what your name is?” Lei Yu asked.

“Tian Ye. May this Immortal impart your honorific title?”

“I know, I know!” Tian Dan Er rushed to answer with his big eyes, “Big brother is called Lightning! Grandpa Clan Leader said big brother’s name was very imposing!” It seems like he had forgotten his sadness. The innocence of a child would always bring a trace of warmth to those grieving, making Tian Ye and Lei Yu’s heart feel slightly better.

There was an advantage for Lei Yu in staying behind because he could at least get to know more things about the Immortal World from Tian Ye. The old man had previously said that Tian Ye had gone to the Immortal World in search of a master but returned after failing. He must know quite a bit of things then.

Tian Ye took one last look at this piece of land with a nostalgic face. He then flew off with Tian Dan Er and Lei Yu to a nearby planet.

It was considered not far away but the distance to the other planet took at least the time one would take to fly around the circumference of our planet Earth. According to the Immortal World’s calculation of time, it took more than an hour for the three of them flying at high speeds to reach their destination.

This was considered a dead planet. While there were trees around, they had all been burnt to charcoal. Lei Yu felt this was strange and asked: “What happened to this place?”

“This place had once suffered the plundering of that evil tyrant. After that, the Clan Leader brought all his people to our Tian Family’s Town in order to escape this disaster. When things calmed down, they then moved back here.”

Lei Yu nodded, “It looks like this tyrant needs to be eliminated or else he’ll continue being a scourge to society!”

They continued flying forward at a certain direction before they eventually arrived at an area with green vegetation. There were some unknown animals here grazing on the grass that didn’t try to hide or avoid the three. Those animals merely looked up at Lei Yu and company before going back to chewing their big mouthful of grass.

“We’ve arrived!”

The three of them then started descending. Throughout the trip, Tian Dan Er was too afraid to open his eyes because he had never experienced flying his whole life. That was natural because his age was so young, yet he still seemed quite excited about it.

This place was similar to the Tian Family’s Town where houses were constructed with rocks, but the population of this place was obviously lesser based on how many buildings they had here. Looking at all those unknown named animals, Lei Yu could tell these animals were not afraid of people. Lei Yu could only conclude that these were some type of domesticated animals.

“Is brother Yanrong around?”

Tian Ye had used a loud voice that shook the grounds of this place, yet the people moving about didn’t seem to be surprised or pay much attention to it. Some of them nodded or waved at Tian Ye and Lei Yu as if this was very natural.

“How come you used such a loud voice?” Lei Yu asked in confusion.

“What you don’t know is that this guy would often tunnel underground to cultivate. If I didn’t use such a loud voice, it would be impossible for him to hear it.”

Sure enough, the ground shook a bit and a person flew out of a nearby cave. There was something special about this person, which was his long red hair. Even his eyebrows and his beard were fire red. His clothes were also the same color as his hair, making him look like a human flame.

“Brother Tian Ye, do you really have that much free time to come get a free meal from me again?” The two of them seemed to have a good relationship and didn’t hold back their words. Once this Yanrong person saw Lei Yu, he was a bit surprised before asking: “This person is…?”

“He’s my friend, and his name is Lightning!”

“Brother Lightning, greetings!”

“Brother Yanrong!” Lei Yu also clasped his fists in greeting.

Yanrong took a closer look and immediately grinned, “Tian Dan Er! Quick, give me a hug!”

Tian Dan Er pouted, “No way, you’re too hot!”

“Ha ha…”

After a burst of laughter, Yanrong brought his guests into his own house. The atmosphere started to tense up as Tian Ye told him everything that had happened.

“That bastard! That gang of thieves has really gone too far!” Yanrong roared out before angrily slamming his fist onto a wooden tabletop. The table was suddenly burnt into a crisp while the ashes scattered to the ground.

“Brother Tian Ye, what do you plan on doing? I, Yanrong will support you with all I have!”

Tian Ye quickly waved his hands, “No no, how can I accept that?”

“What’s wrong with that?!” Yanrong then rapidly said: “If it weren’t for your help back then, my several dozens of townspeople wouldn’t have survived until now. The kindness you have shown us will be forever remembered by I, Yanrong. Now that you need help, how could I become a turtle and just hide without doing anything?”

“The whole point is that you still have a clan here while I have no one left. Your clan still needs your protection. If you left here, what if…”

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