9HTM – Ch233

Chapter 233 – No Signs Of Life

Tian Ye’s words awed Lei Yu. In such a situation, he was still able to care about other people’s well-being. How can Lei Yu not admire someone like him? Lei Yu then thought to himself, this type of friend was someone he must have!

“So my brother had thought of this issue, then it was I, Yanrong who has misunderstood you.” Yanrong shook his red head and said: “Brother Tian Ye does not have to worry about this. My child has broken through the Inedia stage and has successfully condensed a Gold Core. He is fully capable of protecting this place. We can let go of any restraints and eliminate those beasts to their roots!”

“Good! Very good!” Tian Ye was immediately overjoyed. With another person’s help, their probability for success would be greater. Even if their enemy has a late Gold Core stage expert, the situation has become less difficult than before.

Lei Yu also nodded. These two people before him had their own unique characteristics: One was honest and kind while the other was loyal and straightforward, both of them were forthright great men. Lei Yu couldn’t help but change his perception to these people of the Immortal Realm; not everyone here were filthy bastards like those from the Void Sect.

Lei Yu patted Tian Dan Er’s head and said: “You be a good boy and stay here until we return, understand?”

Although he didn’t know what these adults were talking about, he still knew that they must be talking about a serious matter. Tian Dan Er nodded his head to show he understood.

“Let’s not delay this any longer, let’s set off!” Said Tian Ye who was already impatient to get going.

The remaining two didn’t have any objections. The three of them brought out their weapons and in a blink of an eye, flew off into the distance.

There were countless living organisms in the Chaotic Star Sea, but this area closest to the entrance had very little powerful experts. It’s also mainly because of this, that the area seems to be neglected by the Immortal World.

The so called local tyrant of this area lived in a planet not too far from where they were, and their “nest” was surrounded by several planets of different sizes. The people from each of those surrounding planets had suffered from this tyrant’s plundering. Eventually, this plundering became a habit so from time to time; those inhabitants would automatically turn in a portion of their crystal stones to ensure that they continued living in peace.

To those affluent towns and cities, a portion of crystal stones was considered nothing to them. But for a small and poor town like the Tian family’s, it had become a huge problem. The townspeople had to rely on the Clan Leader to go to other planets for trade in order to barely satisfy their needs of food and clothing. Now these animals wanted them to take out all their hard earned money?

In another area.

“The Chaotic Star Sea has such a vast space, where could Lei Yu be?” Romon had been flying for a very long time yet simply couldn’t find any traces of Lei Yu. And Lei Yu’s speed was much faster than his own so how could he even catch up? Not to mention Lei Yu had already flown to someplace else so there’s no way Romon would be able to find him.

Romon’s perception ability was not as powerful as Lei Yu, so it was natural that he was unable to feel the existence of other humans or living organisms amongst the billions of planets.

Slowing down his flying speed, Romon dodged to the side of a meteorite debris hurtling by. He then continued flying forward again.

After Romon entered the black hole, Yuan Xiu did not bring Ai Er and Nuo Hu in. He was actually waiting for his junior brother Yuan Li’s arrival.

After a long time, he finally saw a white speck of light flying towards him. Yuan Xiu hurriedly pulled the two up into the air before blocking the path of that speck of light.

“Junior brother!”

“Ha ha!” I knew senior brother would have his own means. I previously went to the place where we found the extraordinary person and didn’t find any traces of you. But once I saw how much panic they were in, I knew something must have happened and senior brother had left the place.” Yuan Li smiled as he looked at the two people in Yuan Xiu’s grasp.

“That’s enough, that Lei Yu person has already entered for a long time now. I presume he has already gone deep into the Chaotic Star Sea. If he has luck on his side, he might already have reached the Immortal World. If not, then it would mean we did all this work for nothing.”

At this time, Ai Er and Nuo Hu were unable to move but their eyes could still see and their ears could still hear. They were really anxious about their current situation but had no way to deal with it. In front of these supreme experts, they had no power to resist at all. They couldn’t even die if they wanted to and could only accept their fate.

“To be honest, that guy is really powerful. He had just reached the Gold Core stage and was able to defeat me. If it weren’t for him being merciful towards me, I would probably have fallen into the waters and became fish food.” Said Yuan Li who was somewhat fearful.

Yuan Xiu had suddenly become shocked, “He’s really that powerful?”

Yuan Li nodded, “That’s right. He gives people an impression that even though he’s at the early Gold Core stage, no matter his attack or defensive powers, they all surpass someone at the mid Gold Core stage. I am definitely not his opponent!”

After hearing his junior brother Yuan Li’s words, cold sweat broke out on Yuan Xiu’s forehead. If he had come forward and blocked Lei Yu’s path back then instead of hiding, perhaps he would’ve lost his life already. After all, he has captured his girlfriend and his sworn brother.

“It looks like I was correct in not being too impulsive.” Yuan Xiu secretly rejoiced.

“Not only that, I find that his fighting style is very strange that does not give a person any chance to fight back. No matter if it’s close-quarters or long distance, he seems to be very good at them both.”

“There’s such a thing? It looks like our Sect’s decision was correct, this person is really extraordinary. If our Void Sect had him, then it can be regarded as huge plus!”

“What should we do now?” Yuan Li asked.

Thinking for a while, Yuan Xiu replied: “Let’s wait for a while longer. He might be currently looking everywhere for us in the Chaotic Star Sea. If we entered hastily and bumped into him, I’m afraid the situation would be difficult for us to handle.”

Yuan Li nodded in agreement. He didn’t want to fight with someone on a perverse combat level like Lei Yu because the feeling was not enjoyable at all.


Lei Yu, Tian Ye, and the newly joined Yanrong flew for a long period of time, and eventually got close to their destination. This place was different from others because it was filled with death; there were no trees or grass, and no signs of living creatures.

There were numerous sinkholes in the ground which Lei Yu concluded were the aftermath of many battles. It looks like they weren’t the only ones that couldn’t tolerate it anymore and went to seek revenge, except those people didn’t succeed.

The three chose not to continue flying and landed while trying to hide their auras to their best. Only Lei Yu was capable of not exposing any of his aura at all. No matter how strong the expert was, it’s most likely they wouldn’t be able to sense his presence. Adding Lei Yu’s ingenious foot skills that resembled a roaming creatures’, this made him look even more mysterious to others.

A few kilometers away from these three was a huge manor. It was surrounded by a high wall that was at least four to five meters tall. An ordinary person is simply unable to jump over it, yet would there be ordinary people living in such a place as this? Lei Yu couldn’t understand why bother to having a wall then. But if he doesn’t enter inside, he may never know why.

This place gave one a sense of oppression because an aura of death exuded everywhere. Even when they were so far away, Lei Yu could still smell blood in the air. For the time being, he didn’t dare to send out his perception to probe the area in case the three of them exposed themselves.

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