9HTM – Ch234

Chapter 234 – Manor’s Spring Scenery

In actuality, Lei Yu didn’t want to come here with these two since he had urgent issues himself, but humans tend to give into their own guilt. Lei Yu’s kind-hearted intentions had an opposite effect causing Tian Ye’s entire town to be massacred. If another person were in his shoes, they wouldn’t just leave either. This was considered a responsibility that a decent human being should take care of.

Even if Lei Yu was to leave, Tian Ye would probably not say a word. But Lei Yu’s heart would not be able to forgive himself for causing this unintentional fault.

But in retrospect, being able to encounter experts after just entering the Immortal Realm, this could be counted as a chance at honing his skills. Listening to Tian Ye and Yanrong’s words, this local tyrant was a Manor Leader and expert that had reached the late Gold Core stage. Since Lei Yu could kill a mid Gold Core stage already, then the tyrant was only considered half a level higher so it shouldn’t too much of a problem for Lei Yu. Not to mention there’s three of them as well right now which should further increase their odds in a victory.

“You guys stay and wait while I go take a look ahead!” Said Lei Yu.

The other two nodded. Their skills couldn’t match Lei Yu’s, and Lei Yu had hidden his aura so well that not a bit was leaked out.

“Be careful!”

Lei Yu quietly approached the manor wall. Stamping his leg on the ground with some force, he used just the right amount of strength to leap up and grabbed onto the top of the wall. Lei Yu raised his head up to take a peek inside and what he witnessed made him dazed.

“What the hell?! The difference between the inside and the out is way too much!” Lei Yu couldn’t help but sigh internally.

Inside the grounds of the manor were many brightly colored flowers of different species. Some Lei Yu had seen before while some were unknown. The grass here was vibrant everywhere while trees were neatly lined up on both sides of a pathway. The scenery of this manor was just too beautiful. The most breathtaking was to the right of the manor; there was an artificial pond that had a surface area of about four to five hundred square feet. There was an artificial rock mountain in the center of the pond and the surface was covered in lotus leaves. There was even two lotuses budding.

When Lei Yu’s eyes were focused on the scene in the pond, he couldn’t help but swallow hard. A burly muscular guy was in the water eating something similar to a fruit. And to his left and right, two girls as beautiful as angels were completely naked and rubbings their breasts against the burly guy’s arms. The snow white skin of these girls glistened with beads of water made the scene even more enchanting.

One could see the burly guy narrowing his eyes with a face filled with enjoyment. His mouth was constantly chewing the fruit and didn’t bother with the two attractive girls on his sides.

At this time, ripples appeared on the water surface in front of the burly guy before a third girl came out of the waters. After taking in a few breaths of air, she dove back into the waters and moments later, one could hear the burly guy start groaning softly. With such a blissful face, anyone can imagine what was going on. It was obvious the girl that dove back into the water was sucking the burly guy’s dirty stick.

The burly guy suddenly opened his eyes wide and threw the fruit behind him. He yanked the girl out of the waters and flipped her around before plowing her from behind. This type of crazy scene made Lei Yu unable to resist some urges himself.

Breathing out heavily, Lei Yu quietly returned back to the other two.

“Brother Lightning, how was it? Is it dangerous inside?” Yanrong asked.

“Uh…………………………..” It was really hard for Lei Yu to respond, but he still bit the bullet and replied: “It doesn’t appear to be dangerous. There’s a man inside… currently engaging in sexual intercourse with a woman. I was able to sense that this man should be the tyrant expert you guys have mentioned, who’s at the late Gold Core stage.”

Tian Ye and Yanrong glanced at each other. It was Tian Ye who responded the fastest, “This is the time he’s defense is the most lax, we should rush in and perform a sneak attack!”

“Good idea!” Yanrong immediately agreed with Tian Ye’s idea. Lei Yu also nodded in agreement.

The three quietly arrived behind the wall closest to the pond. They mutually nodded at each before suddenly leaping into the air. Locking onto the target, Tian Ye roared out: “Evil thief, give me your life!”

Three different streams of light flashed through the air heading straight for the burly man in the pond.

The burly man was shocked, but one had to admire his reaction speed. He pushed the girl he was humping away and immediately turned around when he saw those three beams of light heading straight at him. All of this took a long time to describe but actually happened very quickly. The burly man then reached for a wide edged blade he had hidden in the water and threw it out at the approaching lights.

“Dang! Clang!”

The wide blade clashed with the three beams of light before flying off to the side and dropping to a grassy area. Losing one’s weapon is equivalent to losing one’s protection. At this time, Lei Yu and company were already rapidly descending, readying their next round of attack.

The burly man grabbed a girl beside him and forcefully threw her at the approaching three. The girl shrieked as she hurtled through the air towards Lei Yu and them. Technically, this human missile would not be of much use, but the girl’s white naked body in itself was a lethal weapon towards men.

Lei Yu was the one with the fastest reflex and immediately used his energy aura to intercept the flying girl before deflecting her to the side. The girl landed on the ground with only minor scratches. She then got up and didn’t bother with her eye-catching image and ran off like crazy into the distance.

It was at this moment that the burly man jumped out of the water and shook his palms towards his weapon. As if the wide blade had its own spiritual awareness, it flew right back into his hands.

“Who are you people?!” The burly man coldly asked.

“The ones that are going to kill you!” Tian Ye angrily roared back.

The burly man sneered and narrowed his eyes, “With just you three, you think you’re qualified? You’re courting death!”

The burly man swiped his wide blade across the front of his body and a yellow crescent moon of light flew right for the three of them. This was rather similar to Lei Yu’s Thirty-six Lunar Star technique’s first form. And based on the power of this attack, it was on another level higher than Lei Yu’s. Even though the surface area was a bit smaller, the powerful force contained in this strike could not be looked down on.

Even with Lei Yu’s powerful defenses, he didn’t dare to take the strike head on. The three of them flew off at separate directions and was able to dodge the powerful crescent moon attack.

They could all hear a loud boom behind them but no one turned around to look. They already knew what sort of damage that strike could have caused.

The wall behind them had suffered the cut-like attack and a portion of it had already collapsed.

The burly man looked like he wasn’t in a rush to kill the three of them as he rested his wide blade on his shoulder. The two remaining girls by his side grabbed some of his clothes and covered his lower area before they dove into the waters and swam off to the side.

“I’m going to ask again, who are you people?” The burly man cold asked.

Tian Ye took one step forward, his anger was already at its limit before furiously asked: “Do you have two underlings, one in the early Gold Core stage and the other in the late Gold Core stage?”

“That’s right!” The burly man seemed to realize something and sneered, “There are many people who have sought me for revenge, but their fates have all been very tragic. Even late Gold Core stage people have come before yet were still killed by me. Do you guys really think you have the ability?”

Tian Ye’s breathing started increasing; his eyes had already become bloodshot. His own father had been killed by these people so how could he not be in pain? Having already lost all rationality, he started to rush forward before suddenly feeling a hand land on his shoulder in a tight grip. Tian Ye immediately turned around and looked at a pair of mysterious eyes staring right back at him.

“Let me do it!”


(T/N: For Chinese people, there’s ways of modifying words to describe things in a more educated, less vulgar sense. Instead of saying Erotic Scene, they have used Spring Scene to invoke one’s imagination)

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