9HTM – Ch235

Chapter 235 – Beyond Imagination

Tian Ye wanted to say something but upon seeing Lei Yu’s gaze, his words were swallowed back down.

“What’s going on? Someone is in a rush to die first?” The burly man coldly humphed. Right at this time, a person from a distance came flying over. This person was also rather large and had a full beard on his face. Lei Yu recognized this new arrival as the burly guy he had taught a lesson to previously. Upon seeing him, Lei Yu became enraged. If it weren’t for this bastard who didn’t change his evil ways and came to rat on the town, the massacre would not have taken place. Lei Yu started clenching his fists tightly.

“We still don’t know who’s going to be the one that ends up dying!” Lei Yu snapped back.

“What an arrogant kid!”

“Manor Lord, you have to be careful! Even though this kid had just reached the Gold Core stage, his strength seems to have exceeded the Gold Core stage and is very difficult to deal with!”

The burly man who was addressed as Manor Lord coldly humphed. “You useless trash, you still have face to speak up around here? Just watch how I take care of him!”

“What I hate the most is others being arrogant in front of me!” Lei Yu narrowed his eyes appearing without any fear. Perhaps he has already prepared on how to deal with his enemy.

“Die!” The Manor Lord yelled.

While holding the wide blade, the speed of his body had reached the extreme as he became a blur to attack Lei Yu.


“Bang~ Clang~!”

There were several sounds of impact with Lei Yu’s Sky Devouring Sword yet the burly man did not gain any advantages. The so called Manor Lord began to get angry and started condensing more internal energy into the wide blade. He then performed a spinning slash yet Lei Yu still easily dodged the strike.

This Manor Lord’s speed and strength was way above his subordinates, but there was still a gap when compared to Lei Yu’s speed. As for strength, Lei Yu knew he wasn’t a match so he didn’t dare to take anything head on. He would block when he could and dodge when the strike was too powerful.

The Manor Lord increased his speed yet still couldn’t compare to Lei Yu’s illusory movements. Still not getting any results after several attacks, he then began to change his method of attacking.

Since his speed was not as good as his opponent, then the most sensible approach was to back off and wait for the right time. It appears that this Manor Lord’s focus was close-quarter fighting and wasn’t good at long-range attacks. Or else previously, he wouldn’t have thrown out the girl and his blade at the oncoming three of them.

Up until now, Lei Yu had been releasing his perception ability and confirmed the Manor Lord had indeed reached the late Cold Core stage. When it comes to a one-on-one fight, the odds of Lei Yu winning were impossible. But Lei Yu still had several methods of attacking he hadn’t revealed yet. Once he does use them, it’s most likely the Manor Lord will be seriously injured. By that time, Tian Ye and Yanrong could both go all out on him and the results should be a positive outcome.

One may have these thoughts, but making it happen may not be that easy.

At this time, the Manor Lord started retreating backwards and stopped, waiting for Lei Yu to lead the attack.

Those that specialized in long-range attacks would gather their internal energy into a physical form outside their bodies and shoot it off at a distance. And those that specialize in melee attacks would have power beyond imaginable in each of their strikes. There’s really no saying which of the two were better or worse since it depended on the user and whether they could grasp the opportunity for a fatal strike.

Lei Yu unfurled his arms; his right hand holding the Sky Devouring Sword while a lightning ball hovered above his left palm. Although this attack of his didn’t have too much power behind it, the biggest advantage in using it was that it was quick to create and didn’t require much effort.

Like a bullet, the lightning ball Lei Yu tossed out flew straight at the Manor Lord. The latter raised his wide blade vertically in front of him to block. A “dong dong” sound was heard, and Lei Yu’s attack was scattered without having much effect. The Manor Lord then looked at Lei Yu…

“Shit!” The Manor Lord yelled, and quickly raised his blade above his head. This reaction of his was extremely quick and the sound a metal colliding was heard. The Manor Lord’s body was smashed into the ground at least three feet deep by Lei Yu who had descended from the air.

The Manor Lord roared before jumping out of the ground while Lei Yu had already retreated off into a distance. Lei Yu’s previous lightning ball attack was just a fake and didn’t expect the burly man’s reaction to be so quick. He was actually able to detect Lei Yu’s second attack in such a short amount of time and successfully block it. It looks like this guy is truly not someone easy to deal with.

Everyone knew the Manor Lord had suffered a loss from this hidden attack. Raising his blade to block was purely out of instinct, so the sudden attack was not blocked by him using his full strength. His arms were now feeling a paralysis-like feeling. As for Lei Yu, while his left hand was previously condensing the lightning ball, his right hand was already charging his internal energy into the Sky Devouring Sword. One could say Lei Yu had used over fifty percent of his power already yet the effects of his attack didn’t achieve what he was expecting.

The Manor Lord appeared to be angered by Lei Yu’s deceptive attack. Based on these circumstances, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to deal with Lei Yu if this continued. A deep breathing sound started coming from the Manor Lord’s mouth before a column of red aura started rising from his back. The red aura then completely enveloped the Manor Lord, shredding all the clothing on his body. Replacing the clothing were patterns created by the red aura. Gradually, the column of red aura disappeared leaving behind the Manor Lord completely covered in a red zebra-like pattern.

“Now this appearance is quite unique!” Lei Yu was somewhat surprised and couldn’t understand why the burly man did this. But the moment Lei Yu released his perception ability, his face froze. He then shockingly said: “You’re not at the late Gold Core stage!”

Once Lei Yu’s words were heard, Tian Ye and Yanrong behind him paled with shocked expressions.

“Brother Lightning, could… could he be…?”

Lei Yu didn’t even dare to turn his head around to answer. Facing this Manor Lord who had changed his appearance and now had a momentum that overwhelmed everyone, Lei Yu replied: “The aura of his momentum has at least doubled! If I’m not wrong, he should have already reached the… Nascent Soul stage!”



Tian Ye and Yanrong both exclaimed aloud at the same time. They both have seen experts at the late Gold Core stage before, but weren’t those Nascent Soul experts supposed to only appear in the inner depths of the Chaotic Star Sea? Why would one suddenly appear here in the outskirts?

“That’s right! Unfortunately for you guys, you’ve realized this too late so just go ahead and die for me!” The words of the post-transformed Manor Lord were exceptionally arrogant and didn’t put the three of them in his eyes.

One could see a slight flash on the Manor Lord’s brown hair on his head before a terrifyingly strong aura started rising from his body. It was at this time that Lei Yu and company started to feel fear in their hearts.

“Not good!” Lei Yu loudly yelled while at the same time, raising his Sky Devouring Sword. He then immediately shouted: “Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, fifth form!”

A powerful attack was combined with a terrifying cutting power. Lei Yu’s attack was like a meteor as it rapidly flew straight for the burly man. The entire place started shaking while the ground was split apart!

One could see this Manor Lord didn’t even move. He watched this powerful attack arrive in front of him, an attack that had split the middle-aged man in half back then when he massacred the town. The Manor Lord roared out before slashing his blade downwards. In an instant, the earth seemed like it had shattered while a blast of light shot out everywhere. This was the type of dazzling light that one could not open their eyes to look at directly. Even Lei Yu couldn’t help but partially close his eyes.

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