9HTM – Ch236

Chapter 236 – Spinning Wide Blade

The explosion created an extremely powerful energy aura, blasting the surface of the pond and creating a huge wave that reached the skies. As things started to calm down, the Manor Lord was still standing at the same spot uninjured. The grass in the surrounding area had all disappeared leaving only the bare soil.

But the Manor Lord’s eyes did reveal a shocked look while also looking at Lei Yu with eyes of confusion. He couldn’t understand how a mere early Gold Core stage person, one that had just reached it as well, was able to release such a powerful attack.

Even though this attack was different from some apocalyptic methods or collapsing an entire region of land, it still had its merits when compared with those large area attacks! This attack concentrated all its power into one point, which was a move that was very difficult for a person to withstand.

The Manor Lord was surprised, but Lei Yu’s expression was beyond shocked. Lei Yu couldn’t believe what he was seeing were in fact reality!

There was someone that could actually block his focused fifth form attack head on. Was this person still human? But on another thought, this was an expert at the Nascent Soul stage so it completely explains everything.

Tian Ye and Yanrong had their mouths agape for a long time already. For such a powerful and fast attack, if they were the ones on the receiving end, they were afraid they would have already been cut in half. Yet this attack had been completely withstood by the Manor Lord.

That burly guy that Lei Yu had fought with previously was dumbfounded. He felt very fortunate that Lei Yu previously at the Tian Family’s Town did not use such a move on him, or else he would never be able to come back to this manor.

To everyone’s surprise, the Manor Lord did not show any anger and actually smiled. “A mere early Gold Core stage would have such a move… good! Very good! It looks like there’s no need to continue fighting. I doubt you can release such a powerful attack again since I can tell a large portion of your spiritual energy has already been depleted. I estimate you have less than half left, right?”

Lei Yu coldly humphed, “Whether I can or cannot release another such attack is not up for you to decide!”

The Manor Lord waved his hand, “Let’s put it this way, you are fully qualified to stay here and work for me with your current abilities. I promise you that from now on, you will live in a world filled with women and money. What do you think? Oh yeah, I am also willing to accept those two friends of yours you came with.”

“Dream on!”

The Manor Lord narrowed his eyes, “You want to refuse the wine of respect and decide to drink the wine of penalty?! Once I make my move, I’m afraid it will be too late for regrets!”

Lei Yu did not have an ounce of fear and coldly replied: “I really want to see what qualifications you have! Could everyone in the Nascent Soul stage be as arrogantly savage as you?”

“Good! Such a backbone! I’m willing not to kill you in case you really lose your life the moment you regret your words!” The moment the Manor Lord finished his words, he had already disappeared from his spot. Lei Yu was shocked and quickly looked around but didn’t find any traces. He then closed his eyes and relied on the resonance generated by his lightning ability to release a magnetic field. Lei Yu was hoping he would be able to find traces of the Manor Lord in the shortest amount of time possible.

With all that effort, Lei Yu still couldn’t find anything. Could he have disappeared into thin air? Or has the Manor Lord retreated to a distance beyond the area of his perception ability? No, impossible! Lei Yu shook his head to rescind his thoughts. So what could be the reason? He then thought of one possibility: The Manor Lord wasn’t in the air but underground!

Lei Yu stomp his foot and started moving around. He also didn’t forget the existence of another evil bastard. Lei Yu activated his speed to the limit and instantly arrived in front of that burly guy. Lei Yu then revealed his signature smile, “I previously spared your life yet you didn’t change your ways and came back to rat on us. For all the lives lost in the Tian Family’s Town, you will have to pay the price!”

Even though Lei Yu had a smile on his face, the burly guy only saw a person holding his death warrant. The burly guy didn’t even have time to react when he felt a cold object resting against his neck. The burly guy widened his eyes hoping to beg for mercy but it was already too late. Lei Yu injected internal energy into his Sky Devouring Sword and made a slicing motion with both hands.


A human head flew up into the air and a fountain of blood gushed out. And this human head happened to still show a person with wide and round opened eyes.

Lei Yu gently leapt up, and from bottom to upwards made a slash to cut the head into two. The two parts of the head fell into the pond causing blood and white sticky brain matter to float on top of the water. The two naked girls off to the side shrieked in fear before quickly scrambling back onto land and running off to a corner of the manor.

These girls should consider their lives lucky. Lei Yu’s previous attack had been blocked by the Manor Lord and the energy aura from the collision did not take their lives.

It was at this time that Lei Yu suddenly felt his scalp go numb, and a cold sinister feeling then started crawling up his back. Lei Yu wanted to turn around but only heard a voice, “Don’t move!”

A big hand had tightly gripped onto Lei Yu’s shoulder. There was no need to ask, it had to be the Manor Lord that had previously disappeared. Lei Yu didn’t even notice when this guy had appeared behind him.

Even Tian Ye and Yanrong off in a distance didn’t notice how the Manor Lord appeared out of nowhere. This all happened faster than the words used to describe it. The two of them immediately rushed forth hoping rescue Lei Yu from the grips of the Manor Lord but right at that moment, the Manor Lord turned around and waved his blade. A powerful Sword Qi blasted out, forcing the two of them back to their original positions.

“So… have you changed your mind?” The Manor Lord asked in a sinister manner.

Lei Yu started to close his eyes. In the next moment, he suddenly opened them and a purple light flashed in his pupils. One could see his body tremble before a powerful internal energy mixed with a terrifying amount of lightning energy erupted from his body, forcing the Manor Lord’s grip on his shoulder to release itself. Lei Yu slowly turned around, “So you hid yourself and appeared again… what’s so scary about that?”

The Manor Lord coldly humphed, “You’re not crying until you see your own coffin! Let me show you my true attack powers!”

One could see the Manor Lord shift his blade to a vertical position before “crack~”, stabbing it into the ground. His mouth then started chanting something and his blade looked like it had its own soul. It started shaking like crazy and giving off a sharp metallic buzzing sound.


The wide blade rose into the air and a noticeable change appeared on the blade’s edge. The originally all copper yellow color now had stripes of red mixed in; the pattern was exactly the same as the Manor Lord. The blade was now spinning in the air creating bursts of wind. The Manor Lord then said: “I will ask you one last time, have you changed your mind?”

“You wish!” Lei Yu made his internal energy surround his body, preparing to withstand whatever was going to be thrown at him.

“Go!” Shouted the Manor Lord. The wide blade was really obedient and started flying downwards. It didn’t stop spinning and its speed was almost as fast as Lei Yu’s previous fifth form attack.

Lei Yu frowned and thought to himself, “Not only does this guy have long-range attacks; his defense is also extremely tough! What should I do?”

Indeed, there was no doubt about the toughness of the Manor Lord’s defense. One could already clearly see it from him smashing apart Lei Yu’s Thirty-six Lunar Star technique’s fifth form. And at the present, he was obviously controlling his weapon for a long-range attack.

The sharpness of the spinning blade mixed with a powerful internal energy was something that could not be looked down upon. At this time, that spinning wide blade was rapidly flying straight at Lei Yu, about to cut him up into slices of meat!

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