9HTM – Ch237

Chapter 237 – Mournful Scream

The wide blade tightly locked onto Lei Yu. Even if he wanted to dodge it, it was clearly impossible.

In a short amount of time of less than a second, Lei Yu had already released over a dozen lightning balls in order to block the spinning blade. But it was of no use, the wide blade didn’t look like it had been affected at all.

Lei Yu swallowed a few times. Since there’s no way of dodging it, he might as well take it head on!

Standing off in a distance was the anxious Tian Ye and Yanrong who couldn’t do a thing. Even if they were to rush forth, there’s nothing they could help with. All they could do was stand there and stare at Lei Yu, hoping some miracle might occur.

Eyes without any emotions except for endless mysteriousness, Lei Yu started injecting his internal energy into the Sky Devouring Sword. More and more energy continued flowing inside the sword…

At this moment, the spinning blade was less than a meter in front of Lei Yu. One could see Lei Yu raising the Sky Devouring Sword before roaring out.


This cut was powerful enough to cleave mountains and rivers! The trajectory of the Sky Devouring Sword made a beautiful arc in the air, causing a “hissing” sound as if the air was tearing apart. In that instant, time seemed to have frozen in place as one watched Lei Yu’s sword and the spinning blade collide together.



The two collided and several crisp sounds were heard. That was followed by the ground shaking and a burst of powerful energy aura exploding forth. The flash of red and purple seemed to have fused together, and every stream of light looked like it had the power tear apart everything as it burst through the surrounding.

The surrounding breathable air had been completely shattered and no longer existed. The two of them were surrounded by a red and purple cross shape light and an egg-like shaped energy. Everyone on the outside couldn’t see what was going on inside.

At this moment, one could hear a scream of pain. That voice should be Lei Yu’s!

After more than a full minute, the light gradually subsided and everything seemed to have calmed down. Lei Yu and the Manor Lord were standing in their original positions breathing heavily. In-between the two of them was a hole in the ground that was at least three meters deep.

Tian Ye was the first to notice Lei Yu’s arm. Blood kept flowing down from it, creating a thin line that dyed the ground red. Tian Ye followed the line of blood upwards to look for the wound, and noticed an exposed bone on his elbow! It was obvious that Lei Yu’s previous attack was too forceful; the collision resulted in his elbow being ripped out from his muscles and pushed out into the open.

This pain was probably something not anyone can tolerate, and most likely more painful than having something broken. This was similar to tearing apart one’s flesh, and dislocating the bone in order to force it out of place.

Tian Ye’s scalp went numb, “Brother Lightning!”

It seemed like Lei Yu didn’t hear Tian Ye’s voice as he continued staring at his opponent in front of him. The Manor Lord’s eyes appeared to be filled with shock and awe before he asked: “What kind of weapon is that?”

Lei Yu replied with one word at a time: “Sky Devouring Sword!”

“I must have it!” The eyes of shock on the Manor Lord had become one that was filled with greed as he stared at Lei Yu’s sword.

After hearing the Manor Lord’s words, Tian Ye and Yanrong standing off in a distance finally noticed – the wide blade had actually disappeared!

After combing the area, they finally noticed that the originally powerful wide blade had become shards of debris scattered on the ground. And on the bodies of Lei Yu and the Manor Lord, there were traces of the scattered blade stabbed into their muscles.

The two involuntarily looked at the sword in Lei Yu’s hand and couldn’t help but be shocked at how tough it was.

Lei Yu breathed out heavily before saying without much strength left: “He’s already without a weapon, so shouldn’t you guys make a move now?!”

With Lei Yu saying that, Tian Ye and Yanrong were struck with realization before recovering their senses. It had always been Lei Yu alone fighting the opponent, and it felt like it had become a personal duel after arriving at this place. The two of them hadn’t done anything at all! Now that Lei Yu had shattered the Manor Lord’s weapon, this was the perfect opportunity of a lifetime!

The two of them no longer stayed still and started condensing their internal energy. They were now releasing a powerful aura, planning to use their life’s most powerful attack in dealing with this fearsome opponent.

There’s no way Lei Yu would allow this person to lay their hands on his own weapon. He quickly stored the Sky Devouring Sword into his storage ring and started retreating like a storm. In less than a second, he was already a hundred meters away.

Lei Yu had not exhausted all his strength yet. Although his arms suffered a serious injury, there was nothing wrong with his legs so his retreating speed was not impacted. It was just that the pain in his arm while moving made his mouth crimp a little.

The first to form his attack was Yanrong; he had formed a huge fire pillar and wrapped it around himself and the sword in his hand. The surrounding area was instantly burnt to a crisp. If it weren’t for Tian Ye having already released his internal energy into an aura surrounding himself, he may be currently wearing only his birthday suit.

A huge fireball was then condensed that seemed to be able to burn forever. Under Yanrong’s control, it was then flung out. The air in the surrounding was distorted from the heat as the fireball flew straight for the Manor Lord.

At the same time, Tian Ye had completed forming his attack. A sword shining with white light was tossed into the air, and instantly becoming several sizes larger. The huge sword spun around once before shooting off straight for the Manor Lord as well.

This was a top and bottom attack at the same time. If it were another person, they would have already accepted their fate because there was no place to escape to. But when the two thought their attack was about to succeed, the previous scene happened once again. The Manor Lord had disappeared without a trace!

This time, it was Lei Yu’s turn standing off at a distance who couldn’t see how the Manor Lord managed to disappear. After clenching his teeth, Lei Yu used his left hand to grip his right arm and forcefully twisted. After a “click” sound, Lei Yu clenched his right fist. Even though the intense pain hadn’t gone away, at least his bone that had shifted out of place had been restored to its original position. Now he was able to control his right arm again.



There were two cries before Tian Ye and Yanrong flew off like a kite with its strings cut. They landed heavily on the ground with blood coming out of their mouths, and couldn’t understand how they were already seriously injured.

After all, their defense wasn’t as good at their attacks. With the flaws these two had, if they didn’t make a killing pre-emptive strike, they were probably just waiting for their own deaths.

At this time, the Manor Lord’s figure was slightly visible. Lei Yu was finally able to clearly see that this person was somehow using the red patterns on his skin to help him instantly disappear. But even though Lei Yu figured it out, what was the use of it?

The moment the Manor Lord emerged, his palm had already condensed an energy ball the size of a human head. He then flung it towards the direction of where Tian Ye had landed. The energy ball was shining a dazzling light and Tian Ye’s defense was definitely not capable of withstanding it. Now, the energy ball was getting closer and closer towards Tian Ye.

At this extremely urgent moment, Lei Yu’s body flashed forward. In a very short amount of time, he had called out the Sky Devouring Sword and utilized his speeds to the extreme. It was just enough to catch up!

Lei Yu raised his arms and chopped the energy ball in half, but flew back from the impact and landed heavily on the ground while spraying out a mouthful of blood.

The three of them were now seriously injured, and wanting to defeat the Manor Lord had become an impossible task.

It was at this time, an impossible to resist energy aura descended from the sky. Lei Yu and company raised their heads to look up but the pressure of the energy aura made them unable to see much. They could only see the Manor Lord reveal a look of horror in his eyes.

Right after that, “Nooo!” A mournful scream was heard.

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