9HTM – Ch238

Chapter 238 – Chaotic Star Sea’s Guardian

Two bright lights shot down from the sky. Perhaps it was because the Manor Lord’s whole body was enshrouded by the light, his body began to rot and he fell to the ground rolling in pain.

Lei Yu and company couldn’t understand what was happening. They only saw two beams of light, one black and one blue shine again and the Manor Lord’s screaming voice stopped. The Manor Lord had now become a pile of rotten meat and within the pile of rotten meat; there was a long red string that was undamaged from the shining lights.

This complete reversal of the situation made the three unable to come to their senses. Originally unable to fight anymore, they never expected the sudden appearance of lights would annihilate the Manor Lord. The three of couldn’t help but have cold sweat drip from their foreheads. What would’ve happened if those lights shone on them instead? Would they also be like the Manor Lord and turn into a pile of rotten meat that could easily make one vomit?

“Humph!” There are laws in the Chaotic Star Sea; the outer periphery does not allow cultivators beyond the Gold Core stage. Even there are existences beyond that stage; they must possess the token given by us! You lowly servant dare to suppress your cultivation to avoid us killing you? You deserve more than death!”

Said a voice from the light. Lei Yu and company watched as the light gradually subsided, revealing two people standing in place.

Instead of saying two people, it was more like one person and one beast. This person was dressed like an Immortal, and his face made him look like a middle-aged man. He was considered quite handsome but the terrifying aura he exuded was something no one could bear, including Lei Yu and company. This sense of pressure made them three unable to move at all.

As for the beast, it was wearing a full body metal armor armed with a battle axe. Its skin color was dark purple and its eyes were yellow with black vertical slits as pupils. Two fangs were exposed upwards from its mouth with green scattered hair on top of its head, making its whole image quite terrifying to behold. The one that spoke previously was exactly this Orc.

After looking at Lei Yu and company, the Orc then said: “Once you guys reach the Nascent Soul stage, my advice is that you leave the outer periphery of the Chaotic Star Sea. Otherwise, your fate will be exactly the same as that one!” After saying that, a bright light once again flashed around the human and beast before two beams of light shot up into the sky. Lei Yu and company didn’t even have time to orient themselves before those two disappeared without a trace.

The three of them stared at each other and didn’t say anything for a while. Lei Yu clearly saw Tian Ye and Yanrong both have strange expressions on their faces, and their body was trembling non-stop.

“Who were those two people?” Lei Yu asked.

While still trembling, Tian Ye breathed out heavily before replying: “Those two were the Chaotic Star Sea’s Guardians.”

“Chaotic… Chaotic Star Sea Guardians?!” Hearing that title, Lei Yu recalled the Void Sect’s Yuan Xiu and Yuan Li’s words – they had also previously mentioned some things about the Guardians.

Now Lei Yu finally understood why the appearance of the Violet Gold Hall’s Luo Feng would make the others so surprised. Luo Feng’s strength was without question, at the Nascent Soul stage. Based on what the two guardians said, those at the Nascent Soul stage weren’t allowed to appear in the outer periphery of the Chaotic Star Sea. Somehow, that Luo Feng not only crossed the outer periphery, but also entered into the Mortal Realm. Then there’s only one explanation – he possesses the so called token mentioned by those two! But what kind of relationship did Violet Gold Hall’s Luo Feng have with the Chaotic Star Sea Guardians? How did he get a hold of the token? This was the million dollar question.

Since the Manor Lord had died, the three could be considered safe now. It was after a long while before Tian Ye and Yanrong recovered from their shock from seeing the two Guardians. In a shaky voice, “Brother Lightning, we simply didn’t help at all! Ashamed, we’re so ashamed of ourselves!”

“There’s no need to say such things!” Lei Yu smiled while waving his hand. “It was only because I had some special attacks, or else I’m afraid the three of us would have died in this place!”

The other two didn’t know what else to say while it was Lei Yu who was the first to break the silence. “I think I should leave now since I still have some important matters to tend to.”

“How can that be?! Brother Lightning, no matter what, you have to follow us two back so we can properly thank you!”

In fact, a big rock had been removed from Lei Yu’s heart now. From the death of the Manor Lord and the burly guy, the was considered having atoned for the guilt from the Tian Family’s Town massacre. Lei Yu felt much more at ease now so there was no need to continue staying in this place. His worry for Ai Er and his big brother Nuo Hu did not diminish one bit, and his anxiety was actually increasing.

“There’s really no need, I’ve accepted the goodwill and kind thoughts of you two. There’s really something important I must do right away!” Lei Yu’s tone was very firm. The two knew further persuasion would be of no use, so they could only nod their heads.

“Brother Lightning, when you have free time, remember to come back so we can get together!” Said Yanrong in a boisterous manner.

“That’s of course. Oh right, when you return, let Tian Dan Er know that once I’m free, I will go see him!”

“Don’t worry, I will.” Replied Tian Ye with a nod.

“Brother Tian Ye, there’s one thing I would like to ask you.” Said Lei Yu.

“There’s no need to be so polite brother Lightning, just go ahead and ask away!”

Lei Yu nodded and slowly asked: “I… I heard from your father that you had previously entered the Immortal World before?”

“That’s right, I’ve been there. But due to some reasons, those so called big schools and sects rejected me. I’m so ashamed!”

“Then I want to ask: What exactly does the inner depths of the Chaotic Star Sea have? And why did those Guardians say that anyone who surpasses the Gold Core stage aren’t allowed to stay in the outer periphery?”

After hearing Lei Yu’s question, the two seemed to understanding something. Tian Ye then replied: “The inner depths of the Chaotic Star Sea is a place where fishes and dragons are mixed together¹, any unique people or strange beasts may appear and is extremely dangerous. In the Chaotic Star Sea and the Immortal World, as long as someone has the strength, they have the right to kill. This is a world for the strong and the weak can only act servile or else they would face death. In the Chaotic Star Sea, there’s only one path that no one dares to tread on, and that’s the only pathway from the Immortal World to the Mortal World. Only that place is the safest. But the Chaotic Star Sea is boundless, so wanting to find that pathway is next to impossible. Even if you do somehow find it, without enough crystal stones, the Guardians will kick you out.”

After hearing Tian Ye’s explanation, Lei Yu finally understood why the Immortal World’s Void Sect, Skywalk Sect, and Violet Gold Hall were able to successfully send forth people into the Mortal World. Not only did they pay the Guardians the so-called “road toll,” the path they took did not have any danger whatsoever. Otherwise as Tian Ye said, the depths of the Chaotic Star Sea was filled with danger; wanting to cross it with a low level cultivation was harder than ascending to heaven!

But Lei Yu didn’t have those crystal stones mentioned, and even if he did, he only had two of them on hand. Plus, this was something the old man had given him to express his gratitude. There was also no way Lei Yu would be able to find this safe direct path through the Chaotic Star Sea so there was only one option he could choose: Go straight through this fearsome Chaotic Star Sea!


¹ – Most of you already know that idiom from reading other novels, but just in case, it means good and bad people are mixed together.

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