9HTM – Ch239

Chapter 239 – Three Story Pavilion

“Brother Lightning, could it that you’re planning to go to the Immortal World?” Tian Ye couldn’t help but ask.

Lei Yu nodded, “That’s right, I have to go there.”

Lei Yu had said before that he had something important to do, and wanting to persuade him out of those thoughts was clearly impossible. But the dangers of the Chaotic Star Sea were well known to everyone so it was inevitable that these two were worried for him.

“How about… I will accompany brother Lightning there?” Said Tian Ye.

“If you guys are going, might as well count me in too!” Yanrong followed up.

Lei Yu waved his hand, “You two are more informed than I regarding the dangers of the Chaotic Star Sea, so I don’t want you two to accompany into it solely for my own personal reasons.”


“There’s no need for buts!” Lei Yu interrupted the words of the two. “This task is something I have to do alone. I also need to go look for a friend of mine, so it’s best if I do this by myself. My two fellow brothers have no need to worry, I will be careful in everything I do.”

The two could only nod. Since Lei Yu said it this way, they couldn’t keep persisting.

In fact, it’s not that Lei Yu didn’t want them to come with him. In unknown situations like the Chaotic Star Sea, one or two extra people watching his back would increase his odds of surviving. It’s just that Lei Yu couldn’t even guarantee his own safety, so how was he willing to drag two other people down with him? Moreover, even if they manage to reach the Immortal World safely, Lei Yu’s purpose was to demand the return of Ai Er and Nuo Hu. At that time, the chance of conflict was inevitable. Not only could he lose his life in the process, he was going to implicate those two as well? Lei Yu wasn’t that type of person so he could only firmly reject their good intentions.

“Brother Lightning, what about your injuries?” Asked Yanrong as he looked at Lei Yu’s arm that was still oozing out blood.

Lei Yu smiled, “It’s not a problem. I just have to recuperate a bit and it should recover by itself. It’s not a big deal so don’t worry.”

The two nodded. There was also no need to continue staying at this place so the three bid their farewells. Lei Yu also promised, “If I return safely, I will definitely come back here and get together with you two brothers!”

One Lei Yu leaves this place, who knows how long he will be gone for? Perhaps by that time, everything would have changed by then.

After sending off those two, Lei Yu decided the first thing he had to do was to find a quiet place to heal his injuries. But there happens to be something even more urgent, which was to get that object.

Turning around, Lei Yu walked towards the pile of meat paste that was once the Manor Lord. After squatting down, he used the Sky Devouring Sword to gently lift up a long red belt thing. With a flick of the sword, it was actually a ribbon! But how could this ribbon have the effect of making a person instantaneously disappear? He had to carefully examine this when he had time.

Lei Yu placed the ribbon into the edge of the pond and started rubbing it. Only after washing out the blood and bits of meat stuck to it did he bring it back out. He then placed it inside his storage ring before heading towards the pavilion off in a distance.

This pavilion had a total of three floors. Unlike the towns in other planets, this pavilion wasn’t made out of stones but was entirely made out of wood. The style and decoration of the wooden Manor gave off an ancient flair. Lei Yu couldn’t help draw a breath, “This evil bastard really knows how to enjoy himself!”

After reaching the Manor, Lei Yu gently pushed open the first floor’s wooden door and started hearing screams from inside. Even though he knew there were people inside, he never thought those people would have such a big reaction.

Lei Yu barely even looked up and was struck by the snow-white skin of girls in this slightly dim pavilion. Lei Yu quickly looked off to the side but still swallowed hard. Over a dozen young girl’s bare and attractive bodies were all revealed before his eyes, so how would his mouth not dry up? After forcing himself to breathe out twice, Lei Yu sprinted up to the second floor.

There were wooden boards used as partitions on this floor, and near the staircase was two small bedrooms created by the partitions. One look and one could tell these small bedrooms belonged to the Manor Lord’s two subordinates, the burly guy and the middle-aged man. The furthest away was a bright and spacious bedroom.

Although the room didn’t look like what we would see in modern times where they portrayed rooms in the ancient times filled with antiques and such, the room did have other items filling it up. On the sides of a large bed were two tall lamps but they didn’t have candles on them. Instead, the lamps held two white stones that exuded light which seemed to play the role of a lighting mechanism.

At the end of the bed, a few pieces of silky women’s clothing laid there, the type where the woman wearing it would look no different from not wearing anything. Lei Yu cursed, “This bastard is really perverted as f*ck!”

The second floor didn’t really have anything else so Lei Yu started walking up to the third floor.

A door was at the top of the flight of stairs. Upon reaching it, Lei Yu could clearly see and feel a strong aura from the doorway. Lei Yu had no doubt this was to prevent unauthorized access to the floor. The strength of the aura was most likely setup by the Manor Lord to stop his two subordinates from accessing it. Even if the girls in this manor somehow got inside and obtained some things, they wouldn’t be able to leave. It was obvious they didn’t have any flying abilities to assist them in leaving the third floor. Apart from the Manor Lord, the only ones here that could fly were the burly guy and the middle-aged man.

Lei Yu punched two to three times but still couldn’t open the door. He then took out his Sky Devouring Sword and slashed at it. After a loud “bang~” noise was heard, a gap was seen in the visible aura. Lei Yu quickly injected more internal energy into the sword and stabbed at the gap. His Sky Devouring Sword finally managed to puncture a hole through the door, and the powerful aura impeding his access disappeared. Lei Yu then quickly went inside.


Lei Yu was completely shocked; all kinds of weird and strange objects were placed throughout the room made his vision swim. But what this room had the most were crystals that scattered different colors of light. Most of the crystals here were white and were similar to the size of one’s thumb. Lei Yu brought out the two crystal stones he had in his storage ring to compare with the ones in the room, and they were indeed the same. But why were some of the crystals different colored?

Apart from the countless white crystals, there were over a dozen yellow crystal stones. There were also five blue crystals, 3 purple crystals, and one blood red crystal. Lei Yu didn’t bother with second thoughts and quickly stored all the currency into his storage ring.

“This will be considered my medical expenses!” Lei Yu grinned while talking to himself.

Based on Lei Yu’s own assumption, the white crystal stones should be considered spare change. And the crystal stones with color should hold some larger denominations. The funny thing was he was going back and forth with Tian Family’s old man over spare change.

Lei Yu didn’t care about the majority of the items here except for one that caught his attention. In the corner of the room was a bracelet that exuded a faint white aura.

After grabbing onto the bracelet, Lei Yu felt a cold sensation shake his spirit a bit. “This is something good!” Was Lei Yu’s first thought. It appears that the pain from the previous injury on the arm had been reduced a lot by the cold sensation.

Not bothering about anything, Lei Yu simply slipped the bracelet onto his own wrist. Fortunately, the style of the bracelet was ancient and thin, and didn’t look too girly. It also happened to be quite large as well making it seem like it was only suitable for use by men.

Lei Yu once again looked through the other items, but nothing strange or interesting caught his eyes. But since it was placed in this room, these items would naturally be of value. Lei Yu made up his mind and stored them all into his storage ring. The previous third floor pavilion filled with treasures was now completely empty.

This time, not only did the Manor Lord lose his life, he had lost all his treasures as well. It was not worth it! ¹

After heading back down to the first floor, “Put on your clothes and come with me!”


¹ – It was not worth it to make an enemy out of Lei Yu.

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