9HTM – Ch240

Chapter 240 – I Have A Request

A girl that seemed to be the leader asked while trembling: “Where… where are we going?”

The girl did not attempt to cover herself and stood there with her two exposed soft mounds. With her trembling, those two mounds also bounced along. But even if the girl wasn’t ashamed of her naked body, Lei Yu couldn’t handle the visual. He turned around and tried not looking at them before saying: “Based on my perception, you girls don’t have any powers at all. Are you all going to stay here until you starve to death? Leave with me and I will bring you to a place where you can all settle down.”

Some girls went into a daze while some even started sobbing. Lei Yu then asked: “Why are you crying? Could it be that you girls don’t want to leave this place?”

It was still the supposed leader of the girl who answered: “Imm… Immortal doesn’t know, but us sisters have been kidnapped and trapped here by that evil bastard since we were children. We have been tortured by his sexual pleasures and have never known freedom; they don’t even treat us as humans. We sisters have never thought that we would be able to leave this place. Today, Immortal has killed that bastard and is willing to take us away from this place. We… we…”

The girl didn’t know what else to say, and with a “plunk,” she kneeled down. The dozen or so girls behind her also started kneeling down. Tears were already dripping down their necks and down to their breasts before it hung like a dew drop on their pink nipples.

Lei Yu swallowed hard a few more times and didn’t know what to say momentarily. After a short time, “Okay, enough with the talking. Since you girls aren’t willing to stay here, put on your clothes and leave with me.”

“We don’t really have clothes, only those silk lingerie upstairs that can’t really cover our bodies.” Said the girl while sobbing.

Lei Yu clenched his fists and started cursing the evil bastard’s ancestors and all his eighteen generations. With a slight thought, a pile of clothes appeared neatly in his hands. Amongst them, some were his own clothes while some were Ai Er’s. These items had been previously prepared by Lei Yu in times when they had to change their clothes.

Moreover, wherever Lei Yu went or stayed, he would consider it his home for the time being. One could say that ever since Lei Yu had this storage ring, it was equivalent to him having all his personal items with him. He had pretty much everything stored inside to save himself from mundane troubles.

All the girls thankfully received the clothes and quickly put them on. Some of them fit into the clothes and some did not, but they generally looked okay in them.

During that time, Lei Yu stood outside the pavilion while he waited for those girls that would cause any guy a nosebleed.

All the girls started coming out and Lei Yu gave them a glance over. Most of Ai Er’s clothes were made up of jeans and t-shirts, and those girls wearing it looked quite nice without losing an ounce of their sex appeal.

As for the girls wearing his clothes, it looked like a few sizes too big on them. But whenever certain body parts moved revealing their white skin, it did stir one’s imagination giving it a different sort of flair. Even though they looked like this, Lei Yu felt their appearance was much more attractive to him than just their previous bare bodies. Lei Yu then nodded and said: “Don’t be scared later on when I temporarily store you girls in another place. It will only be for a sure moment.”

The girls all nodded. Lei Yu then focused his spirit and two, four, six… In a mere few seconds, all the girls had disappeared from their spots. Lei Yu lightly breathed out before squeezing his injured arm. He then injected internal energy into his Sky Devouring Sword and rose into the air. His destination was towards the little town in the planet that Yanrong and Tian Ye were currently at.

In fact, settling down these girls was just one thing since there was actually something more important Lei Yu wanted to do. Since he had attained a large amount of treasures from the Manor Lord’s pavilion, and also that he felt he had no use for them, Lei Yu decided he might as well give it away. From another perspective, Lei Yu didn’t think Tian Ye and they were well off. With these confiscated valuables, perhaps their harsh living conditions might be improved.

In accordance with the Immortal Realm’s time calculation, he had flown for about two hours or so. Lei Yu slowly descended onto a planet that wasn’t that big, no different from the others around it except for it being more populated. Lei Yu sent out his perception ability in search for Tian Ye and Yanrong’s aura and then quickly found it.

Lei Yu arrived in front of a stone cottage with a spacious yard area where dozens of people were gathered. Yanrong was standing in the center of it like a huge fireball, saying something to all the people. All the way in the back, Lei Yu started listening to see what he was saying.

“Brother Lightning completely crushed that evil bastard’s nest for us, so that’s basically him doing a huge favor for all the people in the surrounding planets!”

Everyone present started nodding and silently engraved the name that wasn’t Lei Yu’s real name to heart.

“You guys didn’t see brother Lightning’s moves… even though he had just reached the Gold Core stage, but I’m completely sure that if I and Tian Ye joined forces, we still wouldn’t be his opponent at all!” After saying that, Yanrong’s face was filled with admiration.

Tian Ye, who was standing off to the side nodded in agreement. And amongst the crowd, a child stood forth and said: “That’s of course! Big brother is really powerful since this was someone that I personally saw!” The child was none other than the adorable Tian Dan Er.

Lei Yu shook his head helplessly before starting to walk forth while parting the crowd.

His appearance suddenly created a great sensation. Everyone has seen Lei Yu’s appearance before when he left together with Yanrong so he was no stranger to them. It was only because Lei Yu had been standing behind them previously, that’s why no one realized he was there.

“Brother Yanrong, your words are a bit too exaggerated!”

“Brother Lightning! You… you… you came back!” Yanrong and Tian Ye stared with their big round eyes in surprise. In the meantime, Tian Dan Er quick ran over and was picked up by Lei Yu.

“If I didn’t come back, I wouldn’t have known that you guys had touted me all the way to the heavens, haha!” Lei Yu laughed.

“Quick, quick! Let’s prepare the best food we have, tonight we won’t leave until we’re drunk!” Yanrong loudly cried out to the townspeople and they all started to get busy.

Tian Ye went over and asked: “You’ve changed your mind Brother Lightning? This is too good! Yanrong and I were so worried about you!”

Lei Yu shook his head, “Nope, I haven’t changed my mind and would never change it. There’s something I have to do. I’m back because there’s something I need your help with.”

Tian Ye and Yanrong glanced at each other before asking in unison: “What is it?”

Lei Yu hesitated for a bit before saying: “Do you remember the girls inside the tyrant’s manor?”

“You’re… you’re talking about those girls that the tyrant was engaging in sexual acts with?” Tian Ye asked.

Lei Yu nodded, “I would like to settle them here. According to my probing, they are ordinary people that haven’t even reached the Foundation Building stage yet. They were innocent children back then when they were kidnapped by the tyrant, and have endured a lot of torture under his hand. They would have starved to death if I left them in the manor so I’m hoping you two would help shelter them here.”

“There’s absolutely no problem!” Yanrong loudly said with bravado. “No one was born like that. It was only under threat that those girls acted that way, so what’s the big deal in taking them in?”

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