9HTM – Ch241

Chapter 241 – Huge Wealth

“Brother Yanrong is truly kind-hearted and filled with heroic spirit!” Lei Yu praised.

“Then let’s not waste time, should we go now?” Yanrong smiled magnanimously.

“No need.” Lei Yu smiled and formed a thought, and over a dozen girls as beautiful as angels wearing strange clothing appeared in front of them. This made the townspeople off to the side that has never seen such beautiful women before completely shocked, while Tian Ye and Yanrong duo actually started drooling.

Over a dozen girls politely bowed, “We greet benefactor! We greet the two Immortals!”

The sudden appearance of the dozen plus girls made them two shocked. How did they appear here?

“Damn, brother Lightning! I never thought you would have such magical powers! Powerful… so powerful!” Yanrong said in surprise.

Lei Yu shook his head, “What magical powers? It’s just a treasure a friend of mine gifted me which can store items and even living people inside. The space is not small, a dozen plus people is considered nothing.”

Tian Ye and Yanrong were both breathless before saying: “Good treasure! Good treasure!”

Yanrong shook his head with a weird expression on his face and said: “If back then I had such a treasure, brother Tian Ye and I wouldn’t have had to fly back and forth a few dozen times. And each time, we were only able to bring two people with us!”

The appearance of the beauties wasn’t considered much when compared to what Lei Yu was about to do. The entire townspeople had their mouths agape and their jaws dropping to the ground.

“Oh yeah, there’s still something inside that I would like to give to you all.”

Once they heard there were gifts, all the busy townspeople dropped what they were doing and scampered on over. Being able to bring out over a dozen beautiful girls had already shocked them. They were now extremely curious what Lei Yu was going to take out next.

Lei Yu ran over to an empty area and put his spirit into the storage ring. A light flashed and the once empty ground was now piled up high with countless items.


Everyone sucked in a cool breath; these items were all things unheard of by them. Even though they didn’t know how good they were, just based on the color and the shimmering lights they exuded, the townspeople concluded it had to be good stuff.

“There’s more.” Lei Yu faintly smiled before retrieving a big wooden box. Lei Yu opened the lid and the townspeople froze in shock. Especially exaggerated were the looks on Tian Ye and Yanrong, they both had already been scared stiff.

“Oh heavens! Crystal stones! A lot of crystal stones!”

“I have never seen so many crystal stones in my entire life! This is too incredible!”

“I’m not dreaming right? Is everything here real?”

Lei Yu had brought them too much shock. Previously, it was eliminating the tyrant. Even though Lei Yu did not personally kill him, he was still considered as playing a big role in it. And now, he had brought out so many crystal stones and treasures. Based on his style of doing things, who else could do something like that?

If it were switched to another person, they would have probably embraced all these angel-like beauties and taken all the crystals stones for themselves. But Lei Yu happened to be so magnanimous so how can people not admire him?

A long while later, everyone recovered from their shock. With his voice trembling, Yanrong said: “Brother Lightning, I… I really don’t know what to say!”

On the side, Tian Ye also nodded to Yanrong’s words. He too was completely shocked by the sudden appearance of such wealth.

Lei Yu waved his hand, “Then there’s no need to say anything. There’s more…”

“What?! More?!”


“My God…!”

One could only see everyone here with big round eyes staring. Lei Yu had experienced similar scenes like this before but not as exaggerated.

Lei Yu then brought out the different colored crystal stones from his storage ring. According to his theory, these should be considered the larger denominations of the currency. Lei Yu only heard someone in the crowd cry out in shock: “It’s a blood crystal stone!”

“This… how is this possible?!” Lei Yu blinked a few times while looking at Tian Ye and Yanrong. The eyes on the two looked like they were about to jump out of their sockets. After swallowing hard, Tian Ye then said in a trembling voice: “It’s actually a blood crystal stone! It’s actually a blood crystal stone!”

“What’s a blood crystal stone?” Lei Yu asked.

Everyone looked at Lei Yu as if seeing a monster. Only after Tian Ye answered Lei Yu’s question did he feel like he was a country bumpkin.

“Brother Lightning, let me explain it to you this way. Back then, my Tian Family’s Town with a population over a hundred people would require about ten crystal stones to maintain their survival. And I’m talking about the ordinary white crystal stones. This single yellow crystal stone can be exchanged for one hundred white ones. This blue crystal stone can be exchanged for one hundred yellow crystal stones. And this purple crystal stone can be exchanged for one hundred blue crystal stones. As for this blood crystal stone…” Tian Ye stared unblinkingly at the blood red crystal stone in Lei Yu’s hand, his heart was so excited that he couldn’t even speak anymore.

Lei Yu continued the thought, “One hundred purple crystal stones?”

“That’s right!” Tian Ye replied while trying to force his voice to remain calm.

Lei Yu nodded, “Then it looks like this is not a small fortune before us. If it’s like this, it should be enough for your future livelihoods. At least for the time being, you guys won’t have to worry about not having enough crystal stones.” Lei Yu handed over the crystal stones to Tian Ye.

If one started converting the crystal stones, the handful of crystal stones Lei Yu handed over would amount to over a hundred million ordinary crystal stones. The value of this wealth was enough to make people go crazy! Absolutely crazy!

“This is for real!” Yanrong and Tian Ye, including everyone present couldn’t believe what their ears heard. Lei Yu was going to give all these things here to them!

“What’s false about this? Of course it’s for real.” Lei Yu smiled, “But I have a request.”

“What kind of request?!” Yanrong asked.

Presently, no matter what Lei Yu requested would probably not be rejected. Lei Yu then embarrassedly asked: “Could you give me one color of each of those crystal stones? I think my cultivation may…”

Lei Yu didn’t even finish his words and watched Tian Ye place the blood crystal stone in his hands. And then started grabbing one of each color stone from the ground and the chest and placed them all onto Lei Yu’s hand.

Lei Yu hurried said: “I don’t mean the blood crystal stone, that I’m not taking!”

“How could that be?!” Tian Ye shook his head, “These should have originally belonged to you!”

Lei Yu shook his head and smiled, “Why would a single person like me require so much crystal stones? And there’s no way I’m going to take away the most valuable crystal stone. You should keep this blood crystal stone and save it for your descendants to use!” Lei Yu returned the blood crystal stone to the hands of Tian Ye.

The eyes of Tian Ye and Yanrong started turning red as if tears were about to flow out. Lei Yu hurriedly said: “Don’t become a joke to others! We are all grown men, what do you guys have to be like that? That’s right, weren’t you guys preparing the alcohol? Hurry it up, I’m starving!”

“Right! Right! Quick! Quickly prepare the food and alcohol! Today we will get drunk!”

Lei Yu was hungry? People like him may never be hungry ever again. They only need to absorb the spiritual energy in the air to solve all issues.

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