9HTM – Ch242

Chapter 242 – Spiritual Bracelet Of Frost

He only did this to interrupt their thoughts so that those two wouldn’t start having tears streaming down.

What a lively banquet! And with the girls that Lei Yu brought back with him dancing to mix in with the festivities, this made the banquet a lot more colorful. Even though these girls were now wearing the plain looking clothes prepared by the townspeople, it still made many men forget what they were doing at times.

During this period, Lei Yu could obviously feel two areas on his body that felt strange. There’s no need to mention the green energy located on in his chest since Lei Yu knew it had abilities of restoration. The most important thing was the bracelet he was wearing that was found on the third floor of the pavilion. It was exuding a cool and refreshing aura making Lei Yu feel very comfortable, and he was now no longer feeling any pain from the injury on his arm.

Because of the present crowd, Lei Yu didn’t investigate what effects this bracelet had yet.

The banquet lasted late into the night and everyone was reluctant to go back home. It was around this time that Tian Ye, Yanrong, and Lei Yu brought those dozen plus girls to an open area in the northern part of the town. Yanrong gave a shout, and the sword he was holding started rising up into the air before it slashed into a boulder the size of a small mountain a few times. A few slices of proportional slabs of stones were cut out. Together with Tian Ye, the two of them pulled the huge slabs of stone out and started stacking them together. They finally put a large slab of stone on the top, completing a house that had been formed by stones. Lei Yu could only sigh at the speed they used in creating a house.

In accordance to our modern calculation of time, the whole process only took about 15 minutes.

The living area of this stone building was quite large, and it was dividing into two rooms. However they wished to design or furnish the place was now up to these girls.

The girls all bowed gratefully, “Thank you Immortals!”

Yanrong smiled, “From today onwards, you girls don’t have to keep calling us Immortals. You can address brother Tian Ye and I, as Clan Leaders!”

“Understood, Clan Leader!”

Lei Yu started taking out some objects from his storage ring for the girls use. After settling them down, the three then began to leave.

“Brother Lightning, when are you planning on leaving?” Tian Ye and Yanrong were a bit reluctant in asking that. But these two knew that Lei Yu was bound to leave soon.

“I can’t be delayed any longer so I’m going to leave immediately. The sooner I take care of this, the earlier I would have peace of mind. Otherwise, I would keep worrying to death and feel uninterested in whatever I do.” Lei Yu replied with a sigh.

“Fine then, us two won’t keep saying anything unnecessary. Brother Lightning, you will forever be our good brother!”

Lei Yu nodded heavily. With the appearance of his sword and a flash of purple light, Lei Yu had disappeared off into the boundless skies.

After flying a distance, Lei Yu found a lifeless planet to stop and rest for a bit. “Apart from finding a place to heal myself, I can also check out this bracelet and see what effects it has.”

Finding a tall mountain, Lei Yu punched it at a certain spot in order to create a hole to act as a cave. He then flew in and used his internal energy to create a barrier at the mouth of the hole. This was done in order to prevent any unnecessary dangers that may appear while he was unprepared.

Slowly calming down his aura, Lei Yu adjusted his body to its optimal state. He then slowly closed his eyes and released a portion of his spiritual powers to check the surrounding area.

After that, Lei Yu circulated his internal energy throughout his whole body. The green energy had already begun its work at this time, restoring the wounds located at different parts of his body except the speed of the recovery was a bit slow. Even though it had devoured a lot of the Dragon Vein’s essence, it seems that it had not fully recovered yet. Saying it in another way, Lei Yu felt the green energy was far inferior to before. Perhaps Lei Yu’s body wasn’t that strong before, that’s why it was much easier to restore. And now that he was at the Gold Core stage, the green energy might be having a difficult time now in restoring his injuries.

This healing process was not something that would be done in an instant and Lei Yu wasn’t in a hurry when it came to this. If he wanted to enter the depths of the Chaotic Star Sea, he had to enter while his body was in its optimal state. Otherwise, he might even die from a single slap.

The green energy was slowly helping him recover so Lei Yu took this time to concentrate his spiritual power into the newly attained bracelet on his wrist. Once it made contact with the surface, it was that familiar cold aura again. But this aura wasn’t the bone chilling cold kind; it was instead a very gentle cool feeling. It was similar to a beautiful ice maiden gently stroking his skin; the feeling was very intriguing and also very comfortable.

“What exactly is this?” Since he couldn’t tell from contact with its surface, Lei Yu came up with a bold idea. He was going to focus his spiritual power directly into the bracelet to see what effects it would have.

After deciding that, Lei Yu transferred a portion of his internal energy to his wrist. He then injected his spiritual power into the bracelet and it smoothly went in without any obstacles.

It was a snow-white world and Lei Yu was in the midst of a vast snow storm. That cold feeling before had now become much clearer. Lei Yu then sent out his senses all around but didn’t find anything strange. But all these white fluttering objects were really snow which made Lei Yu really surprised.

With his spiritual power still inside the bracelet, it wasn’t long before a floating white figure gradually came closer. Lei Yu was startled by this and sent out his perception. It was only after that did he finally see its appearance.

It was a woman, a very beautiful woman. Her skin was extremely white to the point where one felt that blood did not flow through her body. She was wearing white silk-like clothing which allowed one to see through her wonderful and alluring body that were big and slim in all the right places. If one was to say that her entire body was white, then the only colors one could see was at the looming twin peaks of her chest that showed two pink mounds, and the long black hair atop of her head.

Why would a woman appear inside this bracelet?

Lei Yu asked with a strange expression: “Who are you? And why would a person such as you be inside this bracelet?”

“A person?” The girl was surprised, and then covered her mouth with a giggle. After resuming her elegant looks, she then said: “Do I look like a human to you?”

“So you aren’t a human?”

The girl shook her head and smiled, “I’m not, I’m just a spiritual body. Accurately speaking, I should be called a Snow Spirit’s Body.”

“A Snow Spirit’s Body? What is that?”

“My master has already passed away, something that had happened a thousand years ago. You are the first person in these thousand years to have entered into the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost. I should be calling you master.” The girl slightly bowed.

Lei Yu’s mind went into a daze since he couldn’t understand what was going on.

Hearing the girl explain in detail, “This Spiritual Bracelet of Frost was created by a craftsman who happens to be my previous master. And this bracelet has a healing effect. Gradually, master exhausted all his internal energy in order for a spiritual body to be born, which is me. It was around this time that master suffered an attack from the outside world and died. Thus, I had become a lost soul without a master.”

“Then why has no one else come inside here for the past one thousand years yet I have come here so easily?”

The girl replied: “Not just anyone can enter this place. The biggest action they can take is to destroy the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost, which will naturally cause me to disappear along with it. I will not meet up with just anyone either, but master seems to possess a very special power that has a strong common connection with the aura of the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost.”

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