9HTM – Ch243

Chapter 243 – The Name – Xue Yu

“We have a common aura connection? What sort of power is it?”

“This is the power inside master’s body, so how could I know?”

“Then… can you tell me what specific abilities does the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost have? And how it can be used?” Lei Yu asked.

The girl nodded and replied: “Snow is considered the most holy form of water, extremely pure and clean. Not only can it nourish the spirit, it can also assist in suppressing pain. It has the magical effect of healing, yet all of this is not particularly significant. The most important thing out of all is that it can help you purify the spiritual energy you have absorbed from the air. It eliminates your need to circulate that energy to expel the impurities, and that’s the true essence of the bracelet.”

Lei Yu was immediately overjoyed! Wasn’t this another Spiritual Bead of Longevity? Even since that bead had been injected into Nami’s body, Lei Yu felt the progress of his cultivation had become slower and slower, and wasn’t even half of what it once was. Now this was equivalent of gaining an ultimate treasure that could once again help with his cultivation, so how can he not be ecstatic?

But this Spiritual Bracelet of Frost did not have the effects of resurrection… While on this subject, each item usually has its own unique abilities. The essence of the Spiritual Bead of Longevity was being able to revive the dead, and removing the impurities from the absorbed spiritual energy was just a secondary role. The main function of this Spiritual Bracelet of Frost was precisely the secondary role of the Spiritual Bead of Longevity, so the effects it gives should be much better than the latter.

“So the reason you are in here is…?”

“I am the soul of this Spiritual Bracelet of Frost. Of course, the soul is essential because without it, the items will lose the spiritual intelligence it’s supposed to have. No matter what effects it has, it will not be able to complete its responsibilities according to the will of the master.”

After hearing these words, Lei Yu seemed to understand a bit more. That Spiritual Bead of Longevity clearly didn’t have a soul, or else Lei Yu wouldn’t have been so pissed at it several times. He almost couldn’t escape when he entered the jade pendant back then!

“Can you leave this place? Uh… in other words, can you appear in the real world so that I can see you in real life?” Lei Yu asked.

After thinking for a bit, the girl replied: “Technically speaking, it’s possible. But master’s strength is currently too weak; you only have the strength of a late Gold Core stage. When you can break through the Fusion Soul stage and reach the Soul Splitting stage, you can inject your soul into the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost allowing me to borrow it to appear in reality.”

Lei Yu was immediately shocked. But he wasn’t shocked that this girl could appear in real life, he was shocked that she said he had the strength of a late Gold Core stage. Lei Yu couldn’t help but ask in a strange manner: “I had only recently broken through the… uh… Inedia stage and entered the early Gold Core stage, why did you say that I have the strength of a late Gold Core stage?”

The girl was slightly surprised before saying: “I only felt that your aura was very similar to someone at the late Gold Core stage, so I said that about you. Could it be that master really just condensed your Gold Core? This is really too weird.”

After hearing the girl’s explanation, Lei Yu suddenly remembered something and asked: “So, there’s one other thing I don’t understand. Why is that the Gold Core I’ve condensed not a gold color but purple? Could this be related to the cultivation method I am training in?”

The girl shook her head and shrugged. It was clear that this question was something she didn’t know about. Lei Yu could only wait until later when he finds someone more knowledgeable to ask.

Lei Yu thought for a bit before asking: “Is your named called Snow Spirit Body?”

The girl nodded. Lei Yu then said: “The name is too long. How about this – since your name is related to snow, and this Spiritual Bracelet of Frost is like a white jade… how about I call you Xue Yu (Snow Jade)?

“Xue Yu? Sounds really nice! Thank you master!” Seeing the girl’s current joy, it was different from her previous gentle look. Lei Yu felt it was funny but didn’t dare to focus his attention on her for too long because her body was just too tempting.

He then pulled his spirit out of the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost and recovered his own consciousness into reality. Lei Yu then found that the green energy and the Frost bracelet had performed a two-pronged approach at healing his body. The wound on his arm had a scab over it and he no longer felt a single ounce of pain.

After swallowing a few times, Lei Yu wanted to try whether Xue Yu said was true or not. After all, if he didn’t personally experience it, it would be difficult for him to believe that the bracelet was better than the Spiritual Bead of Longevity.

With Lei Yu’s circulation, the internal energy condensed in his dantian started travelling the paths according to the Heavenly Thunder Manual. The internal energy started following the blood vessels and gradually flowed along. At the same time, the spiritual energy outside slowly entered his body. In the past, Lei Yu relied on his internal energy to wrap around the newly entered spiritual energy and then convert it into his own, and also removing the impurities as well. But now, he was going to ignore the removing impurities part and wait to see what happens.

Sure enough…! The next thing made Lei Yu completely ecstatic. From within the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost came two white energies that shot into his body. These two energies had a cool feeling and not the bone chilling kind, making his spirit feel alive and quite relaxed.

The two white energies appeared somewhat similar to fog but were a lot denser. They both travelled independently but parallel to each other, and started enshrouding the spiritual energy that had just entered Lei Yu’s body. It was almost instantaneous that the impurities disappeared without a trace. The spiritual energy that had been clearly cleaned started searching for his own internal energy before fusing together with it. This strange phenomenon was something Lei Yu had never seen before, making him completely overjoyed.

After realizing one thing though, Lei Yu slightly frowned. But the next thing that happened made him completely crazy with joy. Because those two white energies had removed the impurities previously, their colors became a little darker. This clearly showed the impurities were absorbed by it. The two slightly darker white energy started withdrawing from Lei Yu’s body and entered back into the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost on Lei Yu’s wrist. Another two white energies appeared right before the two slightly darker energies had finished returning. These two new beams of energy once again entered Lei Yu’s body, and started removing the impurities of any newly absorbed spiritual energy.

Now the strange thing was at this part: The no longer clean energy while returning to the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost had all its impurities blocked on the surface, so only the pure energy actually went back into the bracelet.

With this endless cycle, all the internal energy that Lei Yu had lost had been restored. After opening his eyes, Lei Yu rubbed the surface of the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost. The impurities that were blocked from entering came off, reverting the bracelet back to its previous crystal clear state.

“Good thing! This is really a good thing!” Lei Yu was in love. With this bracelet, his future cultivation speed would at least double.

At this time, Lei Yu had restored himself to the optimal state and was time to leave. Standing on top of this tall mountain with a serious look, Lei Yu looked up at the other floating planets and meteors flying through the Chaotic Star Sea. “Ai Er, big brother! Wait for me! I’m coming right now!”

His figure jumped, and landed on top of the Sky Devouring Sword. A purple light flashed and Lei Yu had disappeared off into the distance. His destination was the dangerous and unknown depths of the Chaotic Star Sea!

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