9HTM – Ch244

Chapter 244 – Demonic Beast Dragon-Snake

Although he had heard from Tian Ye and those from the Void Sect say the whole journey would take around two months, Lei Yu’s speed should be faster than them by a bit. But even though he was a bit faster, Lei Yu still couldn’t calculate how far the distance was since he had never been here before.

In the Chaotic Star Sea, there were numerous planets floating about. Some were filled with lava, and some were filled with lightning. There were even some planets that had nothing but water. While in the midst of this all-encompassing great universe, Lei Yu felt that it had greatly helped with his comprehension of the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique. This type of comprehension would only come about when one experiences it themselves.

In this state of flight, a full two days had passed yet Lei Yu hadn’t stopped once. The was because while flying, the spiritual energy he was constantly absorbing had been purified by the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost. Even though the depletion of internal energy was a bit more than what he replenishes, the difference was so minute that it allowed Lei Yu to not rest at all.

Even so, it’s unfortunate that the path he was taking compared to the path Yuan Xiu and Yuan Li were taking were completely different. Bringing along Ai Er and Nuo Hu, those two were on a path where nothing dangerous would appear on it.

Just as Lei Yu was feeling everything was very peaceful and wasn’t as dangerous as Tian Ye had mentioned, he heard a roar that shook the heavens. Lei Yu immediately stopped flying and floated within the void to see what was going on.

“A dragon! No, a snake!” Lei Yu was shocked. Even though he was looking at a head that he had the impression of being a dragon, Lei Yu continued observing and did not find any so-called dragon claws. Its whole body was a single line without any protruding limbs, that’s why he changed his mind and called it a snake. But this snake’s head was exactly the same as a dragon’s head he had seen in books before – it had a beard, sharp fangs in its mouth, and two horns that looked like it shouldn’t belong to it.

The snake’s whole body was white and it was coiled around a meteorite. Its eyes didn’t blink while staring at Lei Yu. Its snake tongue kept flickering out of its mouth making “hissing” noises that would give one’s heart the chills.

Lei Yu didn’t dare to be careless since this snake’s body was huge. Looking at it coiled around the big meteorite, its body length would definitely not be less than 30 meters to upwards of 50 meters. And one has to add that humongous head as well!

After probing with his senses, Lei Yu knew that this snake was stronger than him. As to how much stronger it was, Lei Yu couldn’t estimate because it didn’t release its full aura yet.

At this moment, the snake suddenly spouted human words: “Leave your Gold Core behind so that I can eat it!”

Lei Yu lightly breathed out before saying: “Then you want me to die?” After saying that, Lei Yu narrowed his eyes. He never thought the first danger he encounters would be such a monster. What should he do now?

The huge snake then said: “Even if you are not swallowed by I, the Dragon-Snake; the ghostly thing in the east will not let you go either. Since you have to die no matter what, you might as well end your life here!”

“Dragon-Snake? No wonder you have such a long body!” Lei Yu finally understood why it had a dragon’s head and a snake’s body.

The Dragon-Snake’s body trembled once, and a white light flashed. Its body started shrinking and it became smaller and smaller.

This Dragon-Snake had actually transformed into a human’s form! He was wearing a white gown, had long white hair, and his face was quite handsome. Except there were still two horns sticking out of his head that it couldn’t get rid of.

Lei Yu sucked in a cool breath. Such a huge monster could actually reduce its body to such a degree and even change into a human’s form… could this be the so called demonic beast?

Lei Yu’s speculation was spot on. When beasts cultivate to a certain extent such as reaching the Nascent Soul stage, they can turn into a human’s form. They use the infant’s form of their Nascent Soul to transform their outer appearance to match the soul. As for this Dragon-Snake, it had indeed reached the early Nascent Soul stage.

“You want me to die for the sake of you? What a beautiful ending for you alone… you should at least give me a reason!” Asked Lei Yu as he suppressed the shock in his heart.

The transformed Dragon-Snake with a human body coldly humphed, “Is there a need to give you a reason in the Chaotic Star Sea? Hasn’t it always been that the weak will be devoured by the strong?”

“Oh? For real? Then I want to ask you: How can you, an early Nascent Soul stage demonic beast be able to survive for so long? Could it be that you have some super special ability or something?”

The Dragon-Snake was obviously very surprised, “You… how did you know that I was at the early Nascent Soul stage?!”

Lei Yu smiled and said: “Before, you released a powerful aura in order to transform into a human, this alone allowed me to probe your strength. I advise you to move aside because not long ago, a cultivator of the early Nascent Soul stage was killed by my hands!”

Lei Yu was trying to use words to shock the monster into retreating, but it seems like the trick wasn’t working.

“That is just too funny! A mere Gold Core newbie can kill a cultivator at the Nascent Soul stage? This is the biggest joke in the world!” The Dragon-Snake gave a stare and a solid beam of white light shot at Lei Yu.

With a slight foot movement, Lei Yu shifted the Sky Devouring Sword out of the way and easily dodged it. “What? You aren’t afraid that I’ll rip out your snake bones and take your snake gallbladder?”

“You’re courting death!” The Dragon-Snake was about to rush forward but Lei Yu hurriedly stopped it. He didn’t want to have any unfortunate accidents when he had just entered the depths of the Chaotic Star Sea. It would be a blessing if he could escape this disaster.


“What else do you want to say?!”

“I know that demonic beast cultivators need to devour other people’s Gold Core or Spiritual Beads in order to improve themselves.” Lei Yu then lightly said: “I want to ask, if I gift you a Gold Core, are you willing to let me pass by?”

“You’re speaking the truth?” Asked the Dragon-Snake. In fact, he was a bit wary since who knows what this person said was true or not. The Dragon-Snake had been entrenched on this meteorite for so long now. Whenever he met someone stronger than him, he would shrink his body to less than an inch in order to avoid being found out. And when he found someone weaker than himself, he would restore his body to its original size as a deterrent effect. If it could really effortlessly get a Gold Core, it would be enough for it to cultivate for quite a long time. Why would it spend so much effort to kill then? In case this person really had some deadly treasure or ability, then it would be too late for regrets.

One must know for beasts to have cultivated to this stage is not an easy feat. They are very concerned with their own lives and would never use it as a gambling chip.

“Of course it’s for real!” Lei Yu knew that beast cultivators had to consume other people’s essence in order to cultivate because he learned it from the Ink Beast. Otherwise, it would never have fought a big battle with the Qilin in order to devour the Spiritual Bead of Longevity.

After saying that, Lei Yu flipped his palm and a round bead shimmering with a golden light appeared in his hand. The power it contained cannot be overlooked; this was the Gold Core of the middle-aged man Lei Yu killed at the Tian Family’s Town. Lei Yu had taken this with him because it contained all the essence of a person at the Gold Core stage. He thought this thing would be useful to himself; perhaps it could even play a large effect to his cultivation. He never expected that today, he would have to gift it away to this monster.

Seeing the Gold Core appear, the snake was overjoyed. It was about to snatch it with its mouth when Lei Yu withdrew his hand.

“What?! You want to go back on your words?!” Said the snake as it glared at Lei Yu.

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