9HTM – Ch245

Chapter 245 – Bound By The Dragon-Snake

Lei Yu shook his head and smiled, “No, I only want to first know what you meant by that ghostly thing in the east?”

The Dragon-Snake coldly snorted, “He’s just a little bastard, nothing noteworthy. Didn’t you say you are able to kill those in the early Nascent Soul stage? Don’t worry, he’s strength is only at that level.”

Lei Yu’s eyebrows were raised as he nodded. But his heart didn’t like it at all since he didn’t want another wave of trouble when the current one wasn’t settled yet.

Seeing Lei Yu’s expression, the Dragon-Snake narrowed his eyes. “Can you give it to me now?”

Lei Yu shrugged and tossed the Gold Core out. And at this time, Lei Yu’s hand shook a bit and a tinge of red appeared in his hand. He then moved around the Dragon-Snake and started flying forward again. Once he wasn’t that far away, the Dragon-Snake suddenly had an evil thought.

“Since he didn’t want to fight, that proves he’s afraid of me. Perhaps he doesn’t have any powerful treasures on him after all. Killing someone in the Nascent Soul stage was purely nonsense he concocted! Why don’t I kill him and take out his Gold Core as well?” Thinking up to this point, the Dragon-Snake’s tongue flickered out of its mouth. A snake’s forked tongue coming out of a human’s mouth made the scene look even weirder.

The speed of lightning!

The speed of a snake pouncing on its prey was something hard for one to conceive, and the Dragon-Snake was able to perform this motion in perfection. In a blink of an eye, his body flew forth like a bullet flying out of the chamber, while his body became extremely soft and flexible.

Lei Yu already knew the Dragon-Snake wasn’t going to let him off that easily. Right before the crucial moment, Lei Yu’s mouth formed a sneer. As the Dragon-Snake was less than half a meter away from him, a huge change suddenly took place.

“Where is he?!” The Dragon-Snake look all around but couldn’t even find a glimpse of his shadow. Even the sword underneath his feet had disappeared without a trace.

It was at this time a purple lightning came from the heavens. Like a chisel, it struck upon the Dragon-Snake’s head.


The Dragon-Snake roared into the air, its voice being quite frightening. The sudden disappearance of Lei Yu didn’t give the Dragon-Snake any time to react and the purple lightning coming from the heavens was so fast that it had no chance to dodge.

At this point, Lei Yu’s figure slowly appeared in front of the Dragon-Snake. At the same time, the Dragon-Snake noticed a red ribbon wrapped around his right arm.

The Dragon-Snake was enraged after being struck by Lei Yu’s lightning. He ignored his white hair that had now become black from being burnt, and rushed at Lei Yu. His momentum was overwhelming and his expression looked like he wanted to rip Lei Yu into a thousand pieces!

“You dare to sneak attack me?! Go to hell!”

Even though the Dragon-Snake’s attack speed was extremely fast, even faster than Lei Yu by quite a bit, it was still the product of an instant explosive attack. When it came to average speeds, Lei Yu was still a step ahead.

After a few close calls of escaping the strike of the Dragon-Snake’s horns, Lei Yu flipped around and landed on the meteorite that the Dragon-Snake was previously wrapped around.

Upon seeing that, the Dragon-Snake quickly followed close behind and landed opposite to Lei Yu’s location. Its eyes had a terrifying look in them and with its forked tongue continuously flickering out; the look would cause one to have chills in their heart.

“You damn beast, think clearly who was the first one to sneak attack who!” Lei Yu pointed at the Dragon-Snake and cursed.

“You mere early Gold Core stage thing, what qualifications do you have to speak to me about this? The life of a weak person has always been in control by the strong!”

Lei Yu was breathing heavily but didn’t dare to be too obvious. The long red ribbon did give a person the ability to temporarily disappear, but the internal energy consumption was too much. Lei Yu originally thought he only had to inject a bit of internal energy into it and could easily utilize it, but never expected that he had to use almost half of his energy. This was the reason why the Dragon-Snake was only half a meter away from him before Lei Yu was able to disappear.

There was also another shortcoming, which was the time a person can disappear for was kind of short and cannot be controlled. Apart from that, the item was still considered a good thing since it was like a life preservation item. But overall, the cost of using it was too big and didn’t have a long term effect and only worked a short few seconds.

Based on this calculation, this red ribbon could only be used twice when one was at full power. And after using it twice, the person would then become a human sandbag.

“You’re too greedy!” Lei Yu coldly said. “You were already given a Gold Core but aren’t satisfied with it. I will tell you the truth – even if you want to kill me, I will make you pay heavily for it!”

“Then we’ll see if you have that ability!”

After roaring that out, the Dragon-Snake started moving. Lei Yu’s body was like a ghost as he rushed forth as well. The Sky Devouring Sword in his hand was exuding a white light mixed with a purple lightning that was colliding with each other causing a “hissing” sound.

It was not without reason that Lei Yu chose to land on the meteorite. In order to maintain his body suspended in midair required the support of the Sky Devouring Sword, which meant he had lost the use of a weapon to attack with. Now that he landed on the meteorite, his feet were on solid ground and could openly fight with all he had.

When facing this Dragon-Snake, Lei Yu didn’t have a big assurance of winning. After all, the Manor Lord wasn’t killed by him and was killed by the two guardians who arrived just in time that led to his death. Now that he was in the depths of the Chaotic Star Sea, that lucky occurrence will not happen again.

But it’s not that there wasn’t a sliver a hope in all of this. When Lei Yu was fighting the Manor Lord, the attacks he used did cause some serious damage – the Manor Lord’s wide blade did get broken into pieces from his attack. If it weren’t for that red ribbon, the outcome of that battle might actually be difficult to predict.

Now this Dragon-Snake in front of Lei Yu had no abilities to disappear and no weapons in his hand. And it was clear that its attacks relied only on the two horns on its head.

Lei Yu’s speed was really fast but the Dragon-Snake’s reaction wasn’t slow either. After chopping and slicing a few times, Lei Yu didn’t hurt the Dragon-Snake at all. But the latter also had no way to deal with Lei Yu. In the time being, the two of their figures were constantly moving around. At times they would be jumping and at times they would bounce back from the collision with each other.

The longer the time went on, the more surprised the Dragon-Snake was with Lei Yu. It never thought that a cultivator at the early Gold Core stage was able to fight against him for such a long time and still come out unscathed. That made him feel like he had lost all face. After roaring out in anger, it opened up the distance between them. One could see the Dragon-Snake jump twice into the air before flying down straight at Lei Yu for a fatal blow.

Lei Yu’s guess was inaccurate. The Dragon-Snake did not only have his horns as the means of attack, it also had a characteristic unique to snakes – binding!

The ability to constrict was an ability any snake would have, and this monster that wasn’t really a snake or a dragon was no exception. One could see its body had once again become soft as it bypassed Lei Yu’s sharp sword while its legs instantly became longer and firmly bound Lei Yu.

Lei Yu forcefully shook his body hoping to break free of the binding but no matter how hard he tried, his hands and legs were unable to move. The Dragon-Snake’s binding power started growing in intensity, even making Lei Yu start to feel suffocated!

The two of them looked like they were trying to merge into one. The terrifying eyes of the Dragon-Snake were then staring at Lei Yu, “You want to break free? Keep on dreaming!”

One could see the Dragon-Snake suddenly open its mouth. Its mouth was like made of rubber; the extent of its opening was about the size of Lei Yu’s head. Its open mouth exposed its white fangs as if it could easily stuff Lei Yu’s entire head inside.

Lei Yu stopped his breathing, “Damn, this really stinks!”


(T/N: Plot holes galore… Aren’t they in space so without the sword, Lei Yu should be able to still float? Does the meteorite have its own gravitational field where they can stand firmly on the ground? And I thought there’s no oxygen in space so Lei Yu should already be holding his breath and wouldn’t smell the snake’s stinky breath!)

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