9HTM – Ch246

Chapter 246 – Striking The Snake’s Vital Seven Inches

Hearing that Lei Yu said its mouth stunk, the Dragon-Snake became even more enraged. It then sprayed out a yellow fog off to the side before staring at Lei Yu’s head as if it were about to swallow it in one gulp. Lei Yu couldn’t hold back from yelling: “Let me go or else I’m going to rip out your snake tendons!”

After hearing Lei Yu’s yell, the Dragon-Snake wriggled a bit. It did feel that there was something behind its head and the originally cold blooded monster felt that the “something” felt cold to the touch.

The reason being the moment before Lei Yu was bound by the Dragon-Snake; he had released the Sky Devouring Sword. He then used his skill of controlling internal energy to manipulate the Sky Devouring Sword so that it pointed directly behind the head of the Dragon-Snake. As long as there was any danger, even if it was mutual-destruction, Lei Yu would not hesitate to stab the sword in.

With such a close distance, it is but a dream if the Dragon-Snake wanted to dodge it. If it really did swallow Lei Yu in one bite, then its life will definitely be snuffed out. Thinking to this point, the Dragon-Snake didn’t want to take any risks. The Dragon-Snake actually closed its mouth and returned to a human looking appearance. But the look it gave Lei Yu was even more vicious now.

“Release me!” Lei Yu yelled out.

Reluctantly, the Dragon-Snake slowly shrunk his lengthened limbs that had completely tied Lei Yu down. Lei Yu finally willed the Sky Devouring Sword to float in front of the Dragon-Snake.

“Greedy! You are really too greedy! Believe it or not, I could just stab you to death right now!” Grasping the initiative, Lei Yu raised his voice in an emboldened manner.

“Lower your sword or I will make you regret it!” The Dragon-Snake’s cold tone suddenly made Lei Yu think of a clever idea.

“I really want to see what abilities you have to carry it out!”

One could see a red flash in the Dragon-Snake’s eyes and a white light surrounded the area. Its body continuously expanded so quickly that in a short 1 to 2 seconds, it had returned to its original form that Lei Yu had first encountered. Its entire body was covered in scales that shimmered a white light, and the Dragon-Snake’s huge body coiled around the meteorite that wasn’t that large to begin with, creating an environment where Lei Yu was surrounded by its body. And its huge head stopped in front of Lei Yu and remained motionless. In its bell-shaped eyes were vertical slits as pupils, and the terrifying gaze it gave off startled Lei Yu.

For such a huge monster with such little distance between it and Lei Yu, it made Lei Yu seem rather tiny in comparison. He was not even the size of the Dragon-Snake’s fang. No to mention the Sky Devouring Sword that was floating in the air, it wasn’t even a decent toothpick for the Dragon-Snake.

“The time of your death has arrived!”

As the Dragon-Snake was speaking, the breath it spit out was like the raging wind causing Lei Yu unable to open his eyes. But the thing that Lei Yu absolutely could not stand was the odor of the Dragon-Snake’s breath, it was extremely unpleasant.

Speed – this was something Lei Yu felt he would not lose to anyone, even if it was a monster!

Almost instantaneous, Lei Yu and his sword were like a phantom as he rushed out of the Dragon-Snake’s confines and started floating in midair.

“I’m unable to kill you!” Said Lei Yu. The Dragon-Snake was about to laugh when Lei Yu continued: “But you can’t catch me either!”

“What did you say?!” The Dragon-Snake screamed.

“Did I say anything wrong? Take that Gold Core and obediently stay here and don’t cause any trouble. Careful that I might find the opportunity to blind your eyes!”

“Hiss~!” The huge dragon head rose up, “I would like to see if you have the ability!”

The snake tail whipped towards Lei Yu. With such a strong force behind it, even if Lei Yu’s bones were super hard, he didn’t dare to stay still and receive such an attack. The Sky Devouring Sword immediately dodged to the side. The Dragon-Snake’s tail created a raging wind that blew past but didn’t land on Lei Yu.

Lei Yu was quickly racking his brains for any knowledge on a snake’s weakness.

“I’ve got it!” Lei Yu’s eyes brightened up. There’s a saying: “When striking a snake, strike the seven inches.” But when it came to such a huge monster, seven inches was an impossible location. Yet according to similar proportions, that vital spot should not be difficult to find. Lei Yu was constantly looking for an opportunity; even if he can’t accurately hit the seven inches, the three inch area will still take its life!

The seven inches refers to the place below the head which is where the heart is. And the three inches refers to most vulnerable part of the snake’s spine. As long as a heavy strike hits any of those vital areas, even if they don’t die, they will be seriously injured.

Lei Yu’s body was continuously dodging the Dragon-Snake’s attacks, and couldn’t find any opportunities. The Dragon-Snake’s body was wrapped around the meteorite so there was no way for him to accurately calculate the location of its weakness.

After dodging another heavy strike, Lei Yu’s figure retreated furiously. The Dragon-Snake thought Lei Yu wanted to escape so it quickly unwound itself to chase him. Unfortunately for the Dragon-Snake, it had fallen for Lei Yu’s trick!

Lei Yu had no intentions of escaping, he just wanted give himself some space. Just relying on its tail, the Dragon-Snake was able to perform attacks. And it was merely as simple as swinging its tail. But for Lei Yu on the receiving end, each swing of the tail carried forth a heavy attack so he had to avoid it. If this continued and more time went on, the situation would become more unfavorable for Lei Yu.

Locking onto the target on the Dragon-Snake’s back, Lei Yu roared out: “Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, sixth form!”

With a bright flash of light, Lei Yu ignored his body blasting backwards. He aimed at the target and slashed down with his Sky Devouring Sword. The target was exactly the area of the Dragon-Snake’s heart!

A large circular purple light mixed with white starry dots was shining brightly. This was like adding a dazzling star amongst the vast Chaotic Star Sea.

The circular light was very thin, almost paper-like, but the cutting power of it was unquestionable. The circular disc flew at the Dragon-Snake at almost instantaneous speeds. Realizing the power behind the attack, the Dragon-Snake suddenly panicked. The speed of it was just too fast and the Dragon-Snake didn’t have time to avoid it.

The Dragon-Snake immediately shook itself, and its huge body made a slight movement. One could only see the circular disc fly away without making any sounds as if the attack didn’t land on the target. Only a white light had lightly flashed on the Dragon-Snake’s body before the disc flew off into a distance and disappeared.

Lei Yu was gasping for air before quickly injecting internal energy into the Sky Devouring Sword so that it could remain afloat to support his body.

A few seconds later, a piercing scream came out from the Dragon-Snake’s mouth. As if it had gone completely crazy, its body was twisting continuously and its tail was thrashing all over the place. The meteorite had been smashed apart by its tail, creating numerous broken pieces of stone that floated off into the Chaotic Star Sea.

“I’ll take your life while you’re injured!” A light flashed on the palm of Lei Yu’s hand and a white ball appeared. Some internal energy was injected into it before he tossed it towards the Dragon-Snake who was still struggling in pain. One could only see white lightning shrouding the area before striking down in an overwhelming force. The dense web of lightning started striking from different directions onto the Dragon-Snake’s body.


The pain caused the Dragon-Snake to scream out a sound that did not belong to it. Its huge body suddenly stiffened up when a particular thick lightning struck its wound. This was where its heart was, exactly the most vulnerable place in its body.

The Dragon-Snake’s defense had been completely broken. The scales of the Dragon-Snake had some defensive properties to it originally, but now it couldn’t handle that thick lightning. There were now a number of charred areas on its body. Its huge dragon head then shook one last time… The Dragon-Snake never thought that its life would end at the hands of a person in the Gold Core stage.

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