9HTM – Ch247

Chapter 247 – Flash Of White Light

Lei Yu didn’t bother caring about the unwillingness seen the Dragon-Snake’s eyes. “Originally, nothing would have happened, you would take the Gold Core and I would leave. We can only blame everything on your greed!”

As Lei Yu’s voice ended, the Dragon-Snake made one last roar into the air. Its huge body then stopped supporting the dragon head before the body started floating away.

Lei Yu grabbed onto the Dragon-Snake’s thick tail before slowly flying to the nearest planet he could find.

People often said that a snake’s body was filled with treasures so of course; Lei Yu wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass by.

Lei Yu was able to successfully kill the Dragon-Snake today wasn’t because his strength had improved these past two days. One can only say that he was lucky. With the Manor Lord’s red ribbon; the skillful control of the Sky Devouring Sword in order to avoid being eaten by the Dragon-Snake; and able to remember and accurately find the Dragon-Snake’s weak spot, this all contributed to his victory. If the Dragon-Snake was different to a typical snake and its weak spot wasn’t at that particular place, then Lei Yu would currently be in a world of suffering.

Although his internal energy had been almost used up, the help of the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost allowed him to recover at a pretty quick pace. Lei Yu felt very fortunate to somehow get this great treasure.

The closest planet to Lei Yu was very special. It had mountains and water, including many biological life forms. Lei Yu simply couldn’t believe such a peaceful planet would exist in the depths of the Chaotic Star Sea.

Lei Yu wasn’t going to let this peaceful scene trick him, so he carefully dragged the 30 – 50 meter long Dragon-Snake next to a rather wide river. He then released his spirit perception ability to explore the area. He didn’t find anything abnormal except for some tiny creatures or animal without much attack powers. Perhaps there’s a strong existence here, but based on Lei Yu’s current strength, he can barely feel the existence of people at the early Nascent Soul stage. He was unable to perceive anyone stronger than that.

Lei Yu figured he’ll deal with it when it comes. He then released a portion of his spirit perception to prevent any accidents occurring before sitting down cross legged and then quickly attempting to restore his depleted internal energy.

After breathing in and out a few times, Lei Yu felt rather refreshed. The energy the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost was releasing made Lei Yu extremely comfortable and the spiritual energy that had been purified was gradually absorbed by Lei Yu.

This time, Lei Yu didn’t suffer any injuries yet the green energy ran around gobbling up a portion of the purified spiritual energy that he was absorbing. This was pissing Lei Yu off quite a bit.

“It really picks the worst times! I don’t even have enough for myself and yet you decide to come along for a ride?!” He was thinking this but Lei Yu couldn’t do without it. Otherwise, who knows how many times he would have died already.

Lei Yu realized that today the green energy seemed to be somewhat different than usual, but he couldn’t put a finger on exactly what. It was at this time that the green energy brightly flashed. But it was only for a moment before it returned to its previous appearance as if nothing had ever happened.

This changed made Lei Yu a bit surprised. He controlled his internal energy and carefully approached the green energy, hoping to get close and observe what was going on. But the moment Lei Yu’s internal energy got close; the green energy gave up eating the spiritual energy and quickly ran back towards the heart meridian as if it was in shock. “What’s going on with this green energy? Why did it suddenly give off a flash of light yet restored it’s calmness?” Lei Yu once again controlled his internal energy to approach his heart meridian. He then felt there was some defensive setup there as his internal energy could not flow through normally. This was completely different from before. In the past, the green energy would lead his internal energy to circulate through other meridians, including the heat meridian. Whenever Lei Yu used too much force to break through a meridian and caused it to fracture, the green energy would rush up and start repairing it. But why would it now be so afraid of him? What caused this to happen? This was something Lei Yu just couldn’t figure out.

One thing for certain was that Lei Yu could clearly feel that the power of the green energy seemed to be a bit stronger than before, but just didn’t have that explosive power it had back then. If it was back then, Lei Yu’s internal energy would not be able to get so close to his heart meridian unless it was being led there.

Since he couldn’t figure it out, he might as well stop thinking about it. Having the green energy restore its power was undeniably a good thing. Perhaps it was acting shy because it hadn’t fully recovered yet.

Over time, Lei Yu felt that his internal energy had been pretty much fully replenished before he opened his eyes. Although there was no concept of time here, Lei Yu knew he spent at least ten plus hours in the recovery process.

After standing up, Lei Yu did some simple exercises while looking around. The scenery here was really quite good which gave Lei Yu a familiar feeling. After recalling some memories, Lei Yu finally thought of something. This place also had a river, surrounded by trees, and in front was a small mountain not that high. Wasn’t this place very similar to the paradise Lei Yu had woken up in when he was driven out of the Lei family?

Lei Yu was a bit surprised with this thought process, did he somehow return to the past? He then laughed at himself and shook his head. How could such a thing happen?

After jumping up and down a few times, he felt that he had pretty much fully recovered. Only then did his gaze land on the huge body of the Dragon-Snake.

The eyes of the Dragon-Snake were closed. With such a huge body, Lei Yu temporarily didn’t know where to start. He started looking all over the huge body. Even though every part of the snake was considered a treasure, there’s no way he can take everything. If he did covet everything, it would most like take a long time for him to take it all. By that time, he was afraid when he truly did find something extremely valuable; the body would be at the decomposition stage and stink up the entire area.

Lei Yu took out the Sky Devouring Sword from his storage ring and then jumped over the Dragon-Snake’s body to the other side. Waving the sword, he started slicing off the scales on the snake. Blood started coming out like it was pouring out from a barrel before it gushed into the river staining it completely red.

Lei Yu was carefully searching for something before his eyes went wide. “I’ve got it!”

He stabbed the Sky Devouring Sword inside and made a cut. A round green and black thing the size of a human’s head was then held only by Lei Yu. “What a big snake’s gallbladder!”

The snake’s gallbladder was considered an herbal ingredient. It could benefit one’s eyes, and decrease the heat in one’s body and many other effects.¹ But these are the characteristics of the common snake’s gallbladder while Lei Yu was holding onto something he had never seen before. It’s not clear what its uses are or whether it would work like the common variety. At least Lei Yu felt that this thing should be something good.

After storing the gallbladder into his storage ring, Lei Yu started circling the huge body. Underneath a particular scale of the Dragon-Snake, he removed the Gold Core that previously belonged to him and stored it.

“I wonder what its Nascent Soul looks like. Could it be like a little doll?” Lei Yu had once seen the Violet Gold Hall’s Luo Feng exert his power and display his Nascent Soul, and it did look like an infant’s body. But what would the snake’s Nascent Soul look like?

“Could it… uhh… could it be a baby snake?” Thinking up to this point, Lei Yu felt a bit disgusted. But he still went towards the Dragon-Snake’s lower abdomen area and cut it open. A white light suddenly flashed.

“Bang!” After the loud noise, Lei Yu’s body flew back and smashed against a nearby huge rock.

“Poof~!” Lei Yu threw up a mouthful of blood. He could feel his eyes blur and then he gradually lost his senses before falling unconscious.


¹ – In traditional Chinese medicine, foods are split into hot, cold, and neutral characteristics. And humans also are split into having the hot (yang) or cold (yin) constitutions. If you have a hot constitution body and eat too much food in that same characteristic, the body goes haywire so you become sick etc.

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