9HTM – Ch248

Chapter 248 – Play With You Guys

The blurred image Lei Yu last saw in his mind was a white face opening its mouth rushing at him. He felt a touch of red amongst the white light before he completely lost his consciousness.

A breath of cool aura streamed forth from Lei Yu’s bracelet and straight into his mind causing his spirit to tremble. Lei Yu opened his eyes and found the current place he was in was different from before. Looking around, he was clearly inside a house. Even though it was furnished simply, it had all the necessary items. Lei Yu noticed there were quite a number of chairs surrounding a table in the center of the house. In another area was a pile of wood burning giving of the occasional “pak pak” sounds. Next to the fire was an animal covered in white fur lying down. Lei Yu thought it was a dog but upon closer inspection, it wasn’t one.

The shape and size of it was similar to a dog, but it wasn’t. The fur on this animal was much smoother and the flame reflecting off it made it look quite shiny. The biggest difference it had compared to a dog was the center of its forehead had something that was rather eye catching. It looked like a red oval shaped ruby with a gold trim on the sides making the whole thing very pretty. But it looked like this animal that was similar to a dog, was born with that ruby and wasn’t placed there afterwards as an accessory.

Noticing Lei Yu had awakened; the animal stood up without any malice in its eyes and started barking at the door.

“So it’s really a dog after all?”

The barking was exactly the same sound a dog would make. Lei Yu couldn’t help but be surprised, but then again, what’s so surprising about it? Can’t someone in the Immortal World or Chaotic Star Sea have a dog as their pet? Only that the owner of this dog gave it a rather luxurious looking accessory which made Lei Yu feel weird why someone would do that.

Hearing footsteps outside the house, Lei Yu unconsciously released his spirit perception to probe who this person was. What made Lei Yu surprised was that he couldn’t feel any energy fluctuations from this person. There were only two explanations for this: One, the person coming had no cultivation. One could say this person was a baby because only babies would have the aura of life but no energy fluctuations. The second explanation was the person coming was a super strong expert that was a lot stronger than Lei Yu.

As he cautiously looked up, something that completely shocked Lei Yu appeared before his eyes. The person that came into the house was actually a girl, a girl that was only about 16 or 17 years old.

The girl had a very cute appearance that completely startled Lei Yu. Her hair was tied up into two ponytails that hung all the way down to her waist; her complexion was fair like pure white jade; she had a pair of big clear eyes; and she had a high bridged nose with a small cherry-like mouth.

The girl had a slim waist which was perfectly outlined with her milky white dress. Her chest didn’t have the abundance that mature women had, but the roses about to bud would still make men fly off into their own fantasy.

“You are…?” Lei Yu blinked while asking the girl.

“You… tsk, tsk. You almost died from the Nascent Soul explosion. If it weren’t for Big White finding you and bringing you back here, you’d probably be dead right now.”

“Big White? You’re talking about him?” Asked Lei Yu as he looked at the animal that looked like a dog sitting next to the girl.

“That’s right; his name is called Big White.” Replied the girl as she blinked her big eyes.

“Thank you for saving my life.” Lei Yu quickly got up and saluted the girl in gratitude, but felt his head still had a heavy feeling to it.

The girl smiled and shook her head, “No need to thank Big White and I. Quickly heal your injuries and play with us, that’s the best way to repay your gratitude.”

“Play… with… you guys?” Lei Yu couldn’t figure out what was going on. He couldn’t understand why the depths of the Chaotic Star Sea would have such an innocent girl appear. And Lei Yu actually couldn’t feel any energy fluctuations coming from Big White next to her either. Lei Yu even wondered if his perception ability had degraded. Or perhaps he had temporarily lost that ability from his injuries?

“Oh right, grandpa doesn’t let me run around the place yet he himself, went off to participate in Uncle Roc Emperor’s birthday. He’s so hateful; he didn’t even bring me along.” The girl suddenly changed her expression and smiled, “But it still works out fine because you came here. It’s perfect timing because now you can play with us or else I would have died of boredom.”

“Uh…” For the time being, Lei Yu didn’t know what to say. He was also in a confused state because he couldn’t understand what was going on here.

“Go ahead and rest. Big White, stay here and watch him so he can’t run away. I still have to go check on grandpa’s stove.” The girl then skipped away.

Lei Yu blinked a few times before walking forward a few steps. That Big White was sure obedient, wherever Lei Yu walked to, it would follow right along as if afraid he would run away.

Lei Yu started talking to himself, “What sort of place is this?”

“Ceng Hong Villa.”

Lei Yu immediately lowered his head as Big White looked up at him. Lei Yu was completely shocked, “You… you can speak?!”

“Nonsense, of course I can speak.” Said Big White as he shook his head.

“Then why did you previously bark?”

Big White lay on the floor, his two front paws propping up his head as he reluctantly said: “The young miss likes to goof around and doesn’t allow me to speak. I, too am helpless in this situation!”

“Uh… who on earth is she? Also, aren’t we in the depths of the Chaotic Star Sea?” Lei Yu’s mind was now in complete confusion.

“Of course it is. As for the young miss, you should ask her yourself. If she found out that I told you about her, she might ride atop of me and make me run around the Villa for three days again.”

It looks like this girl is nuts. Lei Yu was wondering if he should quickly figure out a way to get away or else strange things might happen to him.

Thinking up to this point, Lei Yu activated his spirit and found that nothing was missing from his storage ring. With a flip of his palm, the Sky Devouring Sword appeared in his hand. “Tell your family’s young miss that I have something very important to do so I will be taking my leave. Oh right, Big White, thank you very much for saving my life!” Right after that, Lei Yu injected his internal energy into the sword and flew off with a purple flash of light. He didn’t even wait for Big White to respond before flying up into the sky.

Big White shook his head helplessly. He immediately condensed strength in his legs before pouncing into the air to catch up.

“You really cannot leave or else young miss will be furious!”

“Ahh?! Why are you chasing after me?! You…” Lei Yu looked below Big White’s legs, and then around his body but then was nothing underneath him. How did he stay afloat up in the sky?

“Come back with me voluntarily or I’ll have to drag you back.” Big White bared his teeth and started grinding his upper and lower teeth. The image looked quite funny but Lei Yu maintained his cautiousness. Would an ordinary dog be able to catch up to him so easily?

“But I really have something important to do. Later on, I will come back and look for your family’s young miss to… uhh… play. May I do that?”

Big White shook his head, “It’s best if you speak to the young miss about this yourself. I don’t care about any other matters.” After saying that, he bit onto the corner of Lei Yu’s clothes and pulled him back. The strange thing about this was that Lei Yu didn’t even have time to dodge the bite, and somehow didn’t have the strength to resist being pulled. What on earth was going on?!

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