9HTM – Ch249

Chapter 249 – The Rude And Unreasonable Bao Er

High up in the sky, Lei Yu was being dragged downwards and back to the front of the hut.

This was definitely the first time Lei Yu was forced to stay like this, and it was the first time being made by something that resembled a dog. If people heard about Lei Yu being forced to stay here by a dog that could speak human words, they would probably laugh their heads off.

But after careful consideration, his heart tightened a bit. Lei Yu remembered the Dragon-Snake had previously said that as long as one reached the Nascent Soul stage, any demonic beast will able to turn into a human form. So, does that mean Big White has already reached the Nascent Soul stage?

That should be the case, or else how would he be able to speak? But one thing Lei Yu still couldn’t understand was how come he couldn’t feel any energy fluctuations from him at all.

In fact, the reason can be easily deduced. On the surface, it looked like Lei Yu had lost his perception ability. But in reality, Lei Yu couldn’t probe this pair of human and pet because the gap in strength between them was simply too great.

Lei Yu wanted to say something but the previous girl appeared now with a wrinkle in her nose and pout. “I knew you would try to run but it was fortunate Big White was around to drag you back. Thanks Big White!”


Lei Yu couldn’t help thinking this pair of human and pet was quite interesting. Big White could obviously speak yet couldn’t open his mouth to do so in front of this girl. And this girl was quite outrageous for forcing him to stay here in order to play with her.

“My name is… Lightning.” Said Lei Yu.

“Lightning? What a fun name! Lots of fun!” The girl jumped around while clapping her hands.

“Uh… may I ask what your name is?”

“Bao Er, you can just call me Bao Er! Although you can stay here, there’s one thing you have to be prepared for: You can only play with me for two or three days. I estimate that grandpa will be back in two to three days and after that, he might kill you. Therefore, these two days you must make sure that I’m extremely happy, understand?”

“Aghh! That’s insane!” Cried Lei Yu in shock.

“I’m really not lying to you; Ceng Hong Villa is not a place anyone can come to. Grandpa has a bad temper and there’s nothing I can do about it. But don’t worry, when the time comes, I will plead on your behalf. Whether it will work or not is something I’m not sure about.” Bao Er was drumming her fingers on her white cheeks as if thinking about something.

Lei Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I say Bao Er; can’t you just let me leave then? Do you really want your grandfather to kill me?”

“That won’t work. If you left, only Big White and I will be left here and there’s no fun at all.” Bao Er shook her head in disagreement.

“But I have something important to do!”

“I don’t care about that; you have to play with me!” Bao Er was pretty much wielding a royal decree in front of Lei Yu’s home.

Staying here was an impossible thing for Lei Yu. Moreover, the consequences of staying here was death, thus Lei Yu definitely couldn’t stay. His mouth slightly moved and the Sky Devouring Sword acted as if it had been injected with a stimulant. It suddenly shook and Lei Yu flew up, his speed was similar to a meteor flying up into the sky.

“Big White, drag him back here!” Said Bao Er, as she placed her hands on her waist with an unhappy expression.


Big White’s speed was simply too outrageous as a white mirage flew into the sky. Lei Yu had already utilized his speed to its maximum but within a few blinks of an eye, the previous scene appeared once again.

“I say, can’t you just let me go? I really have something important to do!” Lei Yu anxiously said.

“It’s really out of my hands. I have to listen to young miss’s words because it’s the rules of Ceng Hong Villa. Of course, this rule was also made by young miss…” After saying that, Big White extended his mouth. Lei Yu quickly stopped before dodging to the side.

“If you really force me to stay here, then I won’t be polite!” Lei Yu was getting a bit angry. This was the first time he has encountered being toyed with, and this also wasn’t the best time to be joked around with.

Lei Yu secretly condensed a ball of glittering light. Even though he had prepared an attack, he didn’t intend on killing Big White. Yet a small punishment was still necessary.

Lei Yu did not think things through at all because he never made any attempts to estimate how strong Big White was. He only kept on thinking on getting away from this place and ignored that he wasn’t an opponent of this dog-like animal.

The lightning ball had finished condensing in his hand before Lei Yu tossed it out. Similar to a cannonball, the lightning ball shot out while Lei Yu started flying off into another direction.

“Sheesh, stop running. There’s no way you are able to get away! You are merely someone on the Gold Core stage so how can you escape from me?” Big White simply waved his paw and the lightning ball was scattered away without have any effect.

“What did you say?!” Lei Yu was shocked.

“Oh right…” Big White then said: “Remember that Dragon-Snake that you killed? He’s just one of my many other properties. But I never expected it would be killed by you, especially when you’re just at the Gold Core stage. This really made me surprised.”

“One of your property?”

“That’s right. Or did you think a mere early Nascent Soul demonic beast would be able to survive in the depths of the Chaotic Star Sea by itself? That’s impossible!” Big White said in disdain.

“Then…” Lei Yu swallowed hard, this time he had completely given up on escaping. He then recalled that he had utilized his flying speed to the maximum already yet was still caught up by Big White in mere moments. Lei Yu then asked with uncertainty: “Then Big White, what stage has your cultivation level reached?”

“That’s not something you should worry about for now. Just come back with me, young miss has a bad temper and doesn’t like to wait for people. If she becomes impatient and personally catches up with you, then I wouldn’t want to think of what consequences that might entail.”

Lei Yu couldn’t help but suck in a cool breath. Could the strength of that little girl called Bao Er be stronger than Big White? This train of thought was reasonable or else with Big White’s strength, why would he willingly recognize this girl as his master? Thinking to this point, cold sweat started dripping down Lei Yu’s back. It looks like he had to stay at this place to put on a clown show.

“Let’s go back and don’t try to escape again. Maybe the young miss might even let you leave if you make her happy enough? But wanting to sneak away is certainly something that would never work. “Said Big White.

“That’s easy for you to say… what should I do when her grandfather comes back and wants to kill me?”

“Who can you blame? Who told you to break into Ceng Hong Villa for no reason? No one has ever dared to enter this place without an invitation. But I can clearly tell you that you’re the first person that has ever broken in and stayed alive the longest.” Saying up to here, Big White turned around and slowly drifted downwards. His meaning was very clear – he was going to see if Lei Yu was still going to be stubborn about it.

Images of Ai Er and Nuo Hu being tortured were flickering through Lei Yu’s mind. Although this was just his imagination, he still couldn’t calm down. Lei Yu also had a temper that not anyone could suppress.

Clenching his teeth, a red ribbon appeared in Lei Yu’s hand. After injecting nearly half of his internal energy into it, Lei Yu’s body became illusory before disappearing without a trace.

Big White turned around and noticed Lei Yu had disappeared which surprised him a bit. But he sniffed with his nose and oddly humphed, while staying afloat motionless.

“It’s no use, just come back with me already!”

Because the time this red ribbon allowed Lei Yu to disappear for was too short, he gradually reappeared again. Lei Yu then put on a painful crying face, “Hero! Please let me go!”

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