9HTM – Ch250

Chapter 250 – Only Three Days

Big White pretended he didn’t hear a thing and bit onto the corner of Lei Yu’s clothes. Just like the previous time, Lei Yu couldn’t move at all and was dragged back down.

“I say Big Miss Bao Er, I really have important things to do so can you just let me leave?!” Said Lei Yu, as he stood in front of Bao Er unable to laugh or cry.

“Of course not. If you leave, who’s going to play with me?” Bao Er still shook her head in disagreement.

“Then tell me, what do I have to do before you’ll let me leave?” Lei Yu knew that with his strength, there’s no way it would be possible for him to make another attempt at escaping. Big White said that the Dragon-Snake he had a big battle with was merely property, so how powerful was Big White? Also, would this Bao Er be even more powerful?

Bao Er looked at Lei Yu with a slanted head and smiled, “Only if you make me happy. As long as you make me happy, I will let you leave!”

“Are your words for real?!”

“Whatever I, Bao Er say will count!” Bao Er vowed by patting her not so big chest.

“The day it counts is the day pigs can fly.”

“Big White! What did you say?!” Yelled Bao Er as she looked at Big White with her hands on her hips.

“Woof, woof, woof…”


With a thought, Lei Yu retrieved an item from his storage ring. For people in the modern age, this item was something often seen. But for Bao Er, it will be considered as her seeing a novelty treasure for the first time.

“What is this?” Asked Bao Er while carefully observing the big item with wide eyes. She then started touching the shiny exterior of it.

“This is called a car, and it’s very expensive!” Said Lei Yu as he pointed to the modern era necessity, his Mercedes-Benz E-Class roadster.

“How come I have never seen this before?” Bao Er’s face had an expression of an innocent and curious child, making Lei Yu unable to link her previous unreasonable attitude together. But her unreasonableness was an undeniable fact.

“That’s of course; this is something only available in my hometown.”

“What can it do?”

“Take a seat!” Lei Yu opened the car door for Bao Er while he went and sat on the driver’s seat. As for Big White, he also wanted to experience this and jumped into the back seat.

“Now what?” Asked Bao Er as she looked around at the interior of the car.

“Sit tight, I’m going to turn on the car!” The car started. They were surrounded by endless fields of grass which was suitable for driving on, except the grass was going to suffer quite a bit.

“Wow! This is your mount! It’s so awesome!” Bao Er was waving her hands out of the car in joy with a rather cute and innocent expression.

“It’s still not as fast as me…” Big White mumbled while lying in the back seat.

“It’s definitely not as fast as you, but it’s more comfortable than sitting on you!” Bao Er seemed to have forgotten the rule of not allowing to speak she had set for Big White, as she openly refuted him.

Seeing how happy Bao Er looked, Lei Yu was secretly happy in his heart. This Bao Er had agreed that as long as she was happy, she would let him go. It looks like he could leave very soon.

As the car rapidly sped through the grass, Lei Yu unintentionally looked behind and was a bit surprised at what he saw. Big White had poked his head out the side of the car with his mouth open and his tongue swaying in the wind, while drool was dripping down and backwards like crazy.

“Could this be its nature? Uh…” Lei Yu didn’t know what to say regarding this.

Speeding through this huge grassy plain, almost an hour had passed by. Only then did Lei Yu slowly stop the car and get out, “How was it? Are you happy?”

“This is lots of fun! Really fun!” Bao Er nodded and clapped her hands with a laugh.

In fact, it’s not really that much fun. Even though this new and strange gizmo was bland in the fun factor, its fresh concept was the most important reason for the approval.

“So does that mean I can leave now?” Lei Yu made a thought and his car was stored back into the storage ring.

“No way! You can’t leave! You wanting to leave have made me unhappy now!” Bao Er was like a rattle drum as she shook her head.

Lei Yu felt his heart shatter as if someone looted his belongings without paying. His mouth was agape and his eyes wide, an expression that had rarely appeared on his face his entire life.

A while later, Lei Yu finally recovered his senses. “Didn’t we make an agreement? As long as I could make you happy, you were going to let me leave. How could you go back on your words?”

“Who says I’m going back on my words? You can’t just make me happy for a single moment! You have to make my happy constantly for it to count!”

Looking at the girl’s rogue expression, Lei Yu really felt like slapping her a bit. With a solemn face, Lei Yu then said in a serious tone: “Enough, Bao Er! I’ve already said that I have something important to do! Lives are at stake! If I don’t go now, I’m afraid it will be too late! Please stop messing around and making unreasonable demands!”

Seeing how serious Lei Yu looked, Bao Er pouted, “You’re bullying me! Wait until grandpa comes back and I tell him!” After saying that, tears started swelling in her eyes.

Seeing Bao Er cry, Lei Yu felt like he wanted to die. Lei Yu had no fears when facing his enemies, but when it came to the face of a girl crying, he was completely helpless. Lei Yu was now in a helpless situation; he couldn’t fight and he couldn’t cry. “You…!”

With Bao Er crying, Big White growled and humphed a few times sounding like he wanted to rush towards Lei Yu and tear him apart. But when Lei Yu turned around to glance at Big White, he noticed Big White was trying to wink at him. Although the look of a dog trying to wink at you was extremely weird, Lei Yu understood Big White was only pretending to be angry around Bao Er and didn’t really want to tear him apart.

Lei Yu walked forward and looked at Bao Er, “How about this: You let me go handle my tasks and once I’m finished, I will immediately come back and play with you. Even if your grandfather’s going to kill me, I will still come back. How’s that? I’m begging you, please stop crying!”

“You’re lying!” Bao Er looked up and wiped the tears from her face. “Unless you play with me for three days, then you can leave before grandpa comes back!”

“For real?”

“The words that I, Bao Er have said will surely…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine! I wouldn’t dare to believe your words anyway since I’ve experienced your so called promises before!” Lei Yu waved his hands and interrupted her words.

Seeing the roguish girl’s mouth once again quiver before tears started dripping down again, Lei Yu clenched his teeth. “Fine, I’ll agree to it! But you really have to let me leave when the time comes!”

Hearing Lei Yu’s words, Bao Er jumped into the air with her fists raised, “Yaaa!”

“Yaaa?” Lei Yu blinked, “Is this an expression that the people of the Immortal Realm also have?”

Two days later, Bao Er had a lot of fun and was extremely happy. Lei Yu had taken useful items from his modern world out of the storage ring making her more excited after the next. There were some things he couldn’t be used here though, such as a cell phone. Once the batteries were used up, he won’t be able to use it anymore. There’s no way Lei Yu would use his lightning ability to recharge the batteries right? He was afraid that before the batteries were charged, the cell phone would be burnt to a crisp already.

On the third day, it was clear that Bao Er was not as happy as the past two days. But time had arrived and Lei Yu didn’t want to delay anymore. After gently patting her shoulder, “Bao Er, the third day has arrived and I should be leaving now.”

One could see tears start welling up in Bao Er’s eyes, “But Bao Er does not want to you go!”

Off to the side, Big White also looked quite reluctant and sad. Even though it was only three days, Lei Yu had expertly made this difficult to handle big missy extremely happy. And Big White was fed a lot of delicious stuff that he had never experienced before.

Lei Yu was about to console Bao Er when he heard a roar from the heavens, “Who are you?!”

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