9HTM – Ch251

Chapter 251 – Don’t Kill Him

Lei Yu quickly raised his head while Bao Er seemed to have forgotten her sadness. “Uh oh, grandpa is back!”

Before Lei Yu could even make out that person’s face, he felt a hand firmly clasped around his neck. Lei Yu felt like he couldn’t breathe and didn’t have any strength to resist at all.

This appeared to be an old man with gray hair but no beard. On his face, not a wrinkle was seen which was completely mismatched with the color of his hair. He was the image of a white haired guy with a youthful complexion.

“Intruding into the Ceng Hong Villa – death!” As the words ended, the old man tightened his grip. One could hear a “crack” sound that even made Big White unconsciously squeeze his eyes shut.

“Grandpa! Don’t kill him!” Bao Er screamed.

Unfortunately, Lei Yu was breathing air out more than breathing in, his eyes were about to roll back as if he was about to die.

The old man loosened his grip, and Lei Yu heavily fell on the ground. With a cold humph, “Bao Er, who permitted him to enter the Villa? Do they not know my Villa’s rules?!”

“Grandpa! I said not to kill him so don’t kill!” Bao Er quickly rushed over and held up Lei Yu as if she was trying to save him.

“You…!” The old man was a bit surprised. His own granddaughter actually held a strange man in her embrace.

Bao Er raised her head with a grievance-like face, “Grandpa, I’m begging you to save him. Bao Er promised him that as long as he played with Bao Er for three days, she would let him go. But who would have thought before he could leave, grandpa has come back already.”

“You are getting more and more outrageous! You allowed a stranger to enter the Villa?!”


“Enough, there’s no need for more words! A mere kid at the Gold Core stage, just let him die. Why are you so worked up? Just quickly let go of him!” The old man angrily roared.

“No! No way! You’re such a bad grandpa! Bao Er is going to ignore you!” After that, she easily picked up Lei Yu and walked towards the small house.

“You…!” The old man angrily stared with wide eyes, but was helpless since he doted on his granddaughter so much.

Big White lolled out his tongue and followed since he didn’t dare to even glance at the old man.

“Sigh! That girl…! Flinging his sleeves, the old man than went inside the small house.

“Bao Er, who on earth is this person? Why did you allow him to stay in the Villa? Aren’t you afraid he might be a danger to you?”

“Grandpa, stop talking and save him!” Seeing that Lei Yu was about to die, Bao Er anxiously looked at her grandfather with a pitiful face.

“Humph! As if I would!”

“Grandpa! It’s not easy someone is willing to accompany Bao Er to play, yet now you’ve killed him! Bao Er has always been forced by grandpa to stay in the Villa and has never left before. Bao Er has now found someone to play with yet you still oppose it!” After saying that, Bao Er’s tears couldn’t be held back anymore and started dripping down.

The old man sighed and went to Bao Er’s side. “My good granddaughter, you should know that inside the Villa contains my life’s work. How could I allow a stranger to stay here?!”

“But he’s not a stranger! Bao Er… Bao Er… Bao Er loves him!” After saying that, Bao Er’s face went red.

“Nonsense! Complete nonsense! I’m telling you, immediately drag him out of here!” The old man’s temper flared up to his eyes. He never expected his innocent granddaughter would say such words.

It’s no wonder… Bao Er has never left the Ceng Hong Villa and those that accompany her here had only been the old man and the dog-like Big White. Even if outsiders come, they’re the old man’s good friends and would never play with Bao Er. Lei Yu was the only one, and is now dying because of her grandfather’s return. How could Bao Er not be sad and anxious in this situation?

“I won’t!” Bao Er cried out as her tears kept dripping down.

“Big White! Drag that guy out for me!” The old man angrily yelled as it pointed to Lei Yu lying on the bed.

Big White was helpless in this situation. He was very close to Bao Er but he has never dared to go against the words of the old man. Although reluctant, Big White still went forward one step at a time.

At this time, a white internal energy that was cold and pure rose out of Lei Yu’s wrist and into his body. Without hesitation, it travelled through his meridians and flowed to his throat before rapidly healing it. And the green energy inside his body forgot about being shy and rushed forth to help Lei Yu reconnect his airways.

“Spiritual Bracelet of Frost!” The old man loudly cried out.

The cool aura was clearly felt by Bao Er who was the closest. Although it was cold, it wasn’t the bone chilling kind of feeling. And the feeling was very comfortable which even made Bao Er stare with big round eyes.

At this time, Big White was already at Lei Yu’s side about to open his mouth to do what the old man had ordered. The old man suddenly rushed forward, grabbed Big White’s head and shoved it aside. He then sat on the bed next to Lei Yu and started carefully observing the bracelet on Lei Yu’s wrist.

Big White hadn’t used any strength to resist so was a bit disoriented after being shoved to the side forcefully. Although he wasn’t injured, he couldn’t help but blink in confusion.

“It’s really the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost! Who is this kid? Why would he have this?” Said the old man in shock.

“Grandpa, what’s this Spiritual Bracelet of Frost thing?” Asked Bao Er with big round eyes.

The old man exhaled heavily before saying: “This Spiritual Bracelet of Frost is considered a supreme treasure that has disappeared for countless years. Many people had once fought for this thing which eventually lead to numerous casualties. Who would’ve thought that it would actually appear on this kid!”

“That’s great grandpa! If you want to know why it’s in his possession, why not quickly save him and have him tell you?” Said Bao Er as she shook the old man’s arm.

The old man nodded and closed his eyes. He then crossed his arms and a light blue internal energy started flowing through them. The energy was getting more intense before the old man waved his hands, causing two streams of internal energy to rush straight for Lei Yu’s throat. One could hear the “pak pak” sounds of bones moving before Lei Yu suddenly opened his eyes. Lei Yu opened his mouth wide and took in a big breath of air, before starting to rapidly breathing once again.

“You’re a lucky bastard. With the protection of the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost, it won’t let you die so quickly. However, if it weren’t for me saving you at the crucial moment, you would still eventually die in the end even with the bracelet’s help!” Said the old man in a cold manner as he stood up.

“Big brother Lightning, you should hurry up and thank grandpa!” Bao Er gently tugged the recovered Lei Yu.

Lei Yu swallowed hard a few times. Only after determining that his throat had been reconnected, he then cupped his hands, “Thank you… uh… thank you for your grace in saving my life.” Even though his mouth said this, his mind was thinking: What the f*ck?! You attempted to kill me and then saved me, and now I have to thank you?! What sort of bullshit is this?!

“It’s fine, enough of the nonsense. Tell me how did the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost land in your hands? Where did you get it?” The old man then coldly humphed, “It is a fact that you’ve trespassed onto the Ceng Hong Villa. If you dare lie to me, I will not hesitate to kill you!”

“Well…” Lei Yu’s mind was on overdrive thinking how he should reply.

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