9HTM – Ch252

Chapter 252 – Descendant Of The Ceng Family

The old man was very concerned about the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost, and even made a move to save Lei Yu who was about to die because of it. Lei Yu had realized those two points. For some reason, the old man did not try to take the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost away but saved him. It wasn’t difficult to deduce that he and the owner of the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost may have a relationship. If Lei Yu said that he took the bracelet from the treasure trove of a tyrant, that would show that he and this bracelet had no relationship. And the results of that would be unpredictable.

After quickly thinking things through, Lei Yu instead asked: “Why should I tell you? Could it be that you want to take away the family treasure that my grandfather left me?”

“What?!” Your… your grandfather left behind this family treasure for you?” The old man was so shocked that even his voice was trembling a bit.

“Th… that’s right!” Lei Yu was also shocked by the old man’s reaction. There was a reason for Lei Yu to makeup such a reply. He wanted to give the other a vague answer so that whether the old man was a friend or enemy to the bracelet’s owner, he could easily come up with more stories.

If the old man and the owner of the bracelet were friends, then that was easy to handle. Lei Yu could follow the flow and say he was a descendant and would naturally escape any life-threatening situations. If they were enemies, it was still easy to handle because Lei Yu could say that his ancestors got a hold of it by accident and had started to pass it down through the generations. That way, they would have no connection to the original owner of the bracelet.

“What is your name?” The old man asked.

“Grandpa! His name is Lightning!” Bao Er rushed to reply.

“Nonsense!” The old man clearly didn’t believe anyone would have such a name. It was probably a pseudonym to hide one’s real identity. “Hurry up and tell me what your real name is? And what relationship do you have with our family’s old master?”

“Old… old master?” Lei Yu blinked a few times while his brains seemed to hit a dead end.

“Do not lie to me or else I will rip you into pieces!” The old man fiercely clenched his fist that gave of a “pak pak” sound. Lei Yu never doubted the old man’s capabilities; he felt that when the old man crushed his throat previously, it was probably as easy as stepping on an ant.

If he spoke out a family name or a first name that was not related to what the old man wanted to hear, Lei Yu might encounter a disastrous consequence. Sweat had already started dripping down his forehead, “What should I do? What should I do? Why didn’t I think about the possibility of such a close relationship?”

Just as Lei Yu had fallen into a pit of despair and anxiety, he heard a voice in his mind going: “Master! Master!”

Lei Yu was startled, “Xue Yu! Is that you Xue Yu?”

“Yes, master. Don’t panic, I can tell you my previous owner was called Ceng Yi Han. You can follow the family name and give yourself a name.”

Lei Yu was overjoyed and was about to say something when the old man snapped: “Quickly, tell me or else I will twist off your head!”

“Why are you so anxious?!” Lei Yu cleared his throat while his lips trembled a bit. “My… my… my name is Ceng… Ceng Yu!”

“How did you know that this Spiritual Bracelet of Frost was left to you by your grandfather?”

“This… I… my father told me it. He said that this bracelet was created after my grandfather exhausted his life’s effort. After leaving this to me, he then disappeared leaving me alone to drift throughout the Chaotic Star Sea.

The old man felt his body tremble and his scalp go numb. It was a while later before he recovered his senses. With red eyes and a “plop” sound, the old man kneeled and said “Young master! Ceng Hong will now kowtow to you!”

“You…” The scare Lei Yu received was not light. He looked at Bao Er, then at Big White, and finally at the old man kneeling on the ground. Lei Yu’s mind was now in a complete daze.

“Grandpa! What are you doing?” Bao Er rushed up to support the old man.

“Bao Er! Quick, kneel and greet the young master!” The old man couldn’t control his tears anymore as they dripped onto the ground. Bao Er was blinking in confusion before being pulled down onto the ground by the old man.

“What… what are you guys doing? What… what young master are you guys talking about?” Asked Lei Yu while swallowing hard.

“Young master, back then there was a huge calamity in the Ceng family. Over a hundred people were murdered and only one was left alive. I brought young master… um… who’s your father and fled. We were ambushed midway and I separated with the young master. I would never have thought… that young master was helped by the heavens and managed to escape the crisis. He was even able to leave behind a descendant! The heavens have eyes! The heavens have eyes!” As he was saying this, the old man was kowtowing and heavily smashed his head on the ground.

“There can’t be such a coincidence right?” Lei Yu was shocked yet was secretly happy. But to impersonate someone else causing the old man to perform such a great ceremonial act towards him, Lei Yu felt unease. Then again, Ai Er and Nuo Hu was waiting to be saved so Lei Yu had to do this in order to protect his own life. He absolutely cannot die right now.

“Quickly get up first!” Lei Yu rushed forth to support the old man before pulling Bao Er up as well.

At this time, Big White’s expression was rather funny. His eyes were big and round, his mouth agape, and his tongue drooped out as if it had forgotten to go back inside. And the red ruby like stone on his forehead was constantly flashing.

“The heavens have eyes! The heavens have eyes…!“ The old man’s heart was so emotional that words couldn’t describe it. All he could do was keep repeating those words.

A short while later, the old man seemed to have remembered something and said full of guilt: “Ceng Hong was previously rude and in the wrong, please punish me young master!”

“No need! No need! You… you didn’t know before right?”

After the old man Ceng Hong explained his past, Lei Yu finally understood what happened. A thousand year ago, the Ceng family had suffered a total extermination by their enemies. After that, the old man had separated with Ceng Yi Han’s son. If Lei Yu didn’t have the help of Xue Yu who resided in the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost, most likely his soul would currently be in the afterlife. The most fortunate part is that everything was too coincidental – if back then Ceng Yi Han did not have a son, then Lei Yu’s lie would not have worked out. One can only say that Lei Yu was too lucky.

“Young master…”

“It’s best to call me little Yu.” Lei Yu blushed a bit after being called young master since it really wasn’t him. Lei Yu would also feel unaccustomed to being called Ceng Yu either. “Little Yu is better because many people are called that, and it’s also more intimate.”

“Right! Right! Ceng Hong was being stupid. In order to hide young master’s identity, it’s best to call you little Yu.” The old man smiled, “So little Yu, what are your plans?”

Lei Yu shook his head in reluctance, “I actually have something important to do. I have two friends that have been kidnapped by a Sect in the Immortal World and while I was rushing to go save them, I didn’t expect to be intercepted halfway by a Dragon-Snake. Fortunately, I was able to kill it eventually. But who would’ve thought that I would arrive at your Ceng Hong Villa.”

“Bao Er is young and ignorant, so I request that young master forgives her!”

“Call me little Yu!” Lei Yu then said: “Don’t worry about it, Bao Er is so cute. And in order to save me, she even got into a heated argument with you. Everything is fine.”

“How about this – I will accompany you to go and save your friends?”

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