9HTM – Ch253

Chapter 253 – Green Vein Dewdrop

“Grandpa, have you forgotten? You’re still refining a medicine in your furnace! You’ve been refining it for a full three years and within these two days; the furnace can be opened soon!” Bao Er reminded him on the side.

Ceng Hong shook his head, “Compared to little Yu’s matter, the medicinal pill is considered nothing!”

Lei Yu frantically waved his arms, “No! No! Three years is not a short amount of time so just stay here to prepare to open the furnace. I, alone can go there.”

“How can that work? The deeper you go into the Chaotic Star Sea, the more dangerous it gets. Ceng Hong will be worried for you if you went alone!”

Lei Yu felt that having a bodyguard with him was obviously a good thing, but he couldn’t make someone that had spent three years to refine a medicinal pill to give up on it and accompany him. What Lei Yu couldn’t understand was what kind of medicinal pill would require one to refine it for such a long time.

Moreover, his identity as a young master was completely fake which made him feel rather ashamed of his actions. If he was let that person follow and protect him as well, the thought of that made Lei Yu feel like he should just shove his face inside his own crotch.

“There’s no need! Just do what I’ve said, elder should just stay here and watch your medicinal pill. I should be able to handle whatever is to come.”


“It’s decided then!” Lei Yu smiled.

“Little Yu…” Ceng Hong was not going to let the last Ceng descendant risk his life, so he said: “How about this, allow Big White to follow you. As long as he’s with you, I believe there won’t be many people who would give you trouble. Within the Chaotic Star Sea, I, Ceng Hong still have a bit of face.”

“Then… fine!” Lei Yu could only helplessly agree that Big White could be an exception. Moreover, having such a powerful big dog following him around wasn’t such a bad idea.

Big White seemed to have a happy expression as his tail kept wagging back and forth. Inside his heart, flowers were already blooming in joy since being able to take a stroll away from the Villa was a good thing. Moreover, Lei Yu possessed a lot of strange and delicious foods that stirred up his greed.

“Grandpa, what about Bao Er?” Bao Er pouted with a frown, clearly displaying her sad face.

“You? Just be a good girl and stay here! You’ve already delayed little Yu’s important matter, could it be that you want to delay him even more?” Lectured Ceng Hong.

Bao Er then mumbled, “Didn’t grandpa almost kill him?”


Lei Yu quickly interrupted, “It’s fine, it’s fine, aren’t I safe and sound right now? Bao Er should listen to your grandfather. Once I complete my tasks, I will immediately come back and look for you. By then, there will be two extra people to play with you. How’s that?”

“Really?!” Bao Er jumped into the air, her sadness instantly becoming happiness.

“For real, I’m not like someone that goes back on their words!”

“You’re making fun of me!”


Lei Yu wasn’t sure what else may happen on the way so he didn’t want to delay anymore. His mood was now extremely anxious.

“Little Yu, I have a medicinal pill called the Green Vein Dewdrop Pill which has a decent effect. When one has almost depleted their internal energy, consuming the Green Vein Dewdrop Pill will allow them to instantly recovery everything.” As if it was a supreme treasure, Ceng Hong slowly pulled out a medicinal pill and handed it to Lei Yu.

After receiving the pill, Lei Yu took a closer look at it. The pill was round and about the size of a fingernail. The pill was transparent with a shade of light blue while on the surface were some green lines that looked like veins. Perhaps the name of the pill came from the appearance of the green lines.

After gently smelling it, Lei Yu realized it had a hint of fragrance to it which made him almost want to swallow it from impulse.

“There’s only one?” Lei Yu was overjoyed after hearing the pill’s effectiveness from Ceng Hong. Whenever he encounters danger, wouldn’t this be similar to bringing in another one of him into the fight? For something this good, Lei Yu wouldn’t mind getting a few more of them.

“That’s right. For the past several centuries, this pill is the only one I was able to successfully refine. Due to the extremely rare materials and the cumbersome process, refining this pill is rather difficult.” Replied Ceng Hong.

Lei Yu felt a bit shocked. He never thought such a small medicinal pill would be so precious, yet this Ceng Hong could so easily gift it to him. How could Lei Yu have the nerve to accept such a big gift? When he was about to decline it, Ceng Hong said: “Little Yu, please don’t decline it. Ceng Hong cannot accompany you forth is already considered an offense, so gifting you this medicinal pill is the expression of my good-will.”

Seeing Ceng Hong’s sincere eyes, Lei Yu nodded heavily.

Seeing a person and a dog fly off into the distance, Ceng Hong sighed. “I hope the young master will be safe and sound.”

Bao Er stared at the gradually disappearing Lei Yu before mumbling: “Brother Yu, you must come back and look for Bao Er! Bao Er will be waiting here for you!”

During the several days Lei Yu was trapped in Ceng Hong Villa, the two apprentice-brothers Yuan Xiu and Yuan Li had brought Ai Er and Nuo Hu along to the exclusive safe path that led to the Immortal World. They were unimpeded along the way but due to the long distance and the fear of encountering other Sects, they proceeded cautiously instead at top speeds.

“Big White, what level of strength have you actually reached? You can tell me now right?” Towards this situation, Lei Yu was very curious about.

Big White shook his head and said: “Young master, why are you so focused on this matter? Isn’t it good enough knowing that Big White has the ability to protect you?”

“I’m just curious.” Lei Yu laughed.

“You will know in the future…”

“Why are you still trying to be mysterious with me?” Lei Yu then suddenly remembered something and reminded his companion: “Oh right Big White, I heard from the Dragon-Snake that there’s another creature that will block our path. Should we be more cautious?”

Big White disagreed by saying: “Don’t worry young master, within a million miles of Ceng Hong Villa; no one would dare to give us a hard time.”


“Of course, so don’t worry about a thing.”

Although he was told this, Lei Yu firstly didn’t know Big White’s true strength, and secondly couldn’t fully trust his words. But since Big White said this with such an attitude, Lei Yu didn’t bother continuing with the topic.

The human and beast were flying quite fast as they were similar to meteors streaking by.

It was at this time that Lei Yu sensed a huge momentum in the surrounding area. He looked around vigilantly and released his spiritual perception in hopes of finding something.

“Why don’t you show yourself?!” With Big White’s cry, that powerful aura vibrated and a strange creature appeared in front of the two.

“What the devil is this thing?!” Lei Yu stared with big round eyes. This monster had a head like a locust but didn’t have the antennas on its head. Instead, it had a single horn on its head. Its two eyes were bell-shaped but did not have any pupils. It had a large body that looked like a human, but was covered with a thick shell. All of this still looked quite normal until one’s sight reached its hands; they looked like claws of an eagle instead.

“Why are you acting so sneaky around here?” Big White coldly asked.

The monster appeared to be very scared upon seeing Big White. While its body was trembling, it replied: “This little one deserves to die. This little one did not know Lord White had arrived! Please spare my life! Please spare my life!”

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