9HTM – Ch254

Chapter 254 – The Large Roc’s Territory

“Lord White?” Lei Yu was surprised, but then thought back when Big White previously said that the Dragon-Snake was merely one of its properties. And when it came to this monster, it looks like it’s the ghostly thing that the Dragon-Snake had previously mentioned off to the east.

“Move aside, we have important matters to take care of so stop blocking our path!” Big White coldly said.

This unknown named demonic beast was scared out of its wits before running off and disappearing without a trace. Lei Yu blinked while looking at Big White, “I have never seen you like this before, I had always thought you were quite docile.”

Big White grinned before replying: “Young master, it’s up to who I’m dealing with. When dealing with this type of demonic beast, how can I lose the face of our Ceng Hong Villa.”


With Big White following along, the two didn’t encounter any trouble. Even if those that didn’t bother looking closed and decided to cause a problem, they would scurry away like a rat upon seeing Big White. Lei Yu was rather curious – was Ceng Hong Villa really that powerful? From beginning to end, Lei Yu had no clue what level of strength Big White had reached.

For three full days, a human and a beast flew through the depths of the Chaotic Star Sea. Lei Yu’s heart was still very anxious, wanting to quickly reach his destination as soon as possible.

As for Big White, the most enjoyable thing about being together with Lei Yu was eating delicious food. But these foods for Lei Yu were considered nothing special. They mostly consisted of different kinds of bread or even a hot dog etc. Other things consisted of edibles that could last for a long time, such as cookies and others similar. All these food items weren’t available in the Immortal World or the Chaotic Star Sea, so it’s no wonder Big White was so excited to taste them.

“How much longer until we arrive?” Asked Lei Yu.

“Please don’t be anxious young master; it’s still quite far away.” Replied Big White as he licked his lips from the delicious food he just ate.

“Could it be that all the dangers in the Chaotic Star Sea to you, I mean, to the Ceng Hong Villa are considered nothing?”

“It’s not completely true since it’s only for this certain region. When we get to the Large Roc Emperor’s territory, we will have to be careful.” Big White replied.

“Large Roc Emperor?” As if he remembered something, Lei Yu said: “Is it the Uncle Large Roc that Bao Er mentioned?”

“Right, that’s him. Even though the Large Roc Emperor is friends with our Villa, it’s just based out of mutual interest.”

“Mutual interest?”

“Right, the medicinal pills that owner refines is bought by many people, and the Large Roc Emperor is just one of the many.”

Lei Yu nodded to show he understood Big White’s meaning. They got up and then continued on their journey. Unbeknownst to Lei Yu, there was a pair of sharp eyes staring at the two of them off in a distance.


There was a golden flash that stopped in front of Lei Yu and Big White. The speed was so fast that Lei Yu only saw a blur of light before an extra person appeared in front of them.

“You guys dare to invade the Large Roc Emperor’s territory? Who are you people?” Asked the person who had suddenly appeared.

Lei Yu was a bit surprised because the person in front of them had a pair of golden wings on his back. His nose and mouth were merged together while curving downwards that was similar to an eagle’s beak. Apart from the wings and the beak, he was no different than any other human.

“Friend, we came from Ceng Hong Villa and are passing through your territory to take care of some business in the Immortal World.” Said Big White in a polite manner.

Lei Yu slightly raised his eyebrow. It looks like what Big White said was true; they were no longer in the region belonging to the Ceng Hong Villa. Even Big White was speaking so politely and didn’t dare to be rash here.

“Ceng Hong Villa?”

“Right, I am Ceng Hong Villa’s divine beast – Big White. And this is an important guest of our Ceng Hong Villa.” Big White introduced themselves.

In fact, Lei Yu had already sent out a probe and found out this birdman had the strength of an early Nascent Soul stage. But since they were in another’s territory, it was better to act respectfully.

“This friend, Big White and I have some important matters. We would appreciate it if you allow us to pass through your precious territory.” Said Lei Yu with cupped fists.

“What proof do you guys have? You want to safely pass through after spouting a few words? You guys seem to not put our Large Roc Emperor’s family in your eyes!”

Big White coldly humphed, “Don’t push it too far! We have already given you a lot of face, so don’t blame me if you piss us off!”

“Pissed off? So what if I piss you off? In order to pass through, you need to leave something of value or else… humph…!”

“Something of value?” Is this how your family’s Large Roc Emperor teaches his subordinates? Could it be that you don’t know that our Villa Master is good friends with your Large Roc Emperor?” Big White was starting to get angry. One could see the red ruby on his forehead was starting to shine while his eyes were narrowed to a glint.

“Enough of the bullshit! This is the rule; you have to leave a toll fee or else turn around and leave!” The birdman coldly replied while looking off to the side as if he didn’t put Lei Yu and Big White in his eyes.

Big White was about to make a move before Lei Yu quickly blocked him. With a flip of his palm, a yellow crystal stone appeared. “This should be enough right?”

“Young master…”

Lei Yu made some furtive glances at Big White to stop him from saying anything else. The birdman’s wings flapped and he flew towards Lei Yu and grabbed the crystal stone. After checking it out a bit, the birdman smiled, “Please proceed!”

“Thank you!”

Lei Yu cupped his hands in thanks while Big White fiercely glared at the birdman before the two started to leave.

“That bastard, he didn’t even place Ceng Hong Villa in his eyes. Once we go back, I’m going to tell the Villa Master everything and make them give us an explanation!” Said Big White in a tone filled with hatred.

“It’s best to have fewer issues than more. It’s merely a crystal stone right? Didn’t we pass through smoothly? Stop thinking so much about it.” Lei Yu tried to comfort Big White.

That birdman was floating in midair while holding the crystal stone in joy. Suddenly, a few beams of golden light stopped around him. That birdman immediately became respectful, “Captain!”

Five people with a similar appearance as the birdman arrived. One of them nodded before asking: “Who were the people just then? Why did you let them leave?”

“Captain, this gift is to pay respects to you!” After that previous birdman passed over the yellow crystal stone, he then said: “They said they were from Ceng Hong Villa and was passing through to the Immortal World.”

“Oh? They only gave a mere yellow crystal stone?” Asked the Captain.

“Ye… yes!”

“You idiotic thing! We have so many brothers, how is this enough for us to split?” The Captain then smiled, “It’s not easy for us to meet people passing through so this daddy will lead you all today. How about we go grab ourselves a little something extra?”


“Sounds good! Captain, we’re counting on you!”

The several birdmen revealed a strange smile. The Captain waved his hand and multiple gold lights burst forth chasing after Lei Yu and Big White.

“Young master, looks like something is off.” Said Big White softly.

Lei Yu also felt several powerful energy fluctuations rapidly heading in their direction. As he glanced back to take a look, multiple golden lights had already arrived.

“Friends from Ceng Hong Villa, please stop!” The so-called Captain cried out.

Lei Yu light exhaled before putting on a smiling face, “I wonder what matters you have for us?”

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