9HTM – Ch255

Chapter 255 – Appearance Of The Large Roc Emperor

The Captain smiled, “Ah, it’s like this… That subordinate of mine is a newcomer and doesn’t the rules. If he has offended the friends of Ceng Hong Villa, I hope you can forgive him.”

After hearing those word, Lei Yu glanced at Big White before smiling, “There’s no need to be so polite, after all, Elder Ceng Hong and the Large Roc Emperor are good friends.”

“Those from Ceng Hong Villa are truly magnanimous, except…” The Captain made a face filled with hesitation.

“Except for what? Friend, you can be straightforward and tell us what you have to say.” Lei Yu knew things wouldn’t be this simple.

“Except that there are strict rules in the Large Roc Territory and my newly arrived subordinate doesn’t know them too well. A single yellow crystal stone as the toll fee is a bit…”

“What you mean to say is that we need to pay some more right?” Asked Lei Yu as he ignored that Big White was pulling him back with his paws.

“Haha, I have incurred ridicule from this friend. We are only doing things by the rules so I hope we haven’t offended you. We hope that the friends from Ceng Hong Villa can be magnanimous and forgive us!” The Captain laughed while cupping his hands with a very embarrassed look.

“I have no problems with that but… we left too hastily and forgot to bring more crystal stones with us, or else I would definitely offer more with open hands.” Lei Yu slightly bowed with an apologetic look.

“Oh?” The Captain turned around to look at his men before facing Lei Yu again. “Then I’m really sorry. According to the rules, a single yellow crystal stone is not enough for the toll fee. My two friends, please go back to where you came from.”

Lei Yu knew how precious crystal stones were. Yanrong and Tian Ye and previously said that just ten ordinary crystal stones could maintain food and clothing for a small town for a full year. And on his person was only a single yellow, blue, and purple crystal stone. Now this person wanted a lion’s share so how could Lei Yu agree to it? And just because of this problem would force him to turn back was something Lei Yu would definitely not agree with.

“This friend, we truly have some important matters to attend to. How about this: Once we return, we will definitely give you all the necessary crystal stones, okay?” Lei Yu was hoping to make a final compromise.

“Sigh~” The Captain’s face showed that he was in a difficult position. “It’s not that I don’t want to help you friends, but we do have our own difficulties. We have our responsibilities and don’t dare to make any changes to them. If our superiors found out, we would certainly be punished. I hope these friends will understand and not make things difficult for us.”

“Humph! You guys have gone too far!” Big White finally couldn’t tolerate this anymore and roared out.

“Don’t get angry! Don’t get angry!” The Captain smiled, “It looks like your family’s pet is much poorer in holding their emotions in compared to the owner.”

Lei Yu narrowed his eyes while Big White loudly roared. His voice shook the sky before he coldly said: “You, will die a miserable death!”

“What do you plan on doing?!” The Captain was shocked and started retreating backwards. Several of his subordinates flapped their wings and flew over while drawing weapons from their waist. The weapons they held looked very similar to an eagle’s claw.

“What am I going to do?” Big White floated forward, “My owner and the Large Roc Emperor have many years of friendship, yet you, a mere Nascent Soul stage birdman dare to spout out arrogant insults! This is equivalent of not putting my owner in your eyes! Today, you must all die!”

Big White’s body turned into a white light. Lei Yu couldn’t even see what happened and the next moment, several miserable cries were heard. In an instant, several people were completely torn into pieces while the Captain was left floating there alone with eyes full of fear.

Big White coldly said: “What? You scared now? When you said those words, did you think about the consequences? Let me tell you – it’s too late for regrets!” One could only see a red light flash on Big White’s forehead before a beam of light shot out. The speed was too fast to dodge and the red light had already penetrated through the Captain’s chest. The fear in his eyes had not subsided yet and he had already lost the ability to breathe.

Big White coldly humphed once more before turning around, “Young master, let’s go.”

Lei Yu swallowed hard. These were six people at the Nascent Soul stage who were easily killed by Big White. Lei Yu was getting more and more curious as to what level Big White was at.

Around this time, a golden light in the distance flew off rapidly and disappeared without a trace while Lei Yu and Big White continued on their journey.

On a certain planet and a place surrounded by cliffs, a lone castle sat at one of the highest points. The castle gave off a faint golden glow that was strangely bright. The entrance to the castle happens to be not on the ground but in the air, where one would traverse through a golden beam of light.

In the main hall of the castle sat a person. This person was wearing a golden satin gown and on the chest area was embroidered with a majestic eagle soaring into the sky that looked very domineering.

Long golden hair was hanging loosely behind him. He had a protruding forehead and a pair of sharp eyes that looked like it could kill with a glance. On his back was a pair of huge wings resting on both sides. On either side of the wings stood a girl that was gently wiping the golden feathers on the wings with a silk handkerchief.

“Emperor! Something bad has happened!” A beam of golden light entered the main hall.

“Why are you panicking and losing all decorum? What happened?” Asked the middle-aged man atop of the throne.

“Several of our patrolling guards have been killed by someone!”

“What?!” The middle-aged man’s eyes went wide, “Who has the guts to act so wildly in my territory?!”

“Who… who…”

“Who are they? Quickly tell me!”

“This little one didn’t hear them mention it so I don’t know who they are. But it’s a young person and a white beast, and on the forehead of the white beast is a red ruby-like stone.

The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes, “Ceng Hong Villa’s Big White?” He suddenly stood up. “Humph! He’s not putting me, the Large Roc Emperor in his eyes! Take me there!”

“Yes! Understood!”

Lei Yu and Big White were both fly forth rapidly but when comparing speeds, Lei Yu was much slower. Lei Yu originally thought that the biggest advantage he had over others was his speed, so he never expected the gap between him and Big White would be so big.

“Young master, we should increase our speeds further. Killing the Large Roc Emperor’s people in his territory, I’m afraid the consequences will be disastrous if he finds out. That guy always protects his own no matter what, so something bad might happen when dealing with him.” Said Big White.

Lei Yu nodded, “Right, after all, this is his territory so let’s hurry and get out of here!” After saying that, the two increased their speeds a bit more.

From a distance, two golden lights were approaching. “Emperor, it’s them!”

The speed of the middle-aged man suddenly increased exponentially and leaving the person who spoke in the dust. No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t catch up with the Large Roc Emperor’s speed.

The speed of the middle-aged man was comparable to the speed of light. Less than a blink of the eye, the Large Roc Emperor stopped in front of Lei Yu and Big White. He floated there with his huge golden wings unfurled which had the span of at least five meters.

Big White was shocked and quickly lowered his head by saying: “Greetings Large Roc Emperor!”

Lei Yu glanced at Big White before looking at the person that had suddenly appeared. Knowing things didn’t look good, he still had to give the other face. Lei Yu then cupped his hands, “Greetings Lar… Large Roc Emperor.”

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