9HTM – Ch256

Chapter 256 – Bao Er’s Friend

“Who are you?” The Roc Emperor did not look at Big White and instead, stared at Lei Yu’s unfamiliar face.

“Someone who is just passing by!” Replied Lei Yu.

The Roc Emperor’s eyebrow twitched, “What a nonsensical response! Are you looking down on me?”

“Roc Emperor, he’s…”

“Was I asking you? Shut your mouth!” Big White was about to say more but was cut off by the Roc Emperor. The Roc Emperor then went back to staring at Lei Yu, “In my Roc Emperor’s territory, no one has ever dared to speak to me like that!”

“Then I must ask Roc Emperor, does passing through here require paying crystal stones as a toll fee?”

Lei Yu’s sudden words made the Roc Emperor who rarely revealed himself hesitate. “Paying crystal stones? What do you mean be that?”

Lei Yu smiled, “It’s not that I’m looking down on the Roc Emperor, it’s just that your subordinates without your knowledge, has collected from me crystal stones as a toll fee. After that, they even verbally embarrassed and cursed at Big White. No matter what, Roc Emperor and Elder Ceng Hong are good friends. So for someone to insult Big White, doesn’t that mean that person was insulting your good friend, Elder Ceng Hong? Your subordinates borrowed your mighty name to oppress others, isn’t that considered discrediting your face? Big White merely made a move to teach them a lesson and nothing more.”

Lei Yu knew that this Roc Emperor chased after them to demand an explanation, and might even have intentions to make a move on them. Lei Yu had to quickly eliminate his desire to make a move and the best way was to throw fault on his subordinates.

“That’s utter nonsense! How can our noble Roc family do such a dirty thing? Is the little friend here trying to insult this Roc Emperor?!” Asked the Roc Emperor in a tone filled with rage.

Lei Yu never expected that this Roc Emperor would protect his own so much to the point of ignoring any sensibilities. If this continued on, his defense would not solve this problem at all. But this Roc Emperor even made Big White show so much respect which meant his powers was strong to an unimaginable level. For the time being, Lei Yu was at a loss at what to do.

At this time, Big White said: “Roc Emperor, please blame Big White for the previous reckless actions. But I hope you are a magnanimous person and would forgive little characters like me. Big White shall thank you here on behalf of my family’s master.”

“On behalf of your family’s master? Are you qualified to do that? Humph!” After the Roc Emperor’s cold snort, he looked at Lei Yu: “You still haven’t answered me, who are you?”

“Me? I’m Bao Er’s friend.” Lei Yu naturally couldn’t tell him his lie so he could only reply like that.

“Bao Er? Ceng Hong’s granddaughter?”

“That’s right!”

“Ridiculous! Simply laughable! Everyone knows that Bao Er would never take a single step out of Ceng Hong Villa so how could she make friends with you? Your words cannot be trusted! Also, this Emperor will not sit idly by from the things that have happened today. The two of you shall go back with me and carefully explain everything!”

Lei Yu was getting more anxious now. “I’m really sorry but I have important matters to attend to. Once I return, I will personally go to your place and apologize for it!”

Lei Yu had gone against this Roc Emperor’s words multiple times now. As the highest ruler of this territory, how could his noble self tolerate such blasphemy? The Roc Emperor angrily said to his subordinate that had finally caught up: “Take them back with us!”


The underling flapped his wings and flew towards Lei Yu and Big White before making a “please come with me” gesture.

At this point, Lei Yu’s brows were tightly knitted together. “I’ve never thought that the Roc Emperor would be so unreasonable. It was clearly the fault of your men yet you pushed all responsibility on us. Is this how you wield the powers of your position? How would anyone be convinced of your status?”

“You damn bastard, I’m going to kill you!” The Roc Emperor had been completely angered by Lei Yu’s words. His fingers made a claw shape and three illusory finger shapes flew out straight for Lei Yu. Even though it was such a simple attack, it wasn’t something Lei Yu could withstand at his current strength. It was at this time that Big White suddenly rushed out and blocked in front of Lei Yu. A red light flashed on his forehead before a beam of light shot out from it. The beam of light smashed into the Roc Emperor’s illusory fingers and caused a huge explosion.

“Impudence!” The Roc Emperor then coldly said: “Big White, didn’t your family’s master teach you any manners? You should know the consequences of hindering this Emperor’s matters right?”

“Roc Emperor!” Big White once again slightly bowed and respectfully said: “Please don’t be angry, there’s something Big White cannot hide anymore.” After glancing at Lei Yu, Big White then said: “I believe that you certainly don’t want to start a feud with my family’s master. And don’t you always need my master to refine pills for you?”

“So what if you’re right? What’s that got to do with him?”

“Roc Emperor, I can guarantee that if you hurt him, not only will you never get my master’s pills, his elderly self will look for you and fight you to the death. Also, if you were to hurt a single finger on him today, Big White will be forced to fight to the death with you as well in order to protect him!”

“What did you say? You actually dare to threaten this Emperor? You’re courting death!” The Roc Emperor widened his eyes, his body shook, and a sudden aura of pressure pressed against Lei Yu and Big White.

Big White suddenly stood up completely blocking Lei Yu behind him, and not a single bit of pressure landed on the latter.

“Big White, you…” Lei Yu was a bit shocked. He never expected Big White, whom he had just met for a few days would say such words. This made Lei Yu’s heart fill with guilt.

“Don’t worry. With me here, I will not allow you to suffer any harm!” As Big White said this one word at a time, his eyes never left the Roc Emperor’s body.

One could see Lei Yu’s face twitch and didn’t know what to say, while Big White’s actions made the Roc Emperor even angrier.

“You overestimate your own abilities!”

While enraged, a golden light enshrouded the Roc Emperor’s body making him look similar to a golden eagle floating in midair. Big White immediately cried out: “Quick, retreat to the nearest planet!”

Lei Yu’s reaction was quick so while under the cover of Big White, he suddenly flew off in a direction. That subordinate of the Roc Emperor wanted to intercept Lei Yu but was instantly cleaved into two by Big White’s paw. The speed of Big White made Lei Yu lose his breath in astonishment.

A human and a beast descended onto a planet that wasn’t too far away. The place those two were previously at suddenly exploded, and the two halves of the corpse belonging to the subordinate of the Roc Emperor turned into bits of meat paste floating in space.

“Trying to run? There has never been anyone that’s able to successfully escape from this Roc Emperor’s grasp!” There was a loud eagle cry before the Roc Emperor flapped his wings to chase them.

This loud eagle cry made Lei Yu feel like his eardrums were about to burst. He increased his speed even more and was the first to reach the ground of this planet.

Lei Yu understood what Big White was trying to do. Fighting a powerful eagle in mid air was not a wise move at all. When they’re on the ground and able to borrow it as a leveraging point, perhaps they would have a small chance in winning.

But Lei Yu still couldn’t help feel unease – was Big White truly able to beat the Roc Emperor? No matter what, this Roc Emperor was the king of this territory. How could someone with such status be easily beaten by Big White? This train of thought would be too unbelievable.

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