9HTM – Ch257

Chapter 257 – The Mysterious Big White

“Big White, what exactly is the level of your strength? How come you’re not even afraid of the Roc Emperor?” Lei Yu asked quietly.

It’s hard for Lei Yu to be not curious. The pressure and aura the Roc Emperor released caused Lei Yu to have difficulty breathing, yet Big White seemed to be unaffected by it at all.

One could see Big White’s mouth form a grin. “If it weren’t for following around Master, I, Big White might also be a King of a territory. What is the Roc Emperor considered? If it weren’t for giving face to my family’s master, I wouldn’t have placed him in my eyes at all!”

Lei Yu couldn’t help but gasp as he stared at Big White.

The Immortal World and the Chaotic Star Sea had very clear levels. Apart from achieving a longer life span after entering the Gold Core stage, and as long as one didn’t die from unknown causes, dying of old age was something that couldn’t happen. After reaching the Nascent Soul stage which was only a single level difference from the Gold Core stage, the difference in power was not proportional at all. That single level wasn’t merely double one’s power.

So far, the most powerful person Lei Yu has met was only in the Nascent Soul stage. When it came to Ceng Hong and Big White, there was no way for Lei Yu to estimate their strength. As for the Roc Emperor that has caused them problem, Lei Yu also couldn’t tell what level of strength he has reached. But based on his intuition, all those people mentioned could pinch him to death without even trying.

For the Fusion Soul and Soul Splitting stages, Lei Yu hadn’t made contact with anyone on those levels yet. But today, he will encounter such levels and thoroughly understand the profoundness behind them.

“I want to see where you guys can escape to!” In a blink of an eye, the Roc Emperor had already caught up to them with unimaginable speeds. Based on this fact, Lei Yu was very envious. But with the looming enemy before him, Lei Yu really didn’t have time to envy others. Even though Big White’s words were very brazen, it was still hard for Lei Yu to not worry.

“It looks like I’ll be punished by master when I return, but this was all forced by you, Roc Emperor!” Once Big White finished saying that, his figure became a white light akin to white lightning that arrived in front of the Roc Emperor. His silvery claws gave off a white light as Big White swiped at the chest of the Roc Emperor.


The Roc Emperor’s speed was extremely fast. The moment before the attack arrived at his chest, he had flapped his wings and dodged backwards. But even so, the white light exuding from Big White’s claws still pierced the golden colored clothes of the Roc Emperor.

The eagle soaring backwards suddenly burst with power. “It’s time for you to regret it!” The Roc Emperor roared before stopping his retreat and rushing forward.



Ear-piercing explosions were heard. The Roc Emperor’s eagle claws and Big White’s claws clashed numerous times before both of them then broke away from each other. The Roc Emperor had a shocked look on his face, “What level of power have you reached?!”

“Don’t you think it’s too late to ask such a question?” Big White coldly humphed. He wouldn’t mind it if he could get rid of the Roc Emperor easily without giving him a chance to retaliate. The only thing he was worried about was the punishment he would receive when he returns to the Ceng Hong Villa. But Big White couldn’t think about the consequences for now when dealing with this current situation.

Big White once again rushed forth. The strength behind his claws did not weaken one bit as he aimed for the Roc Emperor’s chest once again.

The Roc Emperor who was already shocked by Big White’s strength did not dare to be careless. From an unknown place, he brought out a weapon and used it to withstand the strike towards his chest.


A loud sound of metals clashing was heard, making Lei Yu feel that his eardrums were about to burst. One could see Big White retreat while giving off a slight grunt. No one expected that the Roc Emperor would suddenly bring out a weapon that looked similar to an eagle’s claw. They could also clearly feel that this weapon was many times more powerful than those that his subordinates had previously taken out.

“Big White, are you okay?” Asked Lei Yu when he saw Big White’s front paw trembling a bit.

Big White gently shook his head, “It’s not a problem, I just wasn’t prepared for that. Be rest assured, most likely today’s Roc Emperor will never appear again in the future. In my entire life, I, Big White, have only willingly allowed two people to injure me. The first is my family’s master, and the second is the young miss. Today, there will be an extra person but it’s not the big eagle!”

Based on Big White’s words, it was clearly directed at himself. Lei Yu’s heart trembled as a strange feeling arose inside.

Big White was completely enraged by the Roc Emperor. One could see the red light shining on his forehead before his body began to undergo a significant change. Lei Yu couldn’t help but stare with wide eyes.

Big White’s white fur started changing into an exceptionally eye-catching blood red color. Apart from the fur changing colors, no other parts of his body showed any difference. If one had to say what the biggest effect was, then it would have to be his eyes. Big White’s eyes looked like they were filled with rage. When Lei Yu glanced at his eyes, he felt a creepy feeling while all of his own hair stood on its end.

The Roc Emperor could feel an extremely strong aura rising from Big White making him suddenly panic. He then rushed forth with his eagle claw weapon at speeds so fast that he looked simply like a golden beam of light.


After Big White’s roar, his body started vibrating and blasted the Roc Emperor’s weapon away to the side. If it weren’t for the Roc Emperor gripping his weapon tightly, the powerful energy aura may have blasted the weapon off to who knows where.

The Roc Emperor’s eyes were round and wide. He would never have thought that the usually meek and docile Big White, who he viewed as an ordinary beast would be so powerful. After exchanging several blows with him, the Roc Emperor felt like it was getting more difficult to resist Big White.

However, as the Roc Emperor who was someone at the late Fusion Soul stage, how could he show fear in such circumstances? His huge wings shook and he rose into the sky. It was only now did he realize why Big White wanted to find the nearest planet. Big White’s purpose was to fight with him with a solid ground underneath their feet, and this was precisely what he wasn’t good at. After adjusting himself, the Roc Emperor dived down as if Big White was a prey that he was about to capture in his talons. Just like a mirage, Lei Yu felt that the two of them weren’t moving at all. But the words to describe their exchanges seem slow, but in reality it was as fast as lightning. Lei Yu could only see splotches of blurry lights because the speed of those two experts was simply too fast. The next moment, the Roc Emperor soared into the sky once again. Signs of scratches had already appeared on his body while blood seeped out and stained his clothes.

As for Big White, he was just standing there staring at the Roc Emperor with a terrifying gaze. Lei Yu couldn’t tell if there were any injuries on his body because Big White was densely enveloped in blood red fur.

“Exactly what level have you reached?” Asked the Roc Emperor as he gasped for breath.

“You will know after you display your special skill!” Big White coldly replied.

After adjusting his breathing, the Roc Emperor coldly laughed: “You were the one that forced me to do this!”

A golden light suddenly brightened, and then began to enshroud the Roc Emperor within it. The Roc Emperor’s body started to transform rapidly. His human body disappeared and was replaced by a golden eagle with a gold crown on its head. The bright dazzling light of this process made Lei Yu unable to open his eyes at all. One could see the golden eagle extend its wings that reached a length of ten meters. The sharp eyes of the eagle landed on Big White’s blood red body as if it had noticed a wild hare. Its huge wings flapped once before it dove downwards.

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