9HTM – Ch258

Chapter 258 – Early Soul Splitting Stage

Big White didn’t seem to care and stood in place. It looked like he wasn’t worried about the sharp claws glimmering with white light on the golden eagle. But what Lei Yu could see and feel that those sharp claws appeared to be able to destroy anything. He couldn’t help but start to worry for Big White’s safety.

The next moment, everything seemed to have frozen in place. Lei Yu even started to doubt whether there was something wrong with his eyes or not.

The moment before the golden eagle’s attack landed, one could see a white light detach from Big White’s body. When one looked closely, it was actually another Big White!

Big White’s red body took a step back, and the huge eagle clawed into the ground as if he was digging into tofu. After ripping his claws out, it was at this time the golden eagle screeched out a painful cry. Lei Yu couldn’t help but to put his hands up to cover his ears.

From the red body of Big White, the emerged white version of him bit down on the large eagle’s neck and clenched on tightly. The Roc Emperor tried hard to get away but unfortunately for him, it was too late.

One could see the red version Big White rush up. Being restrained by the white version of Big White, the red Big White released his most tyrannical attack. One could only hear an agonizing roar that sent chills down one’s back.

Countless golden feathers were fluttering all over the sky while some landed near his feet. Lei Yu was completely overawed and couldn’t believe his own eyes.

The two Big White’s merged back into one. With its open grinning mouth, one could see his fangs were stained with blood. As for the large golden eagle, he was now beyond recognition. His head was separated from his body while his abdomen was cruelly ripped open.

Lei Yu swallowed hard, “Big… Big White? Is… is that really you?”

“Young master.” Big White turned around and at the same time, the blood red fur on his body became white again. Those pair of terrifying eyes disappeared and was replaced by a pair of kind and docile eyes that Lei Yu had originally known.

“Big White! You… how did you…?”

“Young master, the danger has now passed so don’t worry. If you would allow Big White to rest for a moment, we can then continue our journey.” Big White’s body trembled a bit before he lay down. A white light started enveloping his whole body before Big White slowly closed his eyes. It was only now that Lei You could see that Big White had over a dozen wounds all over his body. It was only under Big White’s own self-recovery powers did those wounds start to scab over.

Lei Yu didn’t know what to say but knew now wasn’t the time to speak or disturb Big White. His heart was still trying to calm down from the shock. In his eyes, the God-like existence of the Roc Emperor had become such a sorry sight after being attacked by Big White. This clearly showed that Big White was an ever scarier existence, but this even scarier existence had moved Lei Yu’s heart.

A long while later, Big White gradually opened his eyes. “Young master, I’m ready.”

“Do you want to rest for a bit more? I’m really worried with the way you look right now!” Lei Yu pointed at all the splotches of blood that had stained his white fur.

“There’s no need. Young master’s matters are very important so let us leave now.”

Lei Yu trembled a bit while exhaling before nodding his head in agreement. A human and a beast then rose into the sky. At this time, there were over a dozen birdmen floating off at a distance who didn’t dare to get close to Lei Yu and Big White. These birdmen knew that their Emperor would never be able to stand up ever again.

While they were flying, Lei Yu couldn’t hold it in anymore and had to ask: “Big White, can… can you tell me what level of strength have you reached?”

“It looks like young master is really curious about this question.” Big White’s tone of voice seemed to be more relaxed now.

“Right. How can I not be curious after seeing how strong you are? And looking at your usual docile looks, it’s really hard to imagine you would be victorious after the big battle with the Roc Emperor.” Lei Yu was still recalling the battle which made his blood surge with excitement.

“Sigh, I wonder what punishments I will receive from master when we return. This truly makes one worry!” Big White lamented.

“Don’t worry. Once we return, I will explain everything to Elder Ceng, okay? But you have to tell me everything above the Gold Core stage since I am completely clueless about it.” Lei Yu smiled.

Big White nodded. After thinking for a while, he then began: “The Gold Core stage is the so-called stage where one condenses their Gold Core. Once someone attains that stage, their life can be extended by at least two thousand years.”

The eyes of Lei Yu went completely round and wide. “That means right now I can live for at least two thousand years?” This was the first time Lei Yu had heard of such a thing so it was natural for him to be so shocked.

“That’s right, but that’s considered nothing. Within the two thousand years, as long as your strength improves and reaches the Nascent Soul stage, you will have successfully gained eternal life.”

“E… eternal life?!” Lei Yu’s voice started shaking.

“Yes, eternal life. However, in the Immortal World or the Chaotic Star Sea, even when one has eternal life, one cannot escape the cruelty of the law of the jungle. This is something that cannot be avoided. But a large amount of cultivators or other forms of practitioners treasure their own lives so they will not expose their existence to the world under normal circumstances. They would generally find a safe and quiet place to cultivate. Once they believe they are truly strong enough will they reveal themselves. This is similar to what the Roc Emperor did; he recruited a bunch of his own species, divided up a certain territory, and then became an overlord.”

Lei Yu nodded like he kind of understood the explanation. “Then what’s the difference in power between someone at the Nascent Soul stage and the Gold Core stage?”

“The Gold Core stage is naturally when one condenses their Gold Core, and the Nascent Soul stage is when one transforms their Gold Core to an infant-like Nascent Soul similar to one’s body. Although it looks like a minor physical change, but the difference in strength is a huge gap. As for the Fusion Soul stage, it’s when one’s soul fuses together with the Nascent Soul at a state without flaws. The fused soul is very fragile but the offensive capabilities are very powerful. Your own body requires a strong defensive quality to protect it. But if one was to give a qualitative number to your body’s defense, it still cannot be compared to the offensive power of the Fusion Soul. Therefore, the two needs to work well with each other in order to release the most powerful attack. This happens to be the Fusion Soul’s ultimate esoteric, and that Roc Emperor’s final attack contained that esoteric. Even though it looks no different from a normal attack, but the power behind it isn’t something one can withstand easily, and that includes me.” Explained Big White.

“Including you? Then what level are you at?” Asked Lei Yu.

Big White glanced at Lei Yu before saying: “That Roc Emperor was at the late Fusion Soul stage, and I’m only slightly higher than him by a bit – I’ve reach the early Soul Splitting stage. Even though it’s a slight level difference, the power has at least doubled!”

“Soul Splitting stage! The early Soul Splitting stage?”

“Right, that’s why there was two of me that appeared. Between the two, one was my soul and one was my true body. My true body’s defensive properties are extremely powerful so I used it to restrain the Roc Emperor. Then I used my soul to attack, which had the strongest attack power. That’s why you were able to witness the scene previously.”

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