9HTM – Ch259

Chapter 259 – Unprecedented

Lei Yu felt enlightened since knowing about these things will allow him to know his future path, which was similar to a movie trailer. Except, how hard would it be to walk the path all the way to Big White’s level? Not to mention how Big White keeps mentioning about “my family’s master,” it was none other than Ceng Hong Villa’s master – Ceng Hong.

Even though Lei Yu’s level was quite a distance away, he has never given up!

“Ai Er, big brother! Wait for me! You guys have to wait for me!”

As they continued on their journey, those that were acquainted with Ceng Hong Villa became less and less. This meant Big White had no need to show a respectful attitude any longer. Whenever they encountered an obstacle, Big White would reveal his strength and most would retreat. There were only a small minority of them that would hand their lives over to Big White. Perhaps they were in a rush to raise their strength so they desperately wanted to gain Lei Yu and Big White’s cultivation essence. Lei Yu was not sympathetic to those types of people one bit.

More than a month later, the two of them had been rushing throughout their journey. When they were resting, Lei Yu wouldn’t slack off and would cultivate according to the later methods of the Heavenly Thunder Manual. Lately, Lei Yu could clearly feel that his Sea of Energy area had a feeling that it was overflowing with energy.

“Let’s rest for a while, I feel like I’m about to breakthrough!” Said Lei Yu.

Big White was slightly skeptical, “A breakthrough? Young master, how long ago was it that you condensed your Gold Core?”

Lei Yu thought for a bit before saying: “To be precise, it should be less than two months ago. The progress is truly quite slow. Especially when I have the aid of the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost, it’s still progressing so slowly.”

Big White sucked in a cool breath of air and then asked with big round eyes: “Two months? Did you just say two months?!”

Lei Yu nodded, “Right, what about it?”

“Incredible! It’s too inconceivable! How can something so unimaginable happen?” Big White shook his head as his eyes were filled with shock.

“What’s so incredible about it?”

Big White licked his lips before saying: “Young master, you should know that once one succeeds in condensing their Gold Core, they are considered to be in the early Gold Core stage. But wanting to break through to enter the middle Gold Core stage, the majority of people will take over ten years if they’re quick, and over a hundred years if they’re slow. As for you… you only took two months! This is too unbelievable!”

After being scared by Big White’s words, Lei Yu unconsciously glanced at the bracelet on his wrist and mumbled: “This truly is a treasure!”

No matter how shocked they both were, it was a fact that there was going to be a breakthrough. Lei Yu and Big White stopped at a random planet before Lei Yu sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. He had now begun to carefully examine the situation inside his body.

As for Big White, he stood watch at the side of Lei Yu acting as his security guard.

Inside his dantian, a shining purple bead was hidden amongst a white fog. Lightning was flashing left and right around it, giving off sounds that could chill one’s heart. There were white starry dots in the area that had started fusing with the purple bead making it shine even brighter.

Lei Yu gently spit out a mouthful of turbid air, and a strong energy suddenly burst out from his dantian. Under Lei Yu’s careful observation, he was surprised at what he saw. “This energy isn’t mine! What is it?”

This light yellow energy was extremely powerful, and it indeed did not belong to Lei Yu in the past. But if it weren’t for this powerful energy, Lei Yu wouldn’t have been able to successfully condense his Gold Core in such a short amount of time. And the weak green energy wouldn’t have regained a good amount of its energy. This energy was exactly why the big Sects of the Immortal World were trying to recruit Lei Yu – it was the energy of the Dragon Vein!

The sudden emergence of the Dragon Vein’s energy followed Lei Yu’s internal energy to circulate a full cycle before returning to its calm. What made Lei Yu happy was that the timid green energy actually followed behind the Dragon Vein energy in a naughty manner, absorbing any leftover traces of the Dragon Vein energy.

A full cycle of circulation took almost eight hours. Lei Yu gently wiped the sweat from his forehead. At this time, Big White asked: “Young master, what are the results?”

Lei Yu smiled while shaking his head, “Nothing yet, this is only the start.”


Once again closing his eyes, Lei Yu felt his body was empty. It appears that all his internal energy had disappeared, but this wasn’t the case. After a full cycle by the Dragon Vein’s energy, all other energy had been removed because Lei Yu was about to gain something new and stronger. Everything he had before had to be cleared out, and the green energy trailing behind doing cleanup work coincidentally came in handy.

After breathing rapidly a few times, Lei Yu focused his spiritual power into this dantian. With Big White protecting him, Lei Yu could feel at ease and focus all his efforts without being worried about outside interference.

His dantian’s Sea of Energy was trembling while thunder and lightning was rumbling around the white fog. As if the purple bead was being refined, it started spinning violently bringing about bursts of wind. It was becoming like a tornado that could swallow anything up as it sucked up all the surrounding lightning. Suddenly, a purple lightning flashed causing Lei Yu’s whole body to shake.

Everything had become calm once again.

Lei Yu gradually found that his dantian had been completely changed. The white fog now had a touch of purple to it with the purple bead as its backdrop, giving it quite a spectacular scene. And the previous Dragon Vein energy had disappeared without a trace. Honestly, Lei Yu didn’t even know where to start looking for it. After mobilizing a trace of energy, Lei Yu felt that it was much easier to control his internal energy now, and the word he would use to describe that was “effortless.”

This part of the breakthrough process was described as lightning fast. Lei Yu didn’t even have time to settle down and the whole process was already over. The time he used for this portion of the process was less than a minute.

Did Lei Yu really reach the middle Gold Core stage? Nope, he didn’t. Because of the sudden appearance by the Dragon Vein energy, a strange phenomenon occurred in his body. Lei Yu felt like he was touching a certain barrier, one that felt insurmountable but it was still within reach.

“Late Gold Core stage!” Lei Yu loudly cried out.

“Young master, you… what did you say?” Asked Big White with eyes about to pop out of their sockets.

Lei Yu checked once again and replied with a trembling voice: “I… I seem… I seem to have reached the late Gold Core stage!”

“What?!” Big White suddenly stood up, “How is that possible?!”

Lei Yu cleared his throat before saying: “It feels like I’ve touched some kind of barrier but there’s no way for me to break past that for now. Yet there’s a feeling that it’s within reach, so isn’t that the feeling one gets when they are at the late stage?”

“Young master, you… are you still human?”

Lei Yu gave Big White a blank stare, “What are you talking about?”

“Ah! Uh… I… I was just too surprised. Being able to go from the early to the late Gold Core stage in such a short span of two months, I believe in all of history, this can be described as unprecedented!”

Lei Yu stood up and smiled, “Perhaps the reason is that I’ve got good luck!” Lei Yu didn’t tell Big White about him gaining the Dragon Vein. Although he doesn’t know why and how those in the Immortal World found out about it, it seems that Ceng Hong and Big White were clueless.

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