9HTM – Ch260

Chapter 260 – The Five Great Sects

“Good luck?” Big White blinked a few times. He didn’t believe Lei Yu’s words but also couldn’t find a reason to not believe.

“Okay, let’s continue our journey!” After stretching himself, Lei Yu felt his body was filled with explosive power. If he were to fight that tyrant Manor Lord now, Lei Yu was sure that he could easily defeat him.

While flying again, Lei Yu felt a lot more relaxed. The first being easier to control his internal energy, and the second, there seemed to be a stronger understanding or bond with the Sky Devouring Sword that was difficult to describe.

When it came to speed, Lei Yu was obviously faster than before. It looks like he had gained many benefits after reaching the late Gold Core stage. Lei Yu recalled that in the latter half of the Heavenly Thunder Manual, there was a method where one could concentrate their attack power. If Lei Yu were to use that method and integrate it with the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique, then the power of the attack would become even more powerful!

“Young master, we’re not that far away now!” Said Big White as he shook his head.

The closer that got to the Immortal World, the more excited Lei Yu felt. But his heart couldn’t help worry as well. Could he really successfully rescue Ai Er and his big brother? This was the question that had been plaguing him for a while.

It was around this time that a person suddenly appeared in front of them.

“The two of you, please stop for a bit!”

After getting a closer look, this was a middle-aged person wearing a gray robe. The ancient style look he portrayed made Lei Yu uncomfortable.

“Is there something you need?” Asked Big White.

“Um, could the two of you have come from the Chaotic Star Sea?” The person asked.

Lei Yu and Big white glanced at each other before the former pointed to the rear, “Is that place not the Chaotic Star Sea?”

What a stupid question, but Lei Yu wasn’t going to say it out loud. He wanted to see what this person wanted from them.

“Um, right! Right! I was wondering if these two friends are willing to join my Sect?” This person’s gaze landed on Lei Yu, apparently treating him differently than Big White.

“Joining your Sect? What do you mean?” Lei Yu felt this was odd. Back then when he heard from Tian Ye, all the big Sects in the Immortal World regarded themselves very highly and wouldn’t place their eyes on random people who came knocking on their doors. Yet somehow today, someone would be blocking their path and inviting them to join their Sect.

“It’s like this…” The person paused for a bit before continuing: “My Sect is called the Thunder Rune Sect, and it’s a big sect that has been handed down from the ancient times. We are currently recruiting disciples so if you’re interested, please come with me to take a look.”

“Thunder Rune Sect? Thunder Rune Sect?” Hearing that name, Lei Yu somehow felt very close to it but couldn’t figure out why. Perhaps the reason was it had the word “thunder” in it.

“We’re sorry but please give way; we still have some important matters to attend to.” Lei Yu hadn’t had a chance to say anything yet when Big White opened his mouth. Perhaps he was unhappy with the guy after being given the cold shoulder.

“This…” That person looked disappointed but tried to smile, “Then I won’t bother you two.” He then made a “please” gesture for them to be on their way.

Big White was about to leave when Lei Yu said: “Wait a minute…”

“What is it young master?”

“Let’s go take a look.”


The person excited laughed out loud, “This is great! Great! Please come with me!”

The person led the way atop of a flying sword while Lei Yu and Big White followed behind him. Big White couldn’t understand and asked: “Young master, aren’t we in a hurry to go save your friends? Why…”

Lei Yu smiled, “First of all, I don’t know anything about the Immortal World and I believe you aren’t too clear on it either. Secondly, this person doesn’t look like a bad person, and his strength is only at the early Gold Core stage. I imagine their Sect must have experienced some major disaster so that’s why they are widely recruiting disciples. According to my friends, such scenes would never happen with the large Sects of the Immortal World. We should go take a look and try to understand what’s going on here currently. I believe it shouldn’t take too long.”

Big White nodded to show he understood and didn’t dwell on it further.

They flew with this person for about an hour and passed through a fog barrier. Beyond the fog barrier, the scene made Lei Yu and Big White quite surprised.

Compared to the dark and gloomy Chaotic Star Sea, this place was like a paradise.

There was a bright and clear blue sky while there seemed to be a light layer of clouds beneath them. It gave one a feeling that they were walking in the clouds. There were a series of high mountains in the surrounding making it look like a beautiful painting one would hang on the wall. There would be occasionally three to five people flying through the air on their swords which made it a truly wondrous scene.

“Please don’t be impatient, we will be there soon.” Said the person leading the way.

Lei Yu and Big White were both enjoying the beautiful scenery and wasn’t impatient at all. But since someone were to say that, they still had to respond out of politeness.

“Don’t worry; we’re not impatient one bit.” Lei Yu’s gaze stopped on a mountain with a waterfall. He was imagining when he would have time to swing by that place and enjoy a good swim there. Who knew that the place was the destination they were aiming for?

In the Immortal World, there were countless large and small Sects about. There were five factions that were more famous and considered the strongest, each of them located on top of five mountains.

According to what Lei Yu knew, the Sect that was closest to the Chaotic Star Sea should be the Void Sect. For a Sect to sit atop of one of the mountains naturally meant they had extraordinary strength. Not only did they have countless disciples, all of them received the true teachings of the Sect and had an immeasurable future. But the most important factor was the master of the Void Sect – everyone knew he was a true expert in the Immortal World.

Just a few hundred kilometers away was the Violet Gold Hall, a school that possessed an unrivaled wealth. Perhaps it was due to their wealth that they could send forth an expert at the Nascent Soul stage to the Mortal World. In the back mountains of the Violet Gold Hall, there are several experts guarding there because there’s a mine filled with rare minerals that everyone wanted to get their hands on – crystal stones! Although the output is not considered big, it can still be regarded as a small fortune. As one sits on literally a mountain of wealth, numerous other Sects would try to have a good relationship with them. But what goals these Sects have in mind in befriending them is not known.

The next great Sect was the Breeze Pavilion. Although the overall strength of their disciples were rather average, there is pretty much a “sea” of them. If someone provoked the Breeze Pavilion, they will act like one big unit and cause a large-scale retaliation as if they were a pack of wolves.

As for the Skywalk Sect, Lei Yu knew a bit about them from their meeting in the Mortal World. Even though they didn’t seem that strong, they were similar to the Void Sect who had an expert supporting them in the background. Their Sect wasn’t a place that average people would dare to challenge.

The last Sect was also the most mysterious Sect – the Four Illusory Court. Legend says that four disciples can become one due to their expertise at formations. And if anyone dares invade their territory, they will be bombarded with violent attacking arrays. Their disciples rarely travelled outside alone and always travelled in four’s.

As for this person that Lei Yu encountered, their Thunder Rune Sect was considered the smallest of the small Sects. But Lei Yu was still quite interested in them.

“These two guests, we have arrived!”

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