9HTM – Ch261

Chapter 261 – The Master Returns

Lei Yu turned his head forward and saw an old building. A wall had surrounded a courtyard with the old building in the midst, but what made Lei Yu feel weird was that there was no main gate. Perhaps due to everyone being able to fly, gates were no longer needed here.

The courtyard was huge but everything in the surrounding looked quite old. The ground and the walls all had deep cracks in them. Who knows if it was due to fights or just the passage of time?

The courtyard was filled with small two-story buildings that looked like it was for people to live in that gave off an elegant and quiet appearance. In the center of it all was a taller ancient looking building. In the middle of this tall building was a plaque hanging there, and on this plague that had a blue background with gold lettering were the three words: “Thunder Rune Sect.”

The two humans and one beast arrived at the empty grounds in front of the tall building. Right after that, two youngsters came forth to greet them.

“Senior brother, it’s been hard on you!” One of the youngsters smiled.

The person that led Lei Yu and Big White here then smiled, “It was my responsibility, is the master around?”

“Master has gone out.”

The person nodded and turned around, “Would you two please come with me, we will rest in the guest rooms for now. Once master comes back, we will go pay respects to him.”

Lei Yu responded with a smile. Along with Big White, they followed behind this person to the courtyard and into a two-story building.

The layout of the room was very simple; there were only two beds, a bookcase and a chair. Lei Yu then said some polite words of gratitude to the person.

“My name is He Chuang, just look for me if you need anything.”

“Thank you.”

After He Chuang left, Lei Yu sat on a bed and looked outside at the landscape. Although the scenery here wasn’t as beautiful as the scenery outside the walls, it was much better than what the Chaotic Star Sea offered.

“Young master, how long are we going to wait for this Thunder Rune Sect’s Sovereign to return?” Asked Big White while lying on top of the other bed.

“We’ll wait for a bit. I just feel like there’s something familiar here. Maybe it’s not a feeling and rather the aura this place exudes. It’s just that I don’t understand it myself right now, maybe we’ll know when their Sovereign returns.”

It was already the third day yet they haven’t seen the Sovereign return yet. Even though during this period, there were people coming by to deliver water and food, Lei Yu still felt anxious. He wanted to get some current information about the Immortal World but continuously waiting here was making him antsy.

“My apologies but we still have some matters to take care of. Once we handle our affairs, how about we come back to visit your Sovereign then?” Lei Yu found He Chuang and apologized to him.

“This… perhaps master will be back soon. Could you two guests just wait a little bit longer?” Persuaded He Chuang. He was afraid that once Lei Yu left, he wouldn’t come back here.

“Be rest assured, once I’ve taken care of my matters, I will definitely come back. There’s something that I need to personally see your Sovereign and ask about.”

“Okay then…” He Chuang could only helplessly agree.

These past three days, Lei Yu and Big White had stayed and eaten for free here so they were somewhat embarrassed saying those words to He Chuang. But it’s just that Lei Yu really couldn’t wait any longer.

These past three days, although they had seen a number of the Thunder Rune Sect disciples, this Sect still felt rather deserted and not prosperous at all. According to Lei Yu’s imagination, a Sect should be filled with the atmosphere of people cultivating everywhere. But this wasn’t what he saw here; everyone looked a bit lazy and didn’t have a sense of urgency to improve themselves.

Settling atop of his sword, Lei Yu and Big White was just about to leave when a dark shadow shot towards them from a distance.

“Is the little friend here looking for a master to learn from?”

The sudden arrival of this person made Lei Yu slightly surprised. Besides them, He Chuang smiled and said: “Master, you’ve returned!”

This was a middle-aged man with a wooden hairpin holding up his neat gray hair. He was wearing a long black robe that had gold embroidery on the sleeves and neckline, and his ordinary looking face made him seem approachable. The whole simple look still gave one a feeling that he was a distinguished individual.

“You are the Thunder Rune Sect’s Sovereign?” Asked Lei Yu while cupping his fists.

“That’s right. Two guests, please come with me.” This middle-aged person who He Chuang addressed as master glanced at Lei Yu before looking at Big White with surprise before making a “please” gesture. Already intending to leave, Lei Yu helplessly turned back towards the Sect.

They all entered the tall building at the center of the Sect.

Lei Yu had been in this Sect for three days and this was his first time entering the tall building. But what Lei Yu saw was unimaginable to him; a dignified Sect would actually be so simple and crude. Apart from eight chairs that were aligned on both sides, there were only a few ancestral tablets centered on the back wall. After observing what was inscribed on those tablets, most of them had the surname of “Lei” on them.

The Patriarch went and sat in the forefront of the eight chairs while Lei Yu and Big White just stood at the center of the hall. This wasn’t surprising because the Sovereign thought Lei Yu was here in search of a master. How could a new disciple sit right next to his master for the ceremony? Wouldn’t that mess up all the rules?

“I can sense that this young friend has already reached the late Gold Core stage, not bad, not bad at all! Ha ha…!” The Sovereign didn’t bother with taboo and just bluntly said what he sensed. But his eyes then swiveled towards Big White because he simply couldn’t feel any energy fluctuations from him.

“Sovereign is over praising me.” Lei Yu cupped his hands and smiled.

“Looking at this young friend’s face, you should have cultivated for several centuries now right?”

Lei Yu didn’t even have time to reply when Big White wrinkled his nose and said: “He only condensed his Gold Core two months ago.”

“What?!” The Patriarch’s eyes opened wide and immediately stood up from his chair. It was obvious he was shocked by Big White’s words.

“I said, my young master condensed his Gold Core only two months ago.”

“No… no… impossible, that’s impossible! Such a thing cannot happen! Absolutely impossible!” The Sovereign was mumbling to himself and didn’t believe a single word of Big White.

Lei Yu only smiled since he couldn’t blame Big White for speaking so frankly. He originally thought his cultivation speed was slow, yet he never imagined this matter would make people so shocked.

“What Big White said was correct. It was only two months ago that I successfully condensed by Gold Core. But all of this was due to luck… I was just lucky…”

“Little friend, what is your name?” The Patriarch swallowed hard. Since this person has arrived at the Thunder Rune Sect, he had to find all means to keep him here. Being able to go from the early Gold Core stage to the late Gold Core stage at such a fast rate was definitely unprecedented. The prospects of such an incredible person would be boundless in the future. For a small Sect like the Thunder Rune Sect, this may be a great opportunity for them to make a name for themselves. Although the future is not determined, but at least now there was a better chance than just merely fantasizing about it.

After coming to the Thunder Rune Sect, Lei Yu had a very good impression of them. Everyone he had met treated him politely and he didn’t encounter what Tian Ye had mentioned, of being given the cold shoulder. This had caused his heart to feel some warmth from staying here.


Because there were people in the Immortal World who knew of Lei Yu’s real name, he wasn’t going expose himself here yet. That Void Sect will definitely not let him go that easily so Lei Yu had to be careful in everything he did.

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