9HTM – Ch262

Chapter 262 – I Am Willing To Join

Hearing the name Lightning, the Sovereign’s face twitched but quickly recovered.

The Sovereign delayed in asking Lei Yu if he wanted to join the Sect because he couldn’t sense what level of strength Big White was at. Although Big White was a beast, he refused to believe it was an ordinary animal and that was proven by it being able to speak previously.

“Sovereign, I have some questions that I was hoping you could enlighten me with.” Said Lei Yu with his fists cupped.

“Please ask away.” Replied the Sovereign as he sat back down on his seat.

“Big White and I are from a planet within the Chaotic Star Sea. Although we experienced many dangers, I was fortunate enough to have Big White here to help me get out of them. We don’t know anything pertaining to the Immortal World so we were hoping you could briefly introduce us to it.”

After hearing this, the Sovereign’s thoughts were affirmed. There weren’t many people that could traverse the Chaotic Star Sea and arrive at the Immortal World. There were some, but there were less and less these days. And those that were able to rely on their personal strength to reach the Immortal World were usually very strong, and it was by pure luck that He Chuang happened to encounter Lei Yu. Honestly, He Chuang could wait until he died of old age and most people wouldn’t be willing to follow him here. Even if He Chuang successfully encountered someone, that person would usually be so strong that He Chuang didn’t even have the qualifications to speak with them.

“So that’s the case.” The Sovereign remained calm and responded with a nod: “There are countless Sects in the Immortal World. Within it are five great Sects…”

“In other words, the Void Sect is one of the big Sects that are closest to the Chaotic Star Sea?” As he was asking that, Lei Yu unconsciously tightened his fists.

“That’s right. Because they have the Void Immortal as their support pillar, no one dares to act rashly around them. Even if it’s an expert in the Chaotic Star Sea, they wouldn’t dare to cause them any trouble.” Replied the Sovereign.

Lei Yu nodded and then said: “There’s something I’m not sure if I should ask, but I find it extremely strange.”

“Please go ahead.”

“If I offend you in any way, I hope you don’t take it to heart because I just find it very strange. A friend of mine in the Chaotic Star Sea once told me that the big Sects would never randomly accept disciples, so why is your Sect different? And these past few days, it was strange to see that there weren’t that many people in your Sect. Is it because they are all out on assignments?” Asked Lei Yu.

“Sigh!” After heavily sighing, the Sovereign the replied in a depressed manner: “Back then, my Thunder Rune Sect was considered one of the five great Sects and that Skywalk Sect wasn’t even ranked with us. We suffered something unexpected and unfortunate in the Sect; a vile bastard came from us that caused our situation to be like this today.”

“Oh?” To be able to stand among the ranks of the five great Sects meant the Sect must be rather powerful. With such a sad current state of the Sect, Lei Yu believes there shouldn’t be a need for the Sovereign to deceive him.

“Back then, the Lei family was flourishing with people. Although it wasn’t as much as the other Sects, it’s not about the quantity but about quality.”

“Lei family!” Lei Yu’s heart started beating furiously.

Big White’s ear quivered a bit. It was clear that he heard Lei Yu’s accelerated heart beat so he looked up, “Young master, are you okay?”

“Ah? Uh, no, nothing wrong!” Lei Yu shook his head and smiled.

“What is it? Could it be that this little friend has heard of my Lei family?”

Lei Yu’s face stiffened up, but still managed to force out a smile. “I’ve heard of it, but I was just surprised the family would end up like this now.”

If he said he heard of the Lei family, then it can only be said in the Mortal World. But somehow, the Immortal World also had a Lei family which made Lei Yu extremely shocked. Even though they were called the Thunder Rune Sect, from beginning to end, Lei Yu had a strange familiar feeling towards it. Once the Sovereign mentioned the Lei family, he finally understood why.

Lei Yu was thinking to himself: Could the Immortal World also have the Lei family’s bloodline? But this shouldn’t be surprising since below the cliffs of the Lei family mountain, there was a forbidden area with his ancestor still there. So it shouldn’t be strange for the Immortal World to have his clan members here as well.

But Lei Yu cannot just confirm this with a few words by the Sovereign, yet he couldn’t stop his heart rate from increasing.

“About a thousand years ago, a rebellious child came out of the Lei family… I’m ashamed… such a shameful deed!” The Sovereign shook his head and continued: “This rebellious child is exactly the Lei family Sovereign’s child.”

“You’re talking about yourself, Sovereign?” Lei Yu lightly rubbed his eyes.

“Right, it’s exactly my son.” The Sovereign then walked off to the hall’s main door and stared outside. Lei Yu also followed suit.

“That day, my unfilial son had a relationship with the daughter of our Lei family’s worst enemy. It brought us a huge disaster; those that fought had died, and those that could escape had escaped. The result is the current scene you’re witnessing now.”

Lei Yu felt a little depressed after hearing that. There were times when it was helpless when it came to relationships between a man and a woman. But at times, one can choose to avoid those feelings for the greater good. But it was clear that what occurred here seemed to have caused this irreparable situation.

Lei Yu didn’t know why the Sovereign would tell him so many details about the story. Even though he did ask about the situation, perhaps if it was another person in his place, the Sovereign might have made up some random excuse instead of telling him the truth.

Lei Yu refused to believe the Sovereign would use such a story to gain pity. Why would a distinguished Sovereign of a Sect lower themselves to do that? Of course no one would believe such a thing could happen.

As Lei Yu was thinking about this, the Sovereign turned around. “Little friend, you may be wondering why I would tell you these things…”

Lei Yu nodded with a smile, “Yes. I believe if it was someone else, you wouldn’t have told them right?”

“I’m not sure why but the first time I laid eyes on young friend; it made me feel like I was close to you, an unexplainable familiar feeling.”

Lei Yu gently breathed out. Big White who had very sensitive ears could hear the exhale also trembled a bit. He heard Lei Yu ask: “This one dares to be bold to mention a request.”

“Please tell me.”

“Can you raise the sleeves of your right arm?”

The Sovereign was startled. Perhaps he understood something because he pulled up the sleeves of his robe without hesitation. Gradually, what was revealed was something Lei Yu wanted to see but also hated to see – the flame brand!

Lei Yu felt like his mind had gone numb and didn’t say anything for a while. The Sovereign could feel there were some changes with Lei Yu and asked: “Little friend, what is it?”

“I am willing to join the Thunder Rune Sect but I have an important matter to deal with first. Once I have taken care of them, I will definitely come back here. Also, I will make my most effort to restore the Thunder Rune Sect to its past glory!” If it was someone else other than Lei Yu saying those words, one would think they were just blowing one’s horn. But for someone that can go from the early Gold Core stage to the late Gold Core stage in a short two months, who else was capable of that? No one! No one would dare to guess what Lei Yu’s future would hold for him. Even Big White or the Elder Ceng Hong would not dare to speculate, therefore his words were credible! The most important was the determined eyes of Lei Yu made it difficult for people to doubt him.

As for why Lei Yu would agree to join the Thunder Rune Sect, the Sovereign didn’t know. But one thing he was certain about was it must be related to the brand on his arm!

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