9HTM – Ch263

Chapter 263 – Happened Upon By Chance

“Good! I’ll be here waiting for you!” The Sovereign nodded furiously. Which Sect wouldn’t want to get their hands on such an incredible genius like Lei Yu? It’s strange how things turn out. Who knew that Lei Yu who originally didn’t want to stay any more would inadvertently meet the ancestor of his Lei family?

Lei Yu and Big White once again left. They returned to the previous path they were on because that direction was where the Void Sect was located at.

Lei Yu wasn’t willing to drag the Thunder Rune Sect into his matter and didn’t want to bring a potential disaster onto their head. They’ve already experienced a catastrophe before so there’s no way this Sect, under such a sad state, would be able to handle another blow. For a place connected by blood to him, Lei Yu would naturally not want to see its complete demise.

As for Big White, from beginning to end, he couldn’t understand why Lei Yu was so surprised. And Lei Yu’s display of excitement started to form some doubts in Big White’s mind. Of course Lei Yu wasn’t going to let Big White know that this person was his ancestor right? If this was revealed, Big White would certainly turn into his enemy instantly and his fraudulent identity would collapse by itself.

The marvelous scenery before them was truly intoxicating. If this paradise appeared in the Mortal World, it was definitely become a hot tourist destination. But unfortunately this kind of thing will never happen.

“Young master, are we going to forcefully break in?” Asked Big White.

“No, we’ll figure out the situation first before making any plans. I’ve already endured for such a long time so a few more extra days won’t make any difference.” With a hundred miles to go from reaching their destination, such a distance was considered nothing much to this human and beast. All that mattered was how fast they were going to fly.

“Over there, we’ve arrived!” Lei Yu pointed at a mountain with clouds floating by. The scenery that looked like a painting on a wall would make anyone simply infatuated with it.

“Young master, look!” Big White quickly cried out as his sharp eyesight was able to see four people at the main gates of the Void Sect.

“Ai Er! It’s Ai Er and big brother!” Lei Yu was so surprised because he didn’t expect his own speed to be so fast. He had already been in the Immortal World for two to three days now and that Yuan Li and Yuan Xiu had just arrived with Ai Er and Nuo Hu.

“What should we do?”

Lei Yu activated his speed to its limit, “Intercept them! Intercept them! Quick!”

At the crucial moment, Big White didn’t bother to wait for Lei Yu and a white light blasted forward. In an instant, Big White had already arrived next to those four people.

“Quick! Get inside!” Yuan Xiu cried out after sensing something wrong. With one hand clutching a girl, he quickly rushed towards the inner area of the Void Sect. Yuan Li was half a step slower before a red light shot out. Yuan Li’s eyes widened as he found a round hole had appeared on his chest.

In the hands of Yuan Li, a strong looking young man was about to fall down along with him but was held onto by Big White. He then heard Lei Yu yell out: “I’ll do it! Big White, quickly go rescue Ai Er!” Hearing Lei Yu’s words, Big White turned around and flew into the air. His speed was almost at the speed of light but it was still too late. That Yuan Xiu had brought Ai Er into the second courtyard already and by the time Big White caught up, a huge energy aura completely forced him backwards.

As for Lei Yu, he carried Nuo Hu on his back and flew in the direction towards Big White.

“We’re too late. Young master, someone has setup a barrier in that area so we can’t enter!” Big White was a bit despondent, “Sorry young master, I’m really sorry!”

Lei Yu’s breathing was no longer normal as his blood red eyes stared at the blurry figures inside the barrier. “I’m going to kill you!”

After roaring that out, Lei Yu could no longer stay calm. After laying Nuo Hu gently to the ground, he took a step close to the barrier and the Sky Devouring Sword appeared in his hand.

“Thirty-six Lunar Stars, the first form!” A crescent moon beam slashed towards the barrier. One could see the blurry mist only slightly quiver before Lei Yu’s attack disappeared.

“Second form!” And the outcome was similar to the first.

“Third form!”

“Fourth form!”

“Fifth form!”

“Sixth form!”

After six consecutive attacks, it only made the barrier tremble a bit and didn’t really do anything. Lei Yu let out another roar; he had completely lost his senses and forgotten about everything. The current him only wanted to rescue his beloved Ai Er as he completely exploded with rage. He then roared into the sky one word at a time, “Thirty-six Lunar Stars, six combines into one!”

As if the stars started to blot out the sky during day time, a meteor shower of starry lights burst forth like crazy.


A piercing sound of something being blasted apart was heard, and a crack could be seen on the blurry fog that was the barrier. A sword then shot out of the gap from within the barrier heading straight for Lei Yu.



All of this took a while to describe but it actually happened really quickly. At the last moment, the sword that was about to pierce into Lei Yu was struck away by Big White’s sharp claws which left a cut on him.

“Die! Die! You all must die!” Lei Yu didn’t care about anything and rushed forth while Big White chased after him hoping to stop him. At this time, three figures on top of swords arrived in front of them.

Big White could clearly sense that amongst the three, only one of them was at the Nascent Soul stage. The other two were both at the Fusion Soul stage; one at the early and the other at the mid stage.

Dealing with someone at the early Fusion Soul stage was easy, but difficulty increases when having to simultaneously deal with someone at the mid Fusion Soul stage as well. The current scenario made Big White hesitate a bit but for Lei Yu, he had to fight regardless of all costs. This was because Lei Yu was the family’s young master which was equivalent to being his owner.

An illusory image!

A red light flashed and a white light shone brightly!

The moment Big White’s speed reached the extremes, two Big Whites appeared at the same time but only their colors were different.

The blood red Big White rushed towards the two at the Fusion Soul stage while his original body went for the one at the Nascent Soul stage.

“Ding ding clang clang,” a series of rapid collisions was heard. The one at the Nascent Soul stage instantly lost his life while the one at the early Fusion Soul stage suffered a serious injury. One hand was clutching at his chest while blood flowed out through his fingers. As for the one at the mid Fusion Soul stage, he was just breathing heavily with eyes filled with horror.

After that fierce clash, Big White had retreated back to where Lei Yu was. The blood red Big White had blood dripping out of his mouth while his red fur stood on its end and quivered; the image of him was truly terrifying to behold. As for the original Big White, he was panting and was apparently seriously injured.

Lei Yu’s impulsiveness led to this current bad situation because his previous explosive attacks made him deplete most of his internal energy. If he didn’t explode in anger, Lei Yu could have at least assisted Big White in handling that Nascent Soul person while Big White focused on the other two. That scenario would be much more advantageous to them but unfortunately, it was now too late.

If they continued to stay here, their situation would only become more dangerous. And that was when only three people came out of the Sect! They had to leave right now!

The original Big White and the red Big White both merged together, and now there was only the red Big White. Big White immediately turned around and grabbed Nuo Hu with his mouth and tossed him on his back. He then bit onto the clothes of the dazed Lei Yu and flew off.

Within the fog, Yuan Xiu’s voice could be heard. “Quickly block them! He’s the extraordinary genius that our Sect has been searching for!”

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