9HTM – Ch264

Chapter 264 – Eight Whiskered Catfish

The two experts at the Fusion Soul stage disregarded their dead brethren and quickly rushed out to chase after Lei Yu and Big White. And within the foggy barrier, two more people rushed out to as well.

Big White was escaping as fast as he could but the people behind were also chasing at their top speeds. In regards to Big White’s speed, it would be a difficult task for those several people wanting to catch up to him. But unfortunately, Big White had just depleted a large portion of his internal energy and add Nuo Hu and Lei Yu as baggage, his current speed cannot be compared to his original.

Although these people wouldn’t be able to catch up to them in the short term, they will be bound to be intercepted as time went on. This situation had made Big White extremely anxious. Around this time, Lei Yu recovered his senses and got off Big White’s back and landed on his Sky Devouring Sword.

“Young master! Quickly take your friend and leave this place. I will delay them for some time so you can escape!”

“No! If we escape, we do it together!” Lei Yu turned around to look at his pursuers. He could see that each of them had vicious look on their faces which did not match the flowing immortal-like robes they were wearing. These pursuers looked more like that tyrant Manor Lord back then.

“Young master! If you’re like this, none of us will be escaping! You guys leave first while I’ll stay back. I will immediately catch up with you later!” Big White’s anxious voice sounded like he was about to cry.

“Fine then, be careful!” As soon as he finished his words, Lei Yu grabbed Nuo Hu from Big White’s back and shot off. He kept his speed at the maximum but continued to glance behind him.

Lei Yu did not doubt Big White’s strength since he was an expert at the Soul Splitting stage. As for those people chasing after them, Lei Yu wasn’t too clear on their levels. But during the previous fight, Lei Yu could see that the person at the Nascent Soul stage was instantly killed and was no longer a problem for them. As for the remaining ones, even though Big White was outnumbered, escaping shouldn’t be a problem. Thinking up to this point, he no longer hesitated and focused on maintaining his top speed.

One could see Big White shaking while his red fur stood on its end. The pursuers were all blasted back several meters from the sudden enormous pressure Big White exuded. The two parties stared at each other. The pursuers then glanced at the disappearing Lei Yu before a person who seemed to be leading the group rushed up. Right after that, the rest of the pursuers all attacked together.

Under so many fierce attacks, Big White was overwhelmed. A number of sword wounds were seen on his body before he mournfully cried out. His body then started to plummet down from the air.

“Quick, catch him!” After being ordered by this leader, the fellow disciples behind him quickly flew off towards Lei Yu’s direction.

Lei Yu heard Big White’s mournful cry which made his body tremble. He didn’t dare to slow down and kept flying at top speeds. At this time, Lei Yu noticed a crevice in a mountain and quickly rushed towards it.

At the same time, he stored Nuo Hu in his storage and activated his internal energy to conceal himself. Not a single bit of aura escaped from his body.

“Big White, you must be safe or else I’ll never forgive myself!” Tears were already welling up in his eyes. Everything was his fault. If he wasn’t so impulsive, this current situation wouldn’t have occurred. Lei Yu was filled with regret but everything was already too late.

After a full day, Lei Yu didn’t dare allow his aura to escape his body and quietly stayed in this random mountain crevice. Countless thoughts were playing through his mind during this time.

The thing he was most worried about was Big White’s safety. If something happened to Big White, how was he to face the Ceng Hong Villa?

Lei Yu quietly stuck his head out of the crevice and didn’t see anyone around. He then cautiously crawled out, still not daring to release his internal energy. He then relied entirely on his fingers to support his body while climbing down.

The clouds had obstructed his vision but Lei Yu didn’t care, and proceeded to drop down from the side of the mountain.

As he was falling down, Lei Yu felt a strong hurricane like wind blowing at him. His cheeks were flopping around while he couldn’t even close his eyelids. The wind from his fall shouldn’t be this strong… it looks like someone is deliberately blowing out this wind at him from the bottom!

Lei Yu grabbed onto a ledge on the side of the mountain and flipped his body upside down to stare down. It looked like a bottomless abyss!

“Is it really bottomless?” Lei Yu heavily breathed out before letting go of his hands. His body started free falling before he grabbed another ledge. This repeated multiple times until he realized it wasn’t bottomless and there was actually a wide river at the bottom.

At the edge of the river, Lei Yu slowly sat down and stared at the steady flow of water in a daze.

A while later, Lei Yu suddenly recalled something and looked all around. “Something’s not right! Wasn’t there a strange burst of wind that came from down here? How come I can’t see or sense anything from it now?”

Lei Yu then released his spiritual energy to probe the area, “There’s something in the water!” Lei Yu cried out.

One could see the surface of the river ripple with a “splash,” before a big fish appeared!

“What is it?!” Lei Yu examined it and realized it was a catfish with eight whiskers and its body length was at least ten meters. A fish this size was unheard of, and Lei Yu was certain this fish had formed its essence and gained intelligence.

The eight whiskered catfish leapt out of the water and somersaulted in the air before diving back down into the water. The mist of water floated towards Lei Yu semi drenching him. The next moment, a person broke out of the water surface. This person was dressed completely in black and looked no different from any other human, except that it had a long beard on its chin.

“You were that previous eight whiskered catfish?” Lei Yu narrowed his eyes.

“Right, and you happen to be trespassing in my territory so shouldn’t I show up to take a look?” The eight whiskered catfish in human form started approaching Lei Yu.

“What do you want?” Lei Yu flipped his palms, ready to retrieve his Sky Devouring Sword.

The eight whiskered catfish smiled and sat down next to Lei Yu. “No need to be so worked up, I don’t have any malicious intent.”

What made Lei Yu surprised was that he couldn’t sense the level of strength this eight whiskered catfish had. Could he also be someone that had broken past the Nascent Soul and has reached the Fusion Soul or even later stages?

After swallowing hard, Lei Yu deliberately shuffled away a bit.

“What kind of place is this?”

The eight whiskered catfish smiled, “Scaling Dragon Cave.”

“Cave? Where’s the cave?” After looking around, there was nothing around Lei Yu apart from the wide river in front of him, not to mention a cave entrance.

“Dummy, it’s underwater!”

“Uh…” The way this unfamiliar beast said that made Lei Yu speechless.

“So what do you want from me?” Asked Lei Yu in a suspicious manner.

“I want to ask, is your name Lightning?”

“How did you know?!” Lei Yu bounced up off the ground with shock in his eyes.

“Follow me.” After saying that, the eight whiskered catfish walked towards the river. Lei Yu blinked a few times but still followed. He didn’t think this creature had any ill intentions or else the creature would have already made a move against him. But what was it planning? What medicine was it selling in its pot? ¹

“Splash!” The eight whiskered catfish splashed droplets of water everywhere after diving into the river. After a brief thought, Lei Yu also jumped in. He then released his internal energy to wrap around his body. By doing this, the water was forced a few centimeters away and couldn’t penetrate through the barrier of energy.

The underwater world made Lei Yu shocked. The surface made it look like a regular river but it was actually very wide below and even ran under the mountains. With the many species of fishes swimming about, Lei Yu felt like this was the most fantastic underwater scene he had ever encountered.


¹ – What is this person hiding up its sleeve.

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