9HTM – Ch265

Chapter 265 – Underwater World’s Long Er

Although it was somewhat dark underwater in addition to a sense of pressure, it didn’t impact Lei Yu in the slightest. As he followed the eight whiskered catfish to the deepest reaches of the river, a different underwater scene was revealed before Lei Yu’s eyes. He finally found out where the so called Scaling Dragon Cave was located at.

As he took in the scene, Lei Yu felt that this wasn’t a river at all and looked like the sea bed. What surprised Lei Yu was that the area was so wide that one couldn’t see the edges of a river bank. Layers of reefs and corals that shouldn’t appear in a river but the sea was everywhere the eye could see. The contrast of various different colors in this dim underwater world created a different kind of beauty.

Nestled in-between some reefs was a tunnel that was completely in darkness. Next to the entrance to the tunnel were three words inscribed on the reef: “Scaling Dragon Cave.”

“Why did you bring me here?” Asked Lei Yu.

The eight whiskered catfish turned around and smiled, “Could it be that you don’t want to see your friend?”

“My friend?” Lei Yu couldn’t really understand his meaning but after thinking for a bit, he cried out: “Is it Big White?”

The eight whiskered catfish nodded and then continued swimming forward. This startled Lei Yu, but he quickly followed behind. It looks like Big White and this eight whiskered catfish knew each other!

This was a tunnel made up of reefs. Gradually, the further along they went, the wider the tunnel became. Lei Yu could only stare in wonder at how amazing this underwater world was. What was even more beyond Lei Yu’s expectation was this place had a palace-like manor! At the end of the tunnel was a huge door. Upon inspecting it, the door was arched shape inlaid with shiny white beads. These white beads were none other than pearls that were the size of a chicken’s egg. If these pearls were presented in the modern Mortal World, they would definitely fetch a high price. Yet these expensive pearls were inlaid to the edges of a door; the extravagance truly shocked Lei Yu. But he was considered a country bumpkin since in the Immortal World; these pearls were as common as household items.

On both sides of the huge door stood two guards, each holding onto a trident. Their appearance deemed them to be part of the fish species, making Lei Yu was surprised at how many fishes were able to form their essence and gain intelligence here!

As the eight whiskered catfish brought Lei Yu through the door, the main hall they arrived at was even more spectacular. Different colored corals were placed around various places that gave off a myriad of colors. And at the center of the hall was a large pearl giving off a white light. The pearl was the size of a basketball that completely shocked Lei Yu. Just that pearl alone was enough to light up the entire main hall.

In the back of the hall in a central location was a dragon throne exuding a golden light. On the handles of the throne were two magnificent lifelike dragons carved into it.

Upon the dragon throne sat a person that looked like a young man who had two beautiful girls by his side.

The eight whiskered catfish cupped his fists, “Your highness.”

“You may take your leave.” The youth waved his hand and the eight whiskered catfish respectfully left, leaving Lei Yu standing in the center of the hall alone.

“May I ask… why you’ve brought me here?” Lei Yu deliberately stared at the young man and released his spiritual perception ability but couldn’t feel any energy fluctuation from him. This meant the youth was another super strong expert much stronger than him, someone that had surpassed the Nascent Soul stage!

“Lord White turned out like this from saving you?” The youth slightly raised his head and asked Lei Yu.

“Lord White? Are you talking about Big White? Where is he right now?” Lei Yu’s body trembled as he asked emotionally.

“He is recuperating in the rear palace, and I’m not sure about his current conditions.” Said the youth with a sigh.

“You are…?” Lei Yu tentatively asked.

The youth glanced at Lei Yu and replied: “I am the master of the Scaling Dragon Cave, my name is Long Er.”

“What relationship do you have with Big White?” For someone to be so concerned about Big White, Lei Yu didn’t have to be so cautious anymore and asked away.

“Back in the Chaotic Star Sea, Lord White had once saved my life!”

“Chaotic Star Sea? That means…?”

“Enough chatting, everything will be fine if Lord White is okay… but if there’s any unfortunate accident, I will guarantee you will suffer the consequences for it!” The youth coldly humphed before turning around to leave.

Lei Yu was surprised as he stood there not sure what to do. Hearing the youth’s words, it looks like Long Er and Big White has a deep relationship. But why would Big White have friends in the Immortal World? And he even happened to be this guy’s benefactor.

There was no need for Lei Yu to think too much about this. As long as Big White pulled through safely, then everything will reveal itself.

Lei Yu wanted to follow Long Er to see how Big White was doing but the previous two girls blocked his path. “The rear palace is a forbidden area for outsiders!”

In other people’s territory, Lei Yu couldn’t be rash. He also didn’t have the qualifications to cause trouble here because he would be simply seeking his own death. He could only helplessly wait here hoping nothing bad would happen to Big White.

After three or four hours, Lei Yu decided to just sit down cross-legged and cultivate. As he was trying to steady his breathing, ripples of water would fluctuate in front of his nose and mouth but were unable to enter.

Lei Yu felt that the spiritual energy underwater wasn’t sufficient; it wasn’t even one third of the energy on land. It was quite labor intensive in order to recover his internal energy but fortunately, he had the Spiritual Bracelet of Frost so the process didn’t take too long.

“Young master!”

Hearing the cry, Lei Yu immediately opened his eyes that were filled with joy. “Big White, you’re okay!”

But what appeared in front of him was a total stranger. Lei Yu blinked a few times before asking: “You… you’re Big White?”

“Right, it’s me. Young master doesn’t recognize me after I’ve transformed to a human?”

Lei Yu carefully inspected the new Big White. After transforming to a human, he was dressed in white clothing from top to bottom. He had a handsome face and a set of long white hair that fluttered elegantly in the water. Big White was the image of a good looking man, and the most prominent feature was still that red ruby that seemed to be fused onto his forehead.

“I definitely cannot recognize you.” Laughed Lei Yu.

It was at this time that Long Er came out from the back. “My apologies. I was too anxious previously so if I offended you in anyway, I hope you will forgive me!”

Lei Yu shook his hands and smiled, “As long as Big White is okay, I wouldn’t have cared if you said a few more words.” Why would Lei Yu hold a grudge over this? He was only curious about the relationship between them two. Just as Lei Yu was about to ask, Big White started the introduction.

“Young master should already know his name is Long Er; he and I are friends. Previously when I was injured, I fell into the water and by luck, Long Er happened to rescue me.” Big White glanced at Long Er with eyes of gratitude before asking in a peculiar tone: “Young master, where is your friend? How come he isn’t together with you?”

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