9HTM – Ch266

Chapter 266 – Their Goal Is Me

Lei Yu replied: “Don’t worry, he’s fine right now. Oh yeah, how did you two get to know each other? It seems that Big White rarely steps out of the Ceng Hong Villa.”

Big White lightly smiled and didn’t reply, while Long Er from behind stepped out to answer. “I too came from the Chaotic Star Sea to the Immortal World. Lord White and I have known each other for over a thousand years now.”

Lei Yu felt like time within the Immortal World was considered like nothing. They could casually talk about something happened for a thousand years as if it was not a big deal.

Big White interrupted, “In fact, this matter was related to my family’s master but let’s not talk about this for now because we have plenty of time for it in the future. Young master, what are your plans for our next step?”

Having this subject brought up, Lei Yu couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. Not to mention they weren’t the opponents of the Void Sect disciples, that mere barrier was something they couldn’t even break. At this current scenario, wanting to rescue Ai Er had become an extremely difficult task.

“If that’s the case, just stay here for the time being to recover from your injuries. We can discuss the plans in detail in the future, so what do you think?” Asked Long Er.

Since there were no other solutions for the time being, Lei Yu and Big White could only nod in agreement. At least Nuo Hu was safe for now. As for Ai Er, the Void Sect hadn’t captured Lei Yu yet so she shouldn’t be any danger. No matter how anxious his heart was, he couldn’t act rashly or else it would lead to another disaster. Lei Yu was unwilling to allow Big White to tackle the dangers on his behalf again.

After being arranged a guest room in the rear palace, Lei Yu and Big White sat down and closed their eyes. One was healing his injuries while the other was recovering his internal energy.

In another area, within the foggy mist of the Void Sect.

“Martial Ancestor, she is the companion of that extraordinary person.” Said Yuan Xiu with a bow. In front of him were three people: In the middle was an elderly person with a full head of white hair. His beard went all the way down to his chest and he was wearing a deep blue robe. On the left and right of him sat a fat and thin person. They both wore clothes similar to the elderly person except they looked much younger than him.

The elderly person in the middle said: “We haven’t gotten any clues these past few days. It looks like this extraordinary person possesses a special technique that even we aren’t able to detect his presence.”

“That’s right, Martial Ancestor. That day, I used the treasure you gave me to search for his whereabouts, but in an instant, his presence was able to disappear without a trace.” Yuan Xiu then continued: “And what is even more shocking is this extraordinary person’s cultivation time – it hasn’t even been ten years yet and he has already reached the Gold Core stage!”

“For such an extraordinary genius, our Void Sect must win him over at all costs!” The elderly person then started caressing his beard, “How about this: Spread the news throughout the Immortal World that our Void Sect will be openly accepting disciples starting from today. Also remove the Cloud Barrier from the main gate. I believe this extraordinary person would never miss such a great opportunity and find this time to be fish in the muddy waters and try to do something. At that time, I will personally make a move!”

“Understood!” Yuan Xiu bowed before leaving filled with excitement. The three heavyweights of the Void Sect weren’t people that anyone could see. Anyone below the Nascent Soul stage was not eligible to enter this pavilion, yet he, a mere Gold Core stage was allowed in. Not only that, he was allowed to step upon the highest floor of this pavilion. Such matters would make him the envy of all Void Sect disciples and give him lots of capital to boast about.

“Senior brother, would we cause too many waves from doing this? After all, this extraordinary person is someone all the other Sects want to get their hands on as well. Didn’t Yuan Xiu previously mention? The Skywalk Sect and the Violet Gold Hall also sent people to the Mortal World. It was only because they broke out into a fight half-way that Yuan Xiu was able to receive a stroke of opportunity. If we did this, wouldn’t this create an opportunity for other people to cause trouble at our Void Sect?” Asked the thin person to the side of the elderly person.

“There’s no need to worry junior brother Kun Xian, I have my own plans.” The elderly person closed his eyes with a smile and sat there quietly. The fat and the thin person glanced at each other before they too closed their eyes.

Sure enough, three days later, the news that the Void Sect were openly accepting disciples spread throughout the Immortal World causing a huge uproar. Even the communities in the Chaotic Star Sea that were at the edge of the Immortal World heard about the news and would rush there. At this time, the usually quiet and serene Void Sect started bustling with activity. In the air above the Void Sect, a crowd of people were floating there as if waiting for something.

This piece of news naturally reached Lei Yu’s ears so Big White, Long Er, and he were in the main hall discussing on how to deal with it.

“I believe this is our chance. The Void Sect openly accepting disciples is a once in a millennia matter, and those hoping to become a disciple of the Sect will definitely flock there in droves. And naturally, that many people will create a chaotic atmosphere so at that time, we can become fishes in troubled waters and target an opportunity!” Proposed Long Er.

“Right, I think what Long Er said makes a lot of sense. Young master, what do you think? Such a large and powerful Sect that’s recruiting disciples on a large-scale basis will inevitably lead to chaos. If we can manage to blend in with the others, it’s highly possible we can find an opportunity to rescue your friend.” Big White endorsed at the side.

Lei Yu gently exhaled as his mind was on overdrive contemplating this. From what Lei You could discern, this matter was not that simple. Their real purpose was obviously him, but this was also a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Since Long Er said that this was a rare instance that only happens once a millennia, it is indeed a good opportunity for us. But have you guys thought about why now? Have you thought about what their goal is?” Asked Lei Yu.

The two of them glanced at each other, “Could their goal be you?”

Lei Yu nodded, “Right. At this point, there’s no longer any need for me to hide things from you two. It’s time for me to tell you their true purpose.”

Lei Yu had no intentions of revealing his real identity. If he did, there was no doubt that Big White would immediately have a falling out with him and the consequences would be unimaginable. But there was one matter he could reveal without any problem.

“What’s their goal?” Big White and Long Er both asked in unison.

“Have you guys heard about the Dragon Vein?” Lei Yu asked.

“Dragon Vein?” replied Big White. “The Dragon Vein is one of the three legendary veins. In the ancient times, it had appeared before and they were separated into Heaven, Earth, and Dragon. And the Dragon Vein was the pillar of the three. What about it? Why did young master bring this subject up?”

“Wait a minute!” Long Er was a bit astonished as he interrupted. “I remember about four months ago, seven stars aligned in the sky and a huge dragon flew up into the air before flying back down as if it had found its owner. The Dragon Vein should have been absorbed by someone, and this extraordinary genius that only appears once a lifetime has been sought out by many Sects and factions.”

“Right, and that’s their true motive.” Pausing for a bit, Lei Yu then continued: “I am the person that absorbed the Dragon Vein, and the people the Immortal World sent out was to look for me.”


“This… this… this is impossible!” Big White and Long Er were both shocked as they stared at Lei Yu with wide eyes.

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