9HTM – Ch267

Chapter 267 – Seeing An Acquaintance

Lei Yu just nodded and remained silent. This wasn’t something that requires any more explanations since them two should understand the implications. At first, Lei Yu wasn’t too particularly concerned about the whole matter of the Dragon Vein recognizing its owner. But once the Immortal World sent out people in search for him did it make him realize this matter wasn’t so simple. And when he was able to leap from the early to the late Gold Core stage, the benefits this Dragon Vein had given Lei Yu was something he personally experienced.

It was a while later before Big White and Long Er recovered their senses. The former then said: “I finally understand why young master was able to leap a realm from the early to the late Gold Core stage. So it’s because of the Dragon Vein’s power…”

It was clear in Lei Yu’s heart that to have such good fortune was entirely due to the unknown energy inside his body. If it weren’t for that green energy, perhaps he would still be in the Mortal World working hard on cultivating. It may take him ten or even several dozens of years before he could even condense a Gold Core. All these encounters had created the current Lei Yu; therefore he truly cherished what was inside his body.

“Since their goal is you, then it’s obvious why they’re openly accepting disciples at such a large-scale. If that’s the case, we have to be extra careful.” Said Long Er.

“Right, but we still have to go since this opportunity isn’t something that will appear every day. We must think of a surefire plan that can cover all our bases.”

The three of them were in a deep discussion when at this time; the eight whiskered catfish came in.

“Your highness, the current atmosphere of the Immortal World can be described as being abnormal. In a radius of a hundred miles above us, it is packed with people. This type of situation is something that has never happened in the Immortal World before.”

“Eight Whiskers, bring two men with you and go up to see what everyone’s gossiping about so we can understand the current situation.” Said Long Er.

“Understood!” The eight whiskered catfish just turned around when Lei Yu spoke up, “Hold on, I’m coming with you.”

“You can’t do that, it’s too dangerous! Especially when we haven’t come up with a plan to counter them yet!” Big White was the first to speak up in objection.

“Don’t worry, have you forgotten that I can hide my aura? As long as I don’t release my internal energy, no matter what special abilities they have, they simply won’t be able to find me. As for you Big White, you should stay here and recuperate because if you appeared, you would definitely be the first to be found out by them.” Said Lei Yu.

Big White felt this made sense too. Lei Yu could hide his aura but Big White could too, except he didn’t have the ability to completely retract it to the point where nothing leaked.

“You have to be extremely careful of everything!”

“Eight Whiskers, you are responsible for protecting the young master!” Said Long Er.


Bringing Lei Yu along, the eight whiskered catfish took the lead while two subordinates followed in the rear. As they arrived at the river bank, Lei Yu retracted his internal energy. He was thinking to himself that the [Energy Suppression] stage was just too useful in the Immortal World.

Lei Yu sat on the back of the eight whiskered catfish as they leapt into the air. Demonic Cultivators didn’t have to rely on a weapon for flight but relied on their own ability, which made Lei Yu very envious of.

As they broke through the clouds, a mass of people were floating in the air as if they were waiting for something. Lei Yu didn’t dare to use his internal energy but used his eyes to observe his surroundings.

As they got closer to the crowd, Lei Yu finally understood why everyone was just hanging around here – the Void Sect’s foggy barrier had not been lifted yet so these people couldn’t get through. Of course it’s not impossible to break through if everyone concentrated their attacks… But such an act would be the biggest sign of disrespect to the Void Sect so no one in their right mind would do something like that.

The eight whiskered catfish looked rather eye-catching with its huge slippery body floating in the air, but no one would bother to observe it in detail. There were countless demonic beasts that wanted to join the Void Sect so the appearance of the eight whiskered catfish was just considered another demonic cultivator joining the lively atmosphere.

The closer they got, the more uneasy Lei Yu felt. He looked around carefully and noticed that pretty much the entire Void Sect was protected by the foggy barrier. That wasn’t the main issue because even if the barrier was lifted, the Sect was easy to defend and tough for attackers. Even though the mountainous cliffs and terrains weren’t obstacles for a cultivator, there was a platform every ten meters apart on the side of the mountains. And on top of these platforms were many Void Sect disciples. Based on this situation, wanting to attack the Void Sect head on would only lead to one’s own destruction.

Attacking any place will result in being surrounded by the disciples of the Void Sect. This was similar to the saying of pulling one hair and the whole body is affected; their defense was completely airtight!

Lei Yu couldn’t help but feel a headache coming on as multiple scenarios played in his mind yet none of them could be implemented.

“Move back! Can’t you see that we were here first?” Just as the eight whiskered catfish started moving closer, an impatient voice to the side cried out.

Lei Yu looked back and saw a pig. Yup, it was indeed a pig that looked similar to Marshal Tianpeng. It had a pig’s head and a fat human’s body which made Lei Yu slightly shocked.

“Friend, you’re here to become a disciple of the Void Sect too?” Lei Yu asked with a smile.

“Bullshit, humph humph!” The Pig-head then continued: “Isn’t everyone here for that purpose? Unless they’re all here to get a wife?”

“Uh…” Lei Yu blinked a few times and wondered if this pig was really the Zhu Bajie of legends.

“How come the foggy barrier still hasn’t been removed? Could it be the news about the Void Sect accepting disciples was fake?” Lei Yu tentatively asked.

“Fake? Not possible. I had a friend inquire about this who had already been waiting here for a whole day. The Void Sect is openly accepting disciples regardless of their strength, so anyone can come in search for a master. Take a long look around yourself at the 10,000 plus people waiting, so how could the news be fake?”

It was indeed accurate that many people had come in search of a master and becoming a disciple. And the estimate of 10,000 plus people seemed to be on the low end. Lei Yu felt like there was as many as several tens of thousands of people gathered here right now.

As they packed in with the rest of the crowd, Lei Yu’s body suddenly trembled.

The eight whiskered catfish appeared to have felt it and asked: “What is it young master? Did something happen?”

Big White addressed Lei Yu as young master so it was natural Long Er also addressed him the same. And since the King of the Scaling Dragon Cave addressed Lei Yu as such, the eight whiskered catfish who was much stronger than Lei Yu, still had to be respectful and address him as young master as well.

“Quick, take a look at that person in the crowd!” Lei Yu pointed at a certain area amongst the mass of people.

Because there were too many people here, the eight whiskered catfish couldn’t get in closer. It then activated its own slippery body’s ability and instantly shrunk in size. The previous ten plus meter body became about two meters in length. This was nothing special to those in the Immortal World so it didn’t draw too much attention. As for the pig-head, he kept making “humph humph” sounds before saying: “You guys have no manners at all! Have I finished speaking yet?”

Lei Yu turned around with an apologetic look and said: “I’m sorry but I saw a friend so I need to go over and say hello!”

In the midst of the crowd, Lei Yu saw familiar figure which made him extremely emotional. The most eye-catching thing about this figure was that he had a copper pillar like staff next to him that was thirty feet tall!

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