9HTM – Ch268

Chapter 268 – Perhaps It Will Be Useful

As they got closer, Lei Yu’s heartbeat starting beating faster.

“Romon!” Lei Yu yelled out in a shaky voice. It wasn’t that loud but Romon clearly heard it.

Slowly turning around, this person that once shook the Mortal World started having misty eyes. After clearing his throat, “Little… little Yu, it’s really you! It’s really you!”


Romon controlled his pillar and flew straight towards Lei Yu. His speed was so fast that it made the dense crowd of people give away since they didn’t want to be accidentally struck by that huge pillar. Even though they were all cursing under their breaths, no one dared to cause any trouble while they were in the area of the Void Sect.

Ignoring everything, Lei Yu leapt off the eight whiskered catfish and landed on top of Romon’s copper pillar.

“It’s good that you’re okay! Haha!” Romon was so excited that he didn’t know what else to say. While trying to catch up to Lei Yu, he had encountered numerous obstacles but was able to deal with it all. Luck played a big role in it. Romon’s face looked quite haggard which seemed to be caused by him trying to chase after Lei Yu relentlessly. Now that he had finally found him, the pent up exhaustion disappeared and was replaced by an indescribable feeling of relaxation.

“Eight Whiskers, let’s go back first!” Lei Yu looked at the eight whiskered catfish and the latter nodded his huge head and started descending. The two subordinates who had just caught up to them also started flying down with Romon following them in the rear.

As they entered the water, Lei Yu naturally released his internal energy and formed a layer of energy around himself. Romon didn’t have to be reminded and followed suit.

Inside the Scaling Dragon Cave.

“Let me introduce him to you all – this is Romon, a good friend of mine!” It was clear that Lei Yu was still very excited.

Romon slightly bowed, and then Lei Yu continued: “This is Big White, my benefactor. And this is Long Er, the master of this Scaling Dragon Cave.”

Seeing that Lei Yu who usually had a worried look on his face seemed better now, Big White and Long Er were happy for him.

“Romon, the Chaotic Star Sea is filled with danger everywhere so how did you get here?” Asked Lei Yu.

Romon smiled, “It is indeed filled with danger everywhere, but it looks like not many people are willing to cause trouble for an ascetic cultivator like me in the Chaotic Star Sea and the Immortal World. Even if there is someone that is trying to make it difficult for me, I was lucky that they only want something in return to let me through. Honestly, I don’t really know why that’s the case.”

Hearing Romon’s words, Big White and Long Er started observing his appearance. With a bare upper body, healthy bronze skin with clear cut muscles, and two metal hoops locked into his shoulder blades.

“You’re really an ascetic cultivator!” Big White cried out in shock.

“Right, I am.”

“Incredible, this is too incredible. There are extremely few ascetic cultivators around yet I’m fortunate enough to meet one today!”

“Is there really that little ascetic cultivators around?” Asked Lei Yu.

“Right.” Long Er nodded. “Among tens of thousands of practitioners, finding one ascetic cultivator out of them all is not an easy feat. The pain that ascetic cultivators have to go through is something regular people cannot imagine. And encountering someone that is able to condense their Gold Core, that’s a situation even more difficult to come upon.”

Romon only walked this path because it was entirely at the request of his father. And also because he was waiting for Lei Yu to appear. He never expected that so few people would cultivate like himself.

“Are there anything special about ascetic cultivators?” Asked Romon.

Big White light smiled, “You will know in the future. But I need to remind you that unless it’s a life and death situation, you cannot take off the Bone Locking Hoops!”


“This is a secret of the ascetic cultivators and can be regarded has a life protecting seal. But not many ascetic cultivators know about this which is why so little people walk this path. Once the Bone Locking Hoops are removed, the consequences could be disastrous.”

Big White only had a general understanding of these matters but didn’t know the specifics.

Romon nodded as he understood some but not all. Lei Yu suddenly remembered Nuo Hu inside his storage ring and asked: “Is there a way to remove some water and make a space here?”

“That’s not difficult at all.” Long Er waved his sleeves and the surrounding water started violently vibrating. Even the main hall’s ground started shaking as well. Long Er started emitting a strong energy from his body and even though it didn’t have any attack power, the energy aura released still made Lei Yu and Romon tremble before it. In the center of the main hall, water started receding outwards as a transparent energy created a barrier. Although this was similar to how Lei Yu created a layer of protection around his body, Long Er’s was much stronger in comparison. Based on Lei Yu’s current strength, he could turn this place upside down but there’s no way he could control his internal energy to such exquisite levels.

Lei Yu made a thought and Nuo Hu instantly appeared before everyone.

“You have a storage treasure?” Asked Big White in shock.

Lei Yu showed the ring on his fingers, “This is it.”

“Not bad!”

Currently, certain parts of Nuo Hu’s nerves had been blocked in his brain so that he remained in a frozen state. Big White briefly examined him before shooting out a white light that circled his neck. Nuo Hu suddenly started to gasp for air before grabbing a hold of Lei Yu’s hand.

“Little Yu! Little Yu!”

“I’m so sorry big brother; it was all my fault that you and Ai Er had to suffer so much!” Lei Yu started to cry. All this time, Lei Yu had treated Nuo Hu as his own brother. And for a brother, Lei Yu was even willing to give up his own life for him!

This stout youth Nuo Hu was also reduced to tears and had become speechless. Seeing those two clasping their hands together, the three to the side didn’t know what to say. In their view, these two people had an extremely special relationship or else Lei Yu wouldn’t risk his life to go save him.

It was a long time later before these two manly men calmed down.

“Little Yu, even though I previously didn’t have any feelings like I was frozen, I was still able to see and hear during the entire journey. I clearly heard the conversations between Yuan Xiu and Yuan Li so it may be of assistance.” Said Nuo Hu.

“Quickly tell us!” Lei Yu and company all bent forward to listen.

Ever since he found out Lei Yu could fly, he was already extremely shocked. But ever since entering the Immortal World, this scene had become nothing special. That’s why he wouldn’t even bother asking stupid questions such as how could there be an underwater palace. Nuo Hu was able to clearly remember everything Yuan Xiu and Yuan Li spoke about which allowed him to understand some things about the Immortal World and not feel they were unusual. There were several key pieces of information that Nuo Hu felt it was necessary for Lei Yu to know though.

“The person backing the Void Sect should be called the Void Immortal right?”

“Right.” Long Er understood these matters the most and nodded in reply.

No one was surprised that Nuo Hu knew this information, but what he was about to say next made everyone shocked.

“That Void Immortal has already left the Void Sect!”



“This… how could this be possible?” Long Er stared with wide eyes as if he didn’t believe Nuo Hu’s words.

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