9HTM – Ch269

Chapter 269 – Ares Axe Appears

“They indeed said that.” Nuo Hu then continued: “Currently, the Void Sect has three people supporting it. Although I don’t know the difference in strength for each level in the Immortal World, but those three are all in the Soul Splitting stage, and respectively are in the early, mid, and a late stages.”

“Soul Splitting stage? They’re actually all in that level?” Exclaimed Long Er in shock.

“Oh right Long Er, what level of strength have you reached?” Asked Lei Yu.

“I’m only at the late Fusion Soul stage. And Eight Whiskers is only a little worse than me, he’s in the early Fusion Soul stage.”

Lei Yu didn’t really care whether the Void Immortal was in the Void Sect or not. Everyone says he was strong but to what extent was something Lei Yu had no concept of. Even if he wasn’t at the Void Sect, he still had many disciples guarding it. Even with a low estimate, there were over a hundred of them. With that number of troops, even if Lei Yu and company combined all their powers to attack, the outcome would still be their utter defeat.

“I have an idea…” Lei Yu muttered.

“What kind of idea? Let’s hear it out.”

“Since the Void Immortal has left the Void Sect, why not spread that news out? I believe there should be some Sects that are in conflict with them, so at that time, we may not even have to raise a hand ourselves.” Said Lei Yu.

Long Er shook his head and smiled, “That won’t work. Even if the news was considered reliable, some will still be suspicious of it after it’s been spread. Under normal circumstances, no one would be willing to take a risk in testing it out because people in the Immortal World cherish their lives a lot. The path to achieving immortality is not easy, so no one will be willing to give up their life that easily.”

Lei Yu nodded and felt this idea may not work after all.

“So we don’t have any other ideas?” Nuo Hu was really worried about his sister since the longer she stayed in the Void Sect meant higher chances of her encountering danger.

“The Void Sect is an unfathomable place; just that Cloud Barrier is not something ordinary cultivators can break open. I believe things will not work out that easily.” Said Big White since he had personally experienced that strong repulsion energy.

For the time being, the main hall had become completely quiet.

“Your highness!” The eight whiskered catfish rushed in and felt his body tremble before realizing the main hall had been blocked by an energy.

“What is it?” Asked Long Er.

“The Void Sect’s Cloud Barrier has been removed!”

“Oh? That’s good!” Big White smiled and continued: “Even though the Void Immortal isn’t around and we don’t have any chances of saving someone, we can at least still cause some trouble for them!”

With the addition of Long Er and the eight whiskered catfish, their side’s battle ability had undoubtedly increased by a lot. Lei Yu and Romon can easily take care of all those in the Gold Core stage, and those three old fogies shouldn’t appear that easily. So anyone above the Gold Core stage that shows up will be taught a lesson by Big White, Long Er, and Eight Whiskers.

“That’s true; we don’t need to fight to the death. Once we gain a cheap advantage, we can immediately leave.” Smiled Long Er.

“But…” Big White hesitated a bit.

“What is it?” Asked Long Er as everyone glanced at Big White.

“With you and Eight Whiskers appearing, they will definitely know that Scaling Dragon Cave and us are working together. By then, I’m afraid…”

The main hall suddenly became quiet again, but shortly after, Long Er waved his hand and said: “It’s merely a cave palace, no big deal!”

“No! No! Being able to have one’s own territory here is not an easy feat. You can’t lose this just because of my personal matters!” Lei Yu refused by shaking his head. Even Nuo Hu nodded in agreement. No matter how anxious they are to save Ai Er, there’s no way they can drag others into this mess.

“Why bother with worldly possessions? My life was saved by Lord White; therefore young master’s business is my business!” Said Long Er not caring at all.

“How about this: We’ll go take a look at the situation first and act according to the circumstances.” Big White suggested.

“That’s fine too. It’s a lot better than rashly striking out.”

Nuo Hu was once again stored into Lei Yu’s storage ring in order to keep him safe. Although Romon and Nuo Hu felt it was strange on why Big White and Long Er were addressing Lei Yu as young master, they felt this wasn’t the right time to ask. Asking right now didn’t seem too polite, and besides, Lei Yu would tell them eventually even if they didn’t ask.

Coming out of the water, the noisy sounds up in the air could already be heard at the bottom of the abyss. As everyone flew up into the sky, Lei Yu hid his internal energy. As for Big White, he didn’t bother since no one was going to mess with someone at the Soul Splitting stage for no reason. Even someone from the Void Sect would have to weigh the risks and benefits.

Long Er had already made arrangements in the cave palace. A dozen of his subordinates were ready and prepared, just waiting for Long Er’s command in order to fly into the sky for a fight. Everything had been properly planned while they observed the current situation.

As they broke through the clouds, the mass of people appeared to be even more crowded now. Lei Yu and company started mixing in with the crowd in hopes of finding out what was going on.

All the Void Sect disciples were standing atop of the property walls prepared to deal with any emergencies. Although the Cloud Barrier had been removed, the Void Sect had not yet indicated it was time to enter so no one dared to step forward.

At this time, in the center area of the Void Sect stood a person on top of an ancient pavilion. Due to the interference of some fog, one could not see his face clearly but his voice shook the heavens which allowed everyone to hear him clearly.

“The recruitment of disciples will last for ten days, and at the minimum, they must be at the early Gold Core stage. For those that are interested, please form a three man squad and enter the main hall!”

For such a famous Sect to recruit disciples, of course they would be picky about it. But even though this recruitment period was fake, they still had to act in accordance to the norms befitting their status.

Several people in the front row were immediately overjoyed. For the ten day recruitment period, they were able to get in on the first day so of course they were naturally happy since they didn’t have to painfully wait for a long time.

Although the crowd was noisy, no one dared to be rash and began to orderly arrange themselves. The most eye-catching scene was for that pig-head; after being pushed and jostled around, he actually managed to be one of the first three to get in.

In accordance with the rules, only three people at a time were allowed to enter the main hall to be screened. The first three slowly floated towards the main hall of a certain pavilion. The Cloud Barrier had indeed been lifted since the three successfully went in without any interference.

On the other side of things, such a big matter would naturally cause other major Sects to send people over to investigate if the situation was true or not. After these people found out the Void Sect was truly recruiting disciples, they quickly turned around and flew back to their own Sects.

“Are we attacking or not?” With eyes of disdain, Long Er glanced at the Void Sect disciples standing on the walls and platforms.

“Hold up, this could be a trap!” Said Big White.

About ten plus minutes later, one could hear an angry roar from the center of the Void Sect. This roar was rather special because it clearly belonged to a pig’s.

Tens of thousands of people suddenly started discussing with each other while they released their spiritual senses hoping to figure out what was going on.

At this time, a gust of strong impact force came from the Void Sect’s main hall and started spreading out to the surrounding area and kicking up bursts of violent winds.

“What’s going on?”

“Who was it that was just yelling?”

Suddenly, tens of thousands of people couldn’t help move forward slowly for a better look. One could only see an obese figure rush out from the main hall holding onto a large axe. It was a golden colored axe that emitted a very strong aura.

Romon and Lei Yu exclaimed in unison: “Ares Axe!”

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