9HTM – Ch270

Chapter 270 – A Chaotic Scene

“You guys recognize that weapon?” Big White and Long Er asked.

“That… that’s my father’s weapon!” Replied Romon. His voice wasn’t that loud which only allowed those close by to hear it. Even though that was the case, it still caused everyone to turn and stare at him in surprise.

One could see a strong energy attack land on the Void Sect that was surrounded by fog. The fog was then blown away which allowed everyone to now clearly see their grounds.

That pig-head was carrying the Ares Axe on his shoulder and making “humph humph” sounds before yelling out: “How dare you insult me by saying this daddy would degrade the Sect’s image! I’d really like to see what allows the five great Sect’s Void Sect to have so much arrogance!”

The pig-head started swinging the Ares Axe around and creating bursts of gale like winds. It appears that the pavilions of the Void Sect already had barriers setup around them because despite how fierce the pig-head’s attacks were, he still couldn’t damage any of the buildings.

A line of a dozen disciples on the surrounding walls started flying forward; their target was the pig-head acting recklessly.

Unfortunately, these Gold Core stage Void Sect disciples were unable to get close. In normal circumstances, the rest of the Void Sect disciples would typically all rush up as well leaving no one to stand guard. But in the off chance that those tens of thousands of people outside the Void Sect started causing trouble, then the consequences would be unimaginable. That’s why they didn’t dare to move from their spot and just stayed their anxiously waiting for the instructions of senior sect members.

Seeing one disciple after another being pushed back by those powerful attacks, and even two disciples that couldn’t resist and instantly lost their lives, it was at this time that an elderly person rushed out of the main hall. “Impudence! You’ve ruined my Void Sect’s matter so hand over your life!” That elderly person had salt and pepper hair with a chubby face. Although not as big as pig-head’s obese body, but he was still considered someone at the heavyweight class.

A sword flew out of his sleeve and shot straight at the pig-head. Although obese, the pig-head’s reaction speed wasn’t slow at all. He brought the Ares Axe across his body and a “bang!” sound of metals colliding was heard. The sword qi the elderly person released was easily blocked by the pig-head.

“Humph!” After the cold humph, the elderly person shot into the air. Internal energy was rising out of his body as his hair started floating above his head. His face was contorted with anger as he was intent only cutting the pig-head to death!

Within the crowd, a black shadow suddenly rushed out and shot inside the Void Sect. Those disciples on the wall didn’t even have time to react when that shadow had already rushed in.

“You damn pig-head; you only know how to cause trouble!”


“These two truly are bold! They even dare to cause trouble at the Void Sect!”

Voices of shock were heard in the crowd.

Lei Yu whispered, “Make a move now? I think that pig-head is just simple-minded and isn’t scheming something. It’s just the strange rules of the Void Sect that egged him on.”

Several people on the side nodded. Since someone had started trouble, why not use that as the foundation to create a bigger mess?

Led by Big white, he pounced out like a wolf whose speed was even a few levels faster than that black shadow that had previously shot out of the crowd. Right after that, Long Er and Eight Whiskers followed up closely behind. Lei Yu and Romon followed behind as well, but did not speed up because their targets were the disciples standing on top of the walls.

“These people are here to solely cause trouble!”

“Heavens! Is the Void Sect that weak?”

Everyone watched as several powerful individuals entered the Sect. Within the tens of thousands of people here, there were only a small amount of people that had reached the Nascent Soul stage or higher. The vast majority of them were at the Gold Core stage which was why they were so shocked at what was going on.

For such a big change to occur, the face of that elderly person standing on top of the ancient pavilion paled. The original plan was pretty much foolproof, yet he never imagined someone dared to move against the Void Sect. This sudden turn of events was completely outside his expectations. Especially for that group of people that lastly rushed forth made him widen his eyes before he too rushed down.

When the pig-head saw Lei Yu and company, he smiled and said: “Friends, thank you for helping me out! Let us deflate this Void Sect’s arrogance a bit today!”

Lei Yu was about to say something when a sharp sword flew right at him. The Sky Devouring Sword under his feet suddenly buzzed before dodging to the side and avoiding a fatal strike. Turning around to look, Lei Yu realized it was one of the Void Sect disciples on top of the wall.


As his hands clasped together, a touch of purple exuded from Lei Yu’s eyes. Pulling his hands apart revealed a stream of lightning dancing between palm to palm. With a cold humph, Lei Yu then thrust the stream of lightning out.

Thinking that the lightning was going to head in a straight line at him, that Void Sect disciple was surprised when it suddenly disappeared without a trace!

It was at this time that the clouds in the sky started changing into storm clouds, and sounds of thunder and lightning started shaking the heavens!

Those disciples guarding upon the walls and the platforms had to immediately release their internal energy to resist the lightning strikes descending down upon them. It was fortunate for them that this large area of attack by Lei Yu was not particularly strong, so their bodies only felt a slight numbness when hit.

At the same time when Lei Yu’s lightning descended, Romon narrowed his eyes and the huge copper pillar shot out with a burst of golden light. When these disciples were still numb from the lightning, the huge pillar continuously smashed three disciples flying away before a strong aura finally withstood it.

They were currently not in a dangerous situation. Lei Yu let out of breath before focusing his energy on the group of disciples in front of him. As for Big White, he was helping the pig-head deal with the elderly person. Lastly, Long Er and Eight Whiskers were confronting disciples pouring out from the pavilions with the strength of a Nascent Soul or higher stages.

For the time being, this situation was the definition of chaos. Such a scene had not been seen in the Immortal World for over a thousand years, making a lot of the cultivators in the area very excited. Even if they couldn’t join the Void Sect, being able to witness such a battle of this proportion made it a worthwhile trip for them.

Both sides were tightly locked together in their battles and whether who had the advantage or disadvantage could not be determined as of yet. It was at this time, a strong gush of wind came smashing down from the skies. The huge energy aura caused Big White to suddenly retreat tens of meters away.



A huge sword descended from the sky that was surrounded by a light blue energy. The energy aura given off by the sword definitely came from a strong expert! Even Big White felt threatened by this aura. If he hadn’t escape in time, the consequences would be disastrous if he was hit by that huge sword!

Upon the sword slicing into the ground, a loud deafening roar was then heard: “Everyone stop!”

Lei Yu, Romon, and those spectating outside the Void Sect felt their ears ringing. Even the heavens and the earth seemed to be shaking!

The surrounding ground where the huge sword was stabbed into was all cracked, and it didn’t stop until the hilt was before the door of a main hall. The sword then began to become illusory before disappearing and replaced by an elderly person with white hair appearing in front of everyone.

“Senior brother!” Said the fat elderly person while cupping his hands.

“Everyone, today’s disciple recruitment has been temporarily canceled so please return!” Facing tens of thousands of people, the elderly person’s voice didn’t falter as it echoed through the mountain valleys and throughout.

Those that were timid immediately turned around to leave. A few minutes later, the tens of thousands of people had mostly dispersed, leaving only a small portion that stayed. Those that stayed still numbered in the thousands though.

The elderly person once again declared: “If you don’t leave, that means you want to be our Void Sect’s enemy! You will then have to suffer the consequences!”

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