9HTM – Ch271

Chapter 271 – Lei Yu Is Trapped

Once the last words were said, the rest of those that stayed had pretty much left except for a few. For those with the courage to stay, it was natural they thought of themselves as possessing some weight in the Immortal World. Therefore, what was their reason for coming here? Wasn’t it for joining the Void Sect? Since the Void Sect has encountered trouble, these people wanted to see how capable the Void Sect was in order to be known as one of the five great Sects.

Of course, these people staying behind would not take the elderly person’s words seriously. With this group of people causing trouble around, why would the Void Sect waste time to do something to back up their words?

Seeing that most of the people left, the elderly man yelled out to a certain pavilion: “Activate the barrier!”

“Not good!” Lei Yu and company were shocked. If there were really trapped inside here, they’ll be cornered like a rat in a hole.

Big White’s sharp eyes instantly found a person the elderly man was yelling at. That person had a thin face but no one would ever doubt the strength this person possessed.

It takes a while to describe this but everything happened in an instant. Big White crazily pounced out and shot forth. At the same time, the fur on his body turned blood red and his speed doubled.

The elderly man wanted to block Big White but Long Er and Eight Whiskers intercepted him.

The surrounding cloud slowly converged towards the walls of the Void Sect. Time was of the essence; if they didn’t leave right now, they would definitely be trapped here!

Seeing that Big White was just about to reach that person activating the barrier, a strong energy was suddenly released. Big White’s body fluctuated momentarily, and he no longer had the chance to get through.

One could no longer see properly while in the midst of the foggy clouds. They could only rely on their spiritual senses to feel what’s in their surroundings.

“Quick! Everyone run!” At this moment, the pig-head cried out before swinging his axe at a Nascent Soul disciple. He then flew out towards an area where the clouds had not fully condensed yet. Although his body was obese, his speed was no less when compared to other people.

Long Er and Eight Whiskers had dodged the elderly man’s attack before quickly flying in retreat. Romon was actually in the outermost area near the gap where the clouds had not fully condensed yet, but he wasn’t the first to escape out of it.




Everyone had already left. Lei Yu injected internal energy into his Sky Devouring Sword and activated his speed to the maximum, heading towards the gap that was about to merge with the rest of the barrier.

“There’s nowhere to run!” In the midst of the foggy clouds, a cold humph was heard. A white flash was followed by that, its target being the Sky Devouring Sword beneath Lei Yu’s feet.



A loud sound was heard and the Sky Devouring Sword beneath Lei Yu shook. His unstable body caused him to fall off, but Lei Yu kept his cool and was able to react quickly. This was the confidence he had in his own skills of manipulating internal energy. The Sky Devouring Sword shot down and supported Lei Yu before flying back up again.

“Not good! Young master! No!”

“Little Yu!”


Everyone had successfully left so no one expected an accident to happen to Lei Yu. Watching the last trace of clouds about to completely seal the barrier, everyone floating outside was filled with anxiety. Lei Yu clenched his jaws and his fists. A purple internal energy quickly condensed, and shot towards the tiny gap made of clouds. Lei Yu then roared: “Break!”

There was a loud boom. A few seconds later, those outside that thought Lei Yu would be able to escape successfully began to worry when they didn’t see him.

“What should we do? Let’s kill our way back in!” Romon was unconsciously weaving back and forth on his copper pillar which showed his anxiety.

“That won’t work, there’s no way for us to get back in!” Said Long Er with a frown.

“How could that be? Shouldn’t it be a barrier that’s been setup by someone in the Soul Splitting stage? Can’t we just combine our attacks and break it?” Asked Big White.

Long Er heavily sighed, “It’s impossible. This Cloud Barrier isn’t something as simple as Lord White’s belief that it was setup by a single person. This barrier had been formed previously and not by the Void Sect. This barrier formation is a masterpiece of the famous Four Illusory Court. The Void Sect and the Four Illusory Court have a good relationship, so the array they’ve laid is something no one can break. Not to mention, this formation was personally laid down by the Sovereign of the Four Illusory Court himself.

“How do you know this?” Asked Big White.

“The Scaling Dragon Cave is very close to the Void Sect, so I personally witnessed this a few hundred years ago.” Long Er replied.

Hearing this, Romon was even more anxious. “Is there really no other way then?”

To Romon, Lei Yu was even more important than his own life. If it weren’t for Lei Yu saving his father, it would be impossible for Romon the ascetic cultivator to appear now and it would be impossible for the brilliance of ancient Greece to shine in history. And now that Lei Yu was trapped within the Void Sect, how could Romon not be anxious? Why did he painfully wait for over a thousand years for? It was precisely to bring Lei Yu along in search for his father.

“It’s not that there’s no way…” It was at this time the pig-head standing behind the four spoke up.

Romon and company immediately turned around, “You have a way?”

The pig-head glanced at a person wearing sharp looking black clothes and smiled, “Since this barrier was setup by the Four Illusory Court, why not just go ask the Sovereign for a method to break through it?”

“Friend, do you think that’s even possible?” Big White was disappointed, “Previously Long Er said that the Four Illusory Court have a good relationship with the Void Sect. Do you think they will help us and become enemies with the Void Sect?”

Pig-head shrugged and smiled helplessly, “Do you have a better suggestion then?”

Being asked like this, everyone didn’t know how to respond and became mute on the spot.

“It’s not entirely impossible!” Said Long Er after some serious thinking.

“What do you mean?” Big White turned towards him.

“It’s because the young master is an extraordinary genius that he’s being treated like this by the Void Sect. And you guys mustn’t forget that recruiting disciples was entirely a cover up by them while their true goal is to locate the young master and make him join the Sect. Since the Void Sect is so concerned by the young master, could the other Sects not have those same intentions? You should know that the young master is not an ordinary individual!” Long Er’s words made Big White and others immediately come to a realization. But that pig-head and the other person dressed in black had no clue what they were talking about.

Long Er naturally wouldn’t expose the fact that Lei Yu had been recognized by the Dragon Vein. After all, he wasn’t familiar with the pig-head and the person in black. Who knows what impact it would cause if this piece of information were to spread all over.

“Let’s not delay anymore and rush to the Four Illusory Court!” Said Romon who already couldn’t keep still anymore.

“Let’s wait here for a bit first and see if there’s any change to the situation.” Said Long Er as he looked towards the Cloud Barrier.

Time slowly went by and they’ve waited for half an hour already. Romon couldn’t wait any longer and urged them to be on their way again. Everyone nodded and four figures rapidly flew off into the distance. Long Er wasn’t worried about the Scaling Dragon Cave because he didn’t really care if the Void Sect knew he had participated in today’s matter.

He, the most important person wasn’t around so would the Void Sect slaughter his men as retaliation? If that were the case, then the Void Sect will likely cause a huge controversy in the Immortal World for behaving like this.

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