9HTM – Ch272

Chapter 272 – Breaking Out Of The Barrier

The current Romon had forgotten something very important. His father’s Ares Axe was still being held by the pig-head but he forgot to ask about it and even forgot how to figure out how to look for the pig-head in the future. Romon’s mind was completely filled with worry on how to rescue Lei Yu.

“Should we also follow them and check things out?” The pig-head glanced at the person in black.

“What’s there to look at? Are you intending on getting further involved?” Said the black clothed person in a cold manner.

“I’m quite interested in that person. Why are all the great Sects competing for him? The Void Sect even caused such an uproar just for him, so aren’t your curious?”

The black clothed person still shook his head so the pig-head coldly humphed a few times. “If you aren’t going, I am!” After saying that, he quickly flew off.

The black clothed person shook his head helplessly. A black blur then streaked into the direction of where the pig-head flew off to.

Inside the Void Sect’s Cloud Barrier, everything was foggy looking so Lei Yu couldn’t see anything. He could only rely on his spiritual perception to determine if there were any approaching dangers.

Rounds of energy blasts came from all directions making Lei Yu dodge left and right. He wasn’t using his eyes and was purely using his spirit, but little did he know that a person was slowly approaching him.

The foggy environment also had attacking capabilities that came consistently. Lei Yu could only continue using his body maneuvering abilities to keep dodging. Although he was being exposed to attacks consistently, his sense of direction did not mess up. Lei Yu clearly remembered which direction would be the exit and which direction was the inner compound of the Void Sect.

A mass of clouds was heading straight for Lei Yu’s back. Because it wasn’t close enough yet, Lei Yu didn’t detect it at all and was concentrating his senses at the front where he felt a large energy aura was about to strike him. Lei Yu sidestepped and avoided that frontal attack.

The frontal energy aura attack collided with the mass of clouds right behind him.


A huge explosion rocked the entire area, blasting Lei Yu several meters away before he could stabilize himself.

Lei Yu was startled before he started straining his ears. “I can hear the wind behind me!”

His heart was rejoicing as he controlled his Sky Devouring Sword. It looks like the explosion had caused a rift for him to get out. If he had a chance to hide, he will hide. If he could block, he will go ahead and do that all in order to rush forward. His body burst through the clouds that wouldn’t dissipate and before long, Lei Yu finally flew out of the clouds. Lei Yu was now floating along a mountain outside the Void Sect!

“I’m actually out!”

Unexpectedly, the previous collision of the energy aura along with a mass of cloud and forced him to the edge of the barrier. Although there were other energy attacks within the cloud, Lei Yu was able to successfully avoid them and make his escape.

“This barrier is nothing much after all!” Lei Yu coldly humphed. He then hid his aura and stored his Sky Devouring Sword. Lei Yu’s body immediately fell downwards and his target was the huge river at the bottom of the mountain.

It wasn’t that this Cloud Barrier was only so-so in Lei Yu’s words, but he was already at the edges of the formation markings from dodging all those attacks. Lei Yu happened to be halfway in the barrier’s defensive array area and not fully in the binding area where he received those periodical attacks. If Lei Yu was just a single step further back, he would have been fully in the defensive formation instead of in-between, which allowed him this impossible good luck.

The whole point of the defensive formation region was to repel attackers. That person hiding in the mass of clouds was taking this into account so began to take action. But that person’s stalking speed was too slow as he watched Lei Yu who had been trapped there make an escape.

Lei Yu hid his aura and used the same method as before while dropping down. Not a single trace of energy escaped out of his body as he grabbed onto the side of the mountain to reduce his speed.

Arriving at the base of the mountain, Lei Yu jumped into the river without hesitation. He then released his internal energy to form the protective membrane before swimming to that particular reef area.

“Where’s your king and the others?” Lei Yu quickly asked as he saw the two guards in front of the cave.

“We haven’t seen them.”

Lei Yu was surprised by the response, “They haven’t returned yet?”

Lei Yu should have thought of this sooner. Not to mention Long Er and Eight Whiskers, but it would already be impossible for Big White and Romon to leave the area while he was still in danger. Yet they were definitely not in the area of the Void Sect because Lei Yu had spread out his spiritual perception before dropping down. Even if he couldn’t detect Big White, Long Er, or Eight Whisker’s aura, he still should have been able to lock onto Romon. Since he didn’t find anyone, it looks like they had left the area and hadn’t come back to the Scaling Dragon Cave.

“Where would they have gone to?”

Lei Yu couldn’t stay in this place for a long time since it was no longer safe here. Since he couldn’t find his companions, he didn’t know where else to go. Lei Yu helplessly swam along with the current of the river.

Lei Yu swam for about an hour and only after determining no one was chasing from behind did he relax a bit. He was about to swim upwards and only could do so for about ten meters when he was sudden blocked by an extremely strong pressure. It made him unable to move a single inch forward.

“What’s going on?” Lei Yu could clearly feel a formless energy forcing him down.

At this time, a series of bubbles floated up from the bottom of the river. Upon looking closer, a turtle was slowing swimming upwards nearby. When we say slow, it was just the action of it swimming that looked slow but its speed was something Lei Yu couldn’t match. One must know that within the water, the speed of this usually slow animal is immeasurable. Not to mention this turtle was definitely not an ordinary one!

Lei Yu’s mind was recalling the ancient scrolls he had read, the Black Tortoise of the Four Divine Beasts. Isn’t that exactly the turtle he’s looking at right now? Not only that, the turtle in front of him was almost exactly the same as the pictures he had seen.

The turtle had light blue eyes, and its neck was obviously much longer than the average turtles because it was stretching out almost two meters. On the turtle’s head was a single brown spike, which was the same color as the huge shell on its back. The patterns on the shell were clearly visible, and within each scute were sharp spikes.

This giant turtle had an overall length and width of five meters. For such a large turtle to have such strange looks, there was no doubt that it had cultivated to the point of achieving its essence and gaining intelligence!

“Who are you?” Asked the giant turtle.

Lei Yu clearly knew that he didn’t have the ability to break through the obstructing pressure so he could only keep his body in place. He momentarily didn’t know how he should answer because he wasn’t unable to sense the giant turtle’s energy fluctuation. This proved the giant turtle was much stronger than him.

“Didn’t you hear what I asked? This is my territory. Why have you trespassed into it?” Asked the giant turtle.

Lei Yu’s face twitched, “I’ve lost my way in the water and had no intentions of trespassing here. Please pardon my intrusion!”

“You got lost? No intentions? That’s quite laughable! You think I don’t know that you came from that little insect’s territory?” The giant turtle shook its neck, creating a mass of bubbles that floated upwards.

“Little insect? Are you talking about Scaling Dragon Cave’s Long Er?” Lei Yu’s eyebrow was slightly raised. Although he doesn’t know if this giant turtle had any ill intent behind those words, Lei Yu wasn’t afraid of him just because he was much stronger. He just didn’t want to be reckless for the time being.

“You actually dare to call him by his name, so you shouldn’t be one of his subordinates. But since you’re just in the Gold Core stage, could you be the friend of that little insect?”

Encountering such a question, Lei Yu had to carefully analyze the situation. One wrong response could provoke the other side. Lei Yu figured he could fudge some matters to remain discreet as to not cause any unnecessary trouble.

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