9HTM – Ch273

Chapter 273 – Entrusting The Old Turtle

From this giant turtle’s tone of voice, Lei You could feel that he was neither friends nor enemies with Long Er. It looks like they just each have their own territory and didn’t bother each other. If there were really any hostilities between the two, Lei Yu’s meager Gold Core self would be subdued immediately without the chatter at all.

Thinking up to this point, Lei Yu smiled: “I am merely acquainted with him.”

The way this giant turtle was speaking wasn’t very polite, but there didn’t seem to be any malice behind it either. If it were another person, trespassing on someone else’s territory may result in being attacked. But this didn’t seem to be the situation so just by this point alone; Lei Yu could feel he just had to play it careful for the time being.

“Did you notice that the past two days, there seems to be some big movements up top?” Asked the giant turtle.

“You mean the Void Sect?”

The giant turtle nodded, “The Void Sect has been too quiet for too long, it’s about time someone caused some trouble with it.”

Lei Yu’s raised his eyebrows; it looks like this giant turtle and the Void Sect were at odds with each other. Lei Yu could tell by that simple sentence that even though they weren’t enemies, they definitely weren’t friends either.

“If it weren’t for trying to avoid from getting killed by the Void Sect, I wouldn’t have jumped into the water.”

“You mean the trouble up top was caused by you? Impossible. You’re just a mere Gold Core stage kid, what capabilities do you have?” The giant turtle apparently didn’t believe a single word of Lei Yu.

Lei Yu smiled, “Of course it’s impossible for me alone, I naturally had help from others. Perhaps you didn’t know but the Scaling Dragon Cave has already become an empty shell.”

“Oh?” The giant turtle’s eyes suddenly opened up wide, his light blue eyes emitting a glimmer of light. “That insect was actually that bold? I didn’t expect that! Didn’t expect it at all!”

For a short time, Lei Yu didn’t know what to say. The giant turtle then said: “Follow me!”

“Where to?”

“You said that you had pursuers. If you wish to keep running forever, go ahead. If you don’t, then follow me.” After saying that, the giant turtle’s body shook as it swam deeper into the depths.

Lei Yu was lost in thought for a moment and actually felt some fluctuations off in the distance. He then quickly swam after the giant turtle.

Deep underwater was a cave manor. It was a simple structure and wasn’t as extravagant as the Scaling Dragon Cave. There was no one else living here but the giant turtle.

“My place should be safe so don’t worry.” Pausing a bit, the giant turtle then said: “I want to know why the Void Sect is acting like this, and I also want to know why you caused trouble at the Void Sect.”

Lei Yu thought for a bit but decided to tell the truth. Since this giant turtle was helping him avoid the pursuit of the Void Sect, it shouldn’t have any malicious intentions. “The people of the Void Sect are all hypocrites. They are supposed to be a righteous Sect but in fact, they are nothing but dirty underhanded bastards!”

“What do you mean?” Asked the giant turtle. Lei Yu sighed heavily, “In order for them to have me join the Void Sect, they travelled millions of miles from the Immortal World to the Mortal World. When they were rejected by me, the actually kidnapped my girlfriend and my sworn brother. In order for me to save them, I used this chance to create trouble for them.”

“You’re saying that in order to force you to join the Void Sect, they are utilizing such methods? Then that means… you’re the extraordinary person that the Dragon Vein has recognized as its owner?” The giant turtle had a strange look on his face, but it was most likely he was in total shock.

Lei Yu nodded as confirmation. “Unfortunately, my girlfriend is still in their hands and I don’t have the strength to save her! This is so maddening!”

The giant turtle revealed a look of sympathy and didn’t know what to say. At this time, one could see the giant turtle’s body slightly shake before he softly said: “I didn’t expect them to search all the way here.”

One could hear a voice transmission coming from the outside. “Is the old turtle in? Hand over that person and we will let it slide. Otherwise, you will be responsible for your own consequences!”

“Not good, it’s Kun Xian of the Void Sect! He has already reached the strength of an early Soul Splitting stage. It’s fine if he was alone, but if any of his senior brothers came as well, then the situation would be bad!” Said the giant turtle in shock.

“Early Soul Splitting stage?” Lei Yu recalled that it was the same level as Big White. It’s not surprising he would be difficult to deal with and was capable of finding this place.

On land, any powerful individual can easily sense the aura that their target is exuding but it was different underwater. The water caused a person’s aura to fluctuate differently and might even give the detector an illusion. This was why Lei Yu was willing to release his internal energy to form a protective membrane once he went into the water. He never expected this bastard to actually be able to find him here.

“Old… senior, I should go out because I don’t want to get you involved!”

For such a kind giant turtle, Lei Yu didn’t want to get him entangled with his troubles. Although Lei Yu’s path was previously blocked by the giant turtle, he eventually brought Lei Yu back to his cave manor so that Lei Yu could escape the Void Sect’s pursuit. Even though Lei Yu had been found, he still couldn’t unjustly involve the giant turtle. Lei Yu decided that even if he were to die, as long as he could see Ai Er one last time, he will still die with content.

“How can I do that? If it weren’t for me previously blocking your path, they wouldn’t have so easily caught up to you. If I let you out while I sit idly here, then how will this old turtle have any face left?” The giant turtle then continued: “Let them come in and take a look. Do they really think that this old turtle is easy to deal with?”

“Your interception is solely because I stepped into your territory, and didn’t you already choose to help me after finding out these people were chasing me? This is enough already. Old senior, I have a storage here and I hope you can keep it safe for me. You only need to connect your spirit energy to it and will be able to retrieve items from within it. Inside is my sworn brother whom I managed to save after a desperate encounter. I am entrusting you to find a place without water and release him there because he hasn’t reached the Gold Core levels yet. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to handle the pressure while underwater. Old senior, little Yu will go ahead and thank you ahead of time!” After saying that, Lei Yu quickly retrieved a pouch and his Sky Devouring Sword. He then placed the storage ring that had accompanied him for so long in front of the giant turtle before swimming towards the outside of the cave manor.

“He’s coming.” A burly elderly person standing outside the cave smiled. “Prepare to capture that person alive for us to bring back!”

Several Void Sect disciples standing behind him replied in unison: “Understood!”

The giant turtle intended to block Lei Yu’s path but because of his previous actions startled him, the stunned giant turtle didn’t react fast enough. Wanting to block Lei Yu’s path now had become an impossible thing.

The giant turtle cried out: “We only had a chance encounter, how come you trust me so much?”

Lei Yu turned around and still manage to show a smile, which made the giant turtle feel admiration. A person being surrounded by danger could still act like this; it’s most likely Lei Yu would be the only one in the world that can be like this. “Old senior, if I didn’t guess wrong, you should be one of the Divine Beasts – the Black Tortoise Xuan Wu, right? Little Yu’s matters will be entrusted to you!”

Facing forward again, Lei Yu swam out of the cave manor leaving the slightly shocked giant turtle. No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t understand how Lei Yu knew that he was a Divine Beast.

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